What is Keyword Density And why is it important 2021.?

Every blogger wants their posts to appear on the first page of Google. But this task is not so easy. Because it takes many factors into consideration. For example, take Keyword Density only. This is a factor that helps a lot in getting Post ranked. But the question is Keyword Density What is happening? And how is it measured? Also, what should be the maximum and minimum keyword density for a blog post? Come, let’s know.

Keyword Density

Any Blog post To Google On Rank What do you need to do Obviously High Ranking Keywords needed. But if too many high ranking keywords are stuck in a post, will it start trending? It is not clear Because there is also a way to use keywords. There is a ratio, which is very important for Ranking. If this ratio becomes excessive, then it hurts the SEO. That is why it is very important to keep this ratio maintain.

Pushing out the keywords in a post needlessly Keyword Stuffing It is called. And this is a crime in the eyes of Google. That is a violation of Google’s policies. That is why Google penalizes the blog found guilty of Keyword Stuffing. That is, Ranking Down. And his posts Search Results Stops showing in That is why avoid Keyword Stuffing. And take care of Keyword Density.

What is Keyword Density?

The density of a particular keyword in a post is called Keyword Density. That is, the contribution of a Particular Keyword to the total words of a post (in percentage) Keyword density It is called. For example, suppose you SEO Keyword Wrote a 1000 word post. And used the word SEO 20 times in it. So SEO keywords contributed 2 percent by 1000 words. Because 20 ÷ 1000 × 100 = 2. In this way SEO The keyword density was 2 percent.

Actually to check keyword density Keyword Density Formula , Which is as follows: – Number of Keyword संख्या Number of total words in the post × 100 = Keyword Density Percentage

Likewise if a keyword is used 20 times in a 4000 word post! So its density will be only 0.50%, which is very low. But if the number of keywords is 100 then the density will be 2.5%, which is quite good. In this way, you can find the density of any Keyword. If you want, you can also use the help of a tool in this task. Actually many things for this work Keyword Density Calculator Tools exist. Well, we will talk about Tools further.

Ideal Keyword Density

If we talk about ideal Keyword Density, then 1 to 2% keyword density is considered the best. That is Ideal keyword density is. But many SEO Experts Believes that keyword density should always be between 1 and 3%. That means minimum 1% and maximum 3%. But should not exceed 3%. That is, on average, 2% keyword density is the best. Because it is perfect according to both views. That is why it can be considered as Ideal Keyword Density.

However, while writing Blog Post, it is known that how many words have been contained in the post? And how many times has Focus Keyword arrived? But if your Text Editor I do not have this facility, so you Keyword Density Tool Can help. There are many tools for this.

Keyword Density Cheaker

By the way, there are dozens of tools to check keyword density. But here I am just talking about 5 tools, which are completely free. The first four of these tools support both Text and Link. But there is no text option in the last tool. Also other tools (SEOBook) To use it, you will need to login.

High keyword density

When you repeatedly use the same keyword in a post. So its density becomes very high. And it proves to be very harmful for that post. Because not just posted Content Quality Is affected. Rather, SEO also has a bad effect. Also Google such posts Spammy Understanding Ignore starts doing it. That is, it stops showing in Search Results. Which not only reduces the rank of that post, but also the blog.

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That’s why Keywords Repeatedly Repeat avoid doing. And try to keep the keyword density around 2%. Also, use keywords in the right place. Now you will ask where is this right place? So by right place i mean

  • Post Title
  • First paragraph
  • H2 Heading
  • H3 Heading
  • Center of post
  • Last paragraph
  • Image ALT Tags
  • Other (if necessary).

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