What is Signal and why has this app become so popular in 2021?

Signal is, in short, a very secure communication application, protected by special encryptions.

Signal is also a far more “private” alternative to applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage and SMS. Why Signal has become so special, separate and why more and more users are switching to this service and what are the reasons why you should seriously consider using Signal, read the rest of this article.


Signal – what is it?

Signal is a service, available for Android, iPhone and iPad, as well as for Windows 10, Mac and Linux. All you need to use Signal is a phone number and of course, Signal is completely free.

Signal’s user experience is similar, if not better, to that on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other popular chat apps. Signal is a messaging application, with additional features such as individual messages, groups, stickers, photos, file transfers, voice calls, and you can even make video calls on Signal. You can have group conversations with up to 1,000 people and group calls with up to eight people.

And this is one of the best things about Signal and one of the most important reasons why, I believe, many will choose this service. The signal is not owned by a large technology company. Instead, Signal develops a non-profit foundation, which is funded only by donations. Unlike Facebook, Signal owners don’t even try to make money.

Signal doesn’t try to collect a lot of data from its users, which is great in itself, because you don’t have to worry about Signal today or tomorrow secretly collecting your data and sending it to third parties. In addition, Signal will not show you advertising content, unlike most other services, which are much more “mainstream” and much less oriented towards protecting user privacy.

Although Signal has a very familiar user interface, “under the hood” we will get to where this application is even more significantly different from others, of a similar type. Your conversations, as well as all correspondence you make via Signal, are encrypted in an “end-to-end” manner, which means that the messages you exchange with other users cannot be monitored even by Signal owners. These messages can only be seen by senders and recipients, which is exactly what we want from messaging and communication applications in general.

Signal is also an open-source application. The source code for the client applications and server software of the project is available on the GitHub website.

Signal Private Messenger

In what ways does Signal manage to achieve such a high level of protection of user security and privacy?

All communication that takes place on the Signal, including individual messages, group messages, file transfers, photos, voice calls and video calls, is encrypted with the “end-to-end” method of protection. Only those people involved in the communication can see these messages. Encryption occurs between individual devices using a Signal. The company that manages Signal cannot see the messages even if it wants to, precisely because of this way of protecting user privacy. Signal actually created its own encryption protocol to prevent insight into user messages.

This method of protection and encryption is very different from the methods of protection used by mainstream messaging applications. For example, Facebook has access to everything you say, write, or post via Facebook and / or Messenger. Facebook claims that it will not use the content of your advertising messages, but are you sure that this will never change in the future and that Facebook will not change its provisions regarding this in a year or two?

It is true that other communication applications also offer encrypted messaging as something that is a possibility. But the best thing about Signal security is that everything that happens there, all the messages, conversations, photos you send, everything is encrypted by default or predefined by default. The signal also offers other privacy features, including messages that are automatically deleted or messages that will be automatically removed from your devices after a certain period of time.

Facebook Messenger collects all information about its users. Specifically, most communication applications collect a very large amount of information and data from their users. A signal like that doesn’t work.

Even if Signal, as a company, were sued in court and had to be forced to reveal what it knows about you there, the company could not reveal anything because it knows almost nothing about you. Signal could only reveal your phone number, the date of the last connection, and the time you opened an account on Signal.

Conversely, Facebook could reveal your full name, everything you said, wrote, and posted on Facebook and Messenger, a list of geographic locations from which you accessed your account, and so on. Everything you send locally, via the Signal app installed on your device, such as messages, pictures, files, and so on, is stored locally, just on your device. You are free to copy or transfer this information from one device to another if you wish. But what’s great here is that none of your information and the things you send are stored on some external servers or server servers, as is the case with WhatsApp or Messenger.


Why did Signal gain so much popularity?

Signal “end-to-end” encryption is one of the main reasons why the application has gained a lot of popularity, especially in recent months. Due to this way of data protection, Signal is used by an increasing number of users. In early 2021, he was publicly supported by world-renowned and successful entrepreneurs, from Elon Musk to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Shortly thereafter, it reached the top of the list of Apple and Google App Stores.

But the Signal came out of nowhere. The application was founded in 2013. It is a widely regarded software that has long been used by privacy advocates. Edward Snowden approved the Signal back in 2015.

In early 2021, Signal achieved even greater public acceptance, especially due to new WhatsApp decisions. WhatsApp is rearranging its privacy policy and wants to share even more information with Facebook, which will share this information as and with whom it wants, but it is becoming increasingly clear that more and more users do not like the idea of ​​sharing their personal information, messages and photos with Mark Zuckerberg and his platforms and how they prefer privacy.


How and when can I start using Signal?

Using Signals is easy and fast. To get started, you can download the official Signal app from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, or from the Google Play Store for Android. Installing and setting up the app is very easy and that’s all. You can start using Signal you can be sure that your security and privacy are maximally protected.

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