What is Trojan Horse? How does this work? How to avoid it in 2021

If someone tells you that he is sitting thousands of kilometers away and is controlling your phone! So how would you like it? Probably a joke. but it’s true. Actually Trojan horse One such Malware , With the help of which any phone or computer Remotely control can be done. That is, sitting away can be controlled. But how? What is Trojan Horse after all? And how does it work? Also how can it be avoided? Let us know in detail.

Trojan horse

When one hears the name of Trojan Horse for the first time, he feels that a horse is being talked about. But when he realizes that it is not a horse, but a dangerous Computer malware is! So the question definitely comes to his mind that why a Trojan Horse might have been named after a Malware? So there is actually a story behind it.

According to the story Troy (Troy) Prince of the city Paris Sparta (Sparta) fell in love with Princess Helen. And he took her to his hometown of Troy. Enraged by this, the king of Sparta attacked Troy. But there were high walls around the city of Troy. And the whole city was enclosed in walls like a fort. That is why the Spartans had no success even after fighting for years.

Eventually he made a plan. He made a huge wooden horse and stood at the main door of the city. And himself went back. Seeing Spartan soldiers return Trojans (Troy’s soldier) was happy. He started celebrating his victory. And took the horse as a gift and took it to the center of the city.

By nightfall, all the Trojans slept tiredly. Then the horse’s belly Spartan The soldiers came out and opened the door. According to the plan, the entire Spartan army, which returned and stood at the city door, barged in. And broke down on the Trojans. In this way a wooden horse caused the ruin of the city of Troy. In the name of this horse Trojan Horse Malware Is named.

Trojan Horse Meaning

Troy The wooden horse was the most important contributor to the city’s ruin. Because with the help of the same horse, Spartan soldiers were able to enter the city of Troy. That is why the horse was made in such a way that it looked perfect when viewed from outside. But the inside is hollow and the Spartan soldiers can live comfortably in it. The mouth of this horse was kept open. So that the soldiers sitting inside have no difficulty in breathing.

Overall this one Horse Was, which looked very normal from outside. But inside was very dangerous. That is why Trojan Horse Malware is named after this horse. Because this Malware is also exactly the same. That is, very normal from outside, but very dangerous from inside.

What is Trojan Horse?

Trojan horse One Computer program Is, which looks absolutely real. But from inside it is something else. That is, it is not what it looks like. That is why it is not easily caught. Although Trojan Horse has its Copies Does not make But once it enters a system, it opens doors for other Malwares. And thus ruins the entire system.

Trojan horse To Trojan Is also called. this Hackers Is a very popular weapon. Because with the help of this, any system can be remotely controlled. That is, a person sitting in any corner of the world can control your computer. And can use it in any way he wants.

What can Trojan Horse do?

Actually the Trojan horse can do a lot. If once this someone System in Install It turns out to be very dangerous. Because after that it can do anything. Such as: –

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  • Restarting the system.
  • Deleting Important Files
  • Virus And installing malware.
  • Modify Files.
  • See screenshot.
  • Browsing History Steal
  • Saved Passwords, Credit / Debit Card Information and Financial data Steal
  • Stealing keyboard data (PIN, user ID, password etc.).
  • Stealing Electronic Money through Unauthorized Money Transfer Transactions.
  • To infect other devices connected to the computer.
  • Crash the system, etc.

If you put it in easy language then Trojan Horse would be installed Hacker Occupies your system. And controls it accordingly. After that, from installing Virus to stealing data and deleting files System crash Can do anything until done.

Trojan horse entry into the system

Now the question is, how does Trojan Horse enter our computer? So it is our fault somewhere behind this. Actually no Virus or Malware comes automatically into our system. We only allow it. That is, we ourselves in our system Trojan Horse Install We do. About which we do not know.

Because Trojan Horse is hidden as a file. Which looks like a real file, but does not happen. Therefore, while downloading the file, the user feels that he is someone Genuine File Download Has been doing. But actually that one Trojan Horse Download Is doing In such a situation, the question arises that how to identify Trojan horse? And what is the way to avoid it? Come, let’s know.

How to avoid Trojan Horse?

Although it is difficult to identify the Trojan horse, it is not impossible at all. If you take a little care, then your phone or computer Trojan attack Can save from For this, do the following:

  • Make Your System Regular Update Do it Especially System Updates And Security patches Never miss
  • Unauthorized Websites And App Stores Do not download any App, Software or File from.
  • Email Attachments Make sure it is safe before opening.
  • During Web Browsing Pop-ups And Ads Never allow
  • Present in social media, email, messages, etc. Suspicious Links Avoid opening
  • Cracked, Mod And Pirated softwares Avoid using
  • always Legitimate Programs Please use only.
  • Do not click on any link under the greed of lottery, prize, car, cash price, job etc. Nor download any App / Game or file.
  • A good in your computer Antivirus Keep it And always keep it up-to-date.
  • Firewall Must use

Lot’s of Android users From third party websites Apk Files Download We do. Which is very dangerous. Because these kinds of websites often Virus Infected Files See you. Which can harm your system. Therefore, avoid downloading such files.


in totality Trojan or Trojan Horse is a dangerous computer program. Which fraudulently enters the system. And occupies the system. After that it can do anything from stealing data to crashing the system.

although Trojan Do not make your own copies. But for other programs Backdoor Definitely opens. So that dangerous Virus and Malwares enter the system. And ruin the entire system. That is why it is very important to use Firewall. if you Windows If you use, keep a Paid Antivirus in your computer. Also update it regularly. And most importantly, never download any software from Unauthorized Websites.

Hope you get through this article What is Trojan or Trojan Horse? How does it enter the system? What are its disadvantages? And how can it be avoided? Useful information would have been received in this subject. If you liked this article, like and share it. And subscribe to techsevi.com for more such informative articles. So that whenever we publish a new article, you get information about it.

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