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YouTube has launched a feature similar to TikTok in India, which is being called YouTube Shorts.

It is a short video creating platform that was launched by Google in the YouTube application on 14 September.

Google has not launched any separate application like TikTok to make short videos. YouTube to make you a video shorts A feature has been given by name on which you can make short video live by clicking on it or you can publish the pre-made video by uploading it.

In this article, I am going to give you complete information about what YouTube shorts are and how to use it, so that you do not have any problem in using this new feature.

So, before knowing how to use Shorts, let us know what YouTube Shorts are.

What is YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts is a short video sharing platform on which users can record videos of 15 seconds or less and edit and publish them on YouTube itself.

It has been made available only in India by YouTube in the son version, so in the coming time we will get to see a lot of advanced features in it.

YouTube Shorts Features

  • On YouTube Shorts, users can record live 15 second videos and edit them.
  • To make shorts of videos longer than 15 Seconds ie 60 Seconds or less, you have to upload the pre-made video which should be less than 60 Sec and convert it to Shorts in #Shorts title or Description. Will have to be inserted.
  • To create short videos by YouTube, Google has given Multi Segment Camera, which can combine more than one video while recording videos.
  • You can use the Inbuilt music library to add music like TikTok. These songs have been made available copyright free for the users.
  • Apart from this, you can control the speed of the fixed video.
  • Countdown and Timer features have also been given to notify you to make shorts videos.

Is YouTube Shorts Computer, Tablet available on Notebook?

So far YouTube shorts have been made available as a beta version only on Android, so it is not available on Pc, Computer, Tablet, Notebook.

But Google says that it will soon be launched for iOS (Apple Mobiles) users as well.

How to use it?

Using YouTube shorts is much easier than TikTok. You do not need to install any separate app to use it.

  1. To create YouTube Short, first go to the Play Store and update the YouTube app.
  2. After that in the updated version, you will see the (+) plus icon in the middle below, click on Create a Short (beta).
  3. To create a short video, after going to Create a short option, you can record the video by pressing the red button or you can manually upload the pre-made video by going to the upload option.
  4. If you are recording live, you will get to see the option of Music, video trim, speed control on the next page.
  5. After creating the video, publish the video by going to the title and description.
  6. Keep in mind that to publish videos of more than 15 seconds and less than 60 Sec, as a shorts, write #shorts #Shorts in the title or description.

How to search for shorts videos on youtube

Google has added a separate row at the top of the Homepage to watch Shorts on YouTube. On that row, you will see a button named Shorts, by clicking on which you can enjoy the shorts video on YouTube.

Apart from this, to watch new videos, you have to scroll upwards and vertically, so that you can move from one video to another. Or you can also watch YouTube shorts while scrolling on homepage.

How to get Subscribers from YouTube Shorts

The way you used to gain followers on TikTok by making videos, in the same way you can increase Subscribers by creating shorts on YouTube.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can promote it through Shorts. Why these videos become viral very quickly and the subscribe button is also shown above these videos, with which people also subscribe to your video with views.

These subscribers are counted on your main account so that you can grow your channel easily.

There is every possibility of YouTube shorting monetized in the coming times, so I think you should start working on it from now on.

Can you make money from it?

You must know that to start earning money on YouTube, it is necessary to have 4000 watched hours and 1000 Subscribers on your channel. Only then you can start earning from YouTube.

But keep in mind that if your channel is not monetized and you want to fulfill this criteria through YouTube Shorts, then you cannot do this through Shorts. Here only Subscribers will be counted for Ads (Monetization). No information has been found yet about whether or not the Watched hour will count.

If your video is monetized first, then you can enable its ads on YouTube Studio by creating a short video. This feature is going to be released soon.

what have you learned

In this article, you have got detailed information about what is YouTube shorts and how to use it and also how it will help you to gain Subscribers from shorts. Information gained.

It is always my endeavor for you that the readers get quality information in any subject. That is why I have provided complete information about YouTube shorts app, so that you will need to search in reference to that article in some other sites or on the Internet.

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