What is URL Shortener .? Highest Paying Url Shortener in 2021

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What is URL Shortener – What is URL Shortener

As you all will know that Google is one of the most used search engine in the world. When we search for anything by going to Google Search Engine or going to Google Chrome.

So the link or web page that shows on our screen is called the link. Like at this time when you are reading this article of ours, then it also has a URL which is showing you in the search box above.

In the same way, every web page that opens on the internet has its own separate and different URL. Sometimes these URLs are short, sometimes these URLs are too long.

So now you must have known that what is a URL after all? Let us now know what is URL Shortener? A URL shortener is a website in which any long URL can be shortened.

Everyone in us searches online a lot on the internet every day. If we like any content or any article or any information. So we share his link with our friends and relatives.

But for this you do not get money, but when you do this work by visiting a URL shortener website. We copy and paste the link of that post, article, and shorten it.

Then when someone clicks on that link, you get paid for that. It is obvious that to earn money, you have to promote that short link, that is, share.

Whenever a user clicks on the link you have shortened and shared. So that link will first take it to the URL Shortner website where you shortened that link.

Where any advertisement show will be done to that user. After that the user is taken to that website or web page, whose link you shortened and shared.

Now you might be thinking, why would a URL shortener website give you money by doing this. That is because friends, in return for doing advertisement shows, that URL Shortener Company or website gets paid.

She keeps her share out of those money, after which she gives the rest of the money to those people. People who promoted any link using the URL shortener tool on their website.

Because of which traffic came to their website i.e. people came and they were shown ads. Now you must be thinking how much money such a URL shortener website can give you.

So the simple answer to this is that every short link you share gets 1000 views. In return, you are paid from $ 1 dollar to $ 10 dollar.

Which in today’s date i.e. 07/02/2021 in Indian currency is $ 1 = 72 rupees 79 paise. If you have a lot of friends and you are associated with a lot of whatsapp or social media groups, then you can earn thousands of rupees comfortably.

How To make Money From URL Shortener 

Friends, now you know what the URL is and what the URL Shortener website is. Now if you are ready for How to Make Money From URL then continue read our article further.


Shorte.st This is a very good URL Shortener Company from where you can promote your shortened URL. You can easily earn from $ 2 dollar to $ 5 dollar.

Apart from this, if you join the referral program of this website and another person joins this website with your referral link, then for this you get commission of 20% on each referral.


Za.gl is also a very good and well known URL shortener website in its field. By using which you can earn money comfortably by shrinking any link and sharing it.

This website pays you time to time, we recommend it to you. That you must try this website once, apart from this you can also generate extra income through its referral.


Short.am URL shortener website is also a very good website. With the help of which you can easily shorten the biggest website.

This website is a small network website using which you can easily earn from $ 5 to $ 8 on every 1000 Views. Apart from this, if you get someone else involved by using its referral link, then you get a good commission on it.


In the business of URL Shortener, competition among differents companies has increased a lot these days. This is the reason that adf.ly pays you more for every short link.

Apart from this, if you want to join a trusted and experience URL Shortener website. So you must join adf.ly because this url is already present in shortener business.


This is also a very good website shortening URL, in which you get $ 5 dollar for every 1000 views. Apart from this, it is probably such a website present on the internet that guarantees to give you at least $ 1.5 dollar for every 1000 Views.

If you join Ouo.io then you should know this. That it pays you twice every month, in which payment is confirmed on the 1st and 15th of every month.

In this, you get two ways of payment PayPal One is through Payoneer. If you take payment through PayPal, then you can take the minimum amount in it to be $ 5 dollar.

The same if you take your payment through Payoneer account. So the minimum payment amount in this is $ 50 dollar set. If you have less money than this, you cannot withdraw the payment.


This is also a good URL Shortener website, by using which you can earn good money. In this, you can get from $ 8.5 dollar to $ 14.5 dollar for every 1000 views.

In this, you can withdraw the payment only when the minimum in your account becomes $ 10 dollar. Apart from this, through its referral you can earn up to 20% commission on per referral for life time too.


Friends shrinkme.io URL is the highest paying website among the Shortener website. In which you can earn up to $ 10000 dollars on every URL with at least 10000 clicks.

If you manage to get traffic on your shortened link from abroad in some way. So it can earn you a lot of money, because in this you get the highest pay.

For example, if you receive traffic from Ireland, you get a CPM of $ 18 dollar. The same US = $ 14 dollar, CPM of $ 12 and $ 10 dollar is obtained for UK and Australia.


This is also a very good URL Shortener website, in which you get up to $ 13.5 on every 1000 views. Its special thing is that in this, you can take payout even if the minimum amount is $ 1 dollar.

Apart from this, if you make other people join using its referral link. So for this it gives you a life time commission of up to 20% on every referral joining.

How to Join URL Shorterner Website?

If you want to earn money using the URL Shortener website. So first of all you want to join the website mentioned above and search on that website and visit it.

After that you have to click on the sign up or Create account option. After which you have to enter all the details being asked by the website.

When you complete the sign up process, after that you will reach the dashboard of that website. Where you can copy and paste the link of any web page or website and shorten it.

After that, share that shortened link with all your social media friends and relative. Now, the more people click on your shared short link, the more you will earn money.

Hopefully friends, you must have now understood what the URL Shortener is and how you can earn money through it. If you have any other questions related to URL Shortener. Or do you need any more information related to it. So you can ask us by commenting below.

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