What is Google Trends.? How To Use Google Trends in 2021

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Hello friends, welcome to blogseva.com and today I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of What is Google Trends and google trends.

If you are a blogger then you will know how important it is to do keyword research. Keyword is the intelligence tool of our article using which we can get our article ranked in the first place and earn good revenue.

Keyword is the word or sentence that you search on google. There are some steps to do a keyword research in which we have to see which is the best keyword.

You will find many tools for keyword research, but you will not find a better tool than Google trends for finding trending keywords, and the best thing about Google trends is that it is absolutely free.

Google trends

Google trends

Google Trends is a tool from Google that tells whether a topic or niche is trending or not.

Google trends was started on 5 august, 2008 as “Google Insights for Search” and then on 27 december 2012 it was renamed to Google trends.

It shows the search behavior of a keyword through graph, from which we can find out whether it is in trend or not.

In this, results can be found accurately with the help of filters. You can find not only about keywords but also about the popularity and trend of any topic, place, human being etc.

In which time, in which state of which country, what search trending is going on, it is known to everyone.

The data of Google trends is not theoretical but practical. This means that its data is not just limited to the internet, but it shows what is going on in the world.

Google constantly collects its data from our phones, so this data is completely accurate.

pay attention: Google trends only shows the trend, not the number of searches. If the graph goes up it does not mean that millions of people are searching for that keyword, it means that now people are starting to find it more than before even if they are just 100 people.

How to use Google trends? How to use Google trends?

  • First of all, you have to go to the Google trends website. In its search box you can type any keyword.
  • After that it will show you the trend of the keyword in the form of graph.
  • In this, you can see the trend of different time intervals by using filters. Like previous 1 hour, 1 day, 30 days, etc.
  • Together you can see the trend of different countries as well.
  • For additional information, it will also show you similar keywords and queries with your keyword and through percentage you can estimate how much the trend of those keywords has changed.
  • There is also an option to compare, so that you can compare more than two keywords and see their trend.
  • Keywords need not only bloggers, youtubers too. Keeping this in mind, Google trends have started trending for youtube keywords as well, but most youtubers do not know this.
  • Apart from the keyword research, you can also see trending topics in it, in which it also tells the number of searches. You can also read his news by clicking on the same topic. It is divided into 2 sections-Daily search trends: – It shows the most trending topics of every day and also shows their traffic.

    Real time search trends: – It tells about real time searches. It updates barley every hour.

What are the advantages of Google trends is?

  • BusinessThe data of Google trends can be very useful to businessmen. By looking at this, they can easily find out that the demand for a product can increase or decrease, which can greatly benefit the investment.
  • High quality content

If graph is going up, it means that there is an advantage in writing on that topic, you can easily rank your article by writing high quality content on that topic because trending topics are ranked upwards.

Google trends disadvantage What is it?

  • Monthly trafficIn this, we cannot find the monthly traffic of our keyword. As I said above, it only shows whether people are searching more than before or not, even if it is 100 people, but if monthly searches were found, then choose the same topic which thousands or millions of people are searching. Have been.

    From Google trends, only the number of searches of trending topics are detected. By the way, it is very beneficial because we are also getting a trending topic and the number of searches on it is also high, then we should choose it. But if that topic is not related to our niche, then it is no use to choose .

  • Places without googleIt cannot show the trend of a place where google is unavailable. There are many countries which do not use google. Such as: – China has Google ban, they use baidu.


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