What is Google AdSense and how does it work 2021.?

Friends in this article we will tell you what is Google AdSense .? In addition, we will also tell you how Google AdSense works.

In this article, we will try to share as much information as possible related to Google AdSense. Like how you can make money with Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

There will be many of you who must have heard or read the name of Google AdSense.

Every person who wants to earn money online from internet. Or those people who are blogging or want to earn money by working online, they must have heard the name Google AdSense.

Friends, making money online is not a big deal today. Because there are crores of people all over the world who are earning online while sitting at home.

But every work takes hard work. To earn money online from the Internet, you also have to work hard.

If you think that you will start earning money overnight by creating a blog or website. So this is nothing more than your misconception.

Hard work takes place in every task, whether it is physical or mental. Suppose you have created a blog.

You are also publishing good content on it. People are also coming to your blog. But the question is how the money will come now.

So the answer is advertising, yes you have to show advertising ads on your blog and blog posts. In return for which you will get Rs.

Now if you go out to search for advertising for your blog yourself, then when will you publish the article.

So Google AdSense removes this problem from you. Google AdSense is an advertising company.

Which takes money from other companies and businesses and advertises them. So let’s know about it with full details.

What is Google AdSense?

By the way, Google has many products. In the same way, AdSense is also a publisher product of Google. Which shows ads in text, images and videos on other website blogs.

Whenever users visit those blogs and sites. So they are shown ads if the user clicks on those ads. So AdSense pays money to the owner of that blog or site at every click.

But for this you have to have a fully approved account of Google AdSense. Only then you will be able to show its ads on your blog or sites.

With Google AdSense, you earn income in two ways. One is on the ads view (ie how many users saw the ads) and on clicking ads you get income.

By the way, this is not an exact number. But AdSense gives you $ 1 dollar for every 1000 views. The same thing depends on the income of clicking on the ads, so it depends on the CPC of the ads.

If your AdSense account is approved. Then you can not show ads on your blog and sites. You can also give those ads a look according to your mind.

You can also decide this. When and where those ads will show so that users click on those ads. As you start earning and your AdSense account becomes $ 100 dollars.

Then you can take this amount in your bank account.

Google AdSense ads are not just for blogs or sites. Ads of YouTube Shows are also done on videos.

You must have seen that when you watch YouTube videos. So you have to show ads in between. These ads are also shown through Google AdSense.

Here we want to make you clear one thing. Unless traffic is coming to your blog or site. Till then there is no use of adsense .

Because you can only make income. When traffic came to your blog or website. So try to get more and more people to your blog.

Hope you understand now. Google AdSense Kya Hai? Now let’s know how Google AdSense works.

How does Google AdSense work?

Friends, if you place ads on your website or blog. Then you will be called publisher. Because you are showing that ads on your site or blog.

The same company or business is showing ads on your site or blog. Those companies or businesses are called advertisers.

Now you must be thinking what is the work of AdSense between publisher and advertiser and what it does.

So friends AdSense work is to take ads from advertiser and give that ads to publisher. If you want to show the ads of that company directly on your blog.

So it is not possible, you must be thinking that you will contact those company directly. So think how many companies you will make direct contact with in this way.

And how many of them will be companies. Those who will agree to show your company or product ads on your blog or website.

That’s why Google created a product called Google Ads. Wherever any company or person goes. According to your mind, you can promote ads of your business or product or services in the whole world.

All these companies, businesses or services have keywords. Keywords are words that are used by a common person. Searches those companies, businesses, products or services on search engines.

If you write about a product and publish it on your blog. So your post will contain ads related to the same keywords.

Now the question is how did Google know which keywords we have used? So the simple answer is this. Google sends its robots to your website or blogs.

The job of these robots is to search for keywords from your sites. When they find a keyword in your site or blog post.

So he immediately matches those keywords by going to Google Ads. To see if they have any ads related to those keywords or not.

As soon as the keywords you use match the keywords of the products in Google Ads. So Google AdSense starts to show the same ads on your article, blog, or site.

For example, suppose that if you write about computer or laptop in your blog. Then your blog will start showing ads related to computer or laptop.

All those ads which are showing on your blog. These ads are from companies that had put related keywords in their products in Google Ads.

And since we use those same keywords in our article or post. So we start showing their own ads. This work is done so fast that we do not know how it is happening.

So friends, it was to show ads based on keywords. But another way is interest based advertising.

Now what happens, let us know this. Whenever we visit any e-commerce sites or products in social media or browser.

So our history and our data gets saved in our browser. Now whenever you visit the next time on another website or blog.

On which adsense ads show. So since your history and data is saved in your browser. So AdSense accesses those data and shows you ads according to your last interest.

The algorithm of AdSense assumes that you have interest in it. That’s why you searched for it, so adsense will show you related ads.

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you go to amazon and see some books for yourself there. But then you come back without buying those books.

Now your last visit data is saved in amazon’s website or apps. So next time whenever you go to an online platform.

Like social media, or using a browser, they will visit a website or blog. So AdSense will show you ads for those books. Which you were looking at by visiting amazon’s website.

All this work is done in a very short time. So often we ignore it. Never even think about how this is happening.

Hope you guys understand now. What is Google AdSense and how does it work.

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