What is CDN ? How to Use CDN ? Why CDN is important in Blog SEO 2021

Do you want to know that in blogging What is CDN? So stay connected with this blog post, because in today’s post, we will get to know about this topic in detail and understand what is called CDN. What is CDN? And if you are blogging then why are CDNs important for you?

When you do some search on the Internet or open a site directly, a site becomes very fast loading and some sites take some time to load.

Between this Slow and Fast Loading, there is a very important role of having or not having a CDN somewhere. Every blogger wants his website to be Fast Loaded and anyway Google has made it very clear in advance that Fast loading of the website will also be a very important factor in Google Search Ranking.

Big SEO Experts and Speed ​​Checking Tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Also recommend using CDN in websites and blogs.

Now let’s move on to our main topic What is CDN ?

What is CDN?

The full form of CDN is “Content Delivery Network”. As I mentioned earlier, CDN is mainly used in the Blogging Field to improve the website’s Slow Loading Performance.

When you are running a blog with CDN and Hosting, this Combination acts as a tonic in your blog ranking and Loading Speed.

As you have come to know that CDN is a Content Delivery Network whose servers are spread almost all over the world. When you connect your blog to CDN Network, then store all the files of your blog in Servers of CDN spread across the world. (Cache Version) And then users are served content based on their geographic location.

CDN Kya Hai in Hindi?

Now if a user visits your blog, CDN Technology connects the Visitor’s Browser to its nearest CDN Server and all the files of your blog are already stored on that CDN Server, due to which the page and Files do not take much time to load and the user can access your blog quickly and easily.

If we talk about CDN in Simple Words, then CDN is a Technique that after connecting to a blog, your blog posts, images, files etc. are accessed directly from CDN Servers instead of accessing your Hosting Servers. Which helps your blog to be fast loading.

Why is it important to use CDN on Blog?

Whenever a new blogger starts blogging, he takes Shared Hosting where technology like CDN is most needed.

Because the performance of Shared Hosting is slower than the rest of the hosting. When we use a site without Content Delivery Network with Hosting, its Hosting Server remains in only one place.

If a Visitor visits your blog, then in that case, the search inquiry first reaches your Hosting Server and then comes back from the Hosting Server to your computer’s browser or mobile’s browser so that you can access that Web Page To see.

Now the main reason for the slow loading of your blog is that suppose the hosting you have taken is in Server India and a Visitor visits your blog from the US, then whatever condition he is searching for in that condition The information will reach your Hosting Server India and then from there the US will travel to its Web Browser which is quite a long time and your blog takes longer to be full loaded.

So far you must have understood that What is CDN? Now further you will know what are the advantages of using CDN on a blog?

What are the advantages of using CDN ?

By using Content Delivery Network, you get many benefits to the blog, about which we will learn one by one in this post further.

1. Speed:

By the way, the most benefit of connecting it to the blog and the feature for which this CDN technology is more popular is to make the loading speed of the blog very fast. You have already understood what is the reason for this. The better the content loading speed will be, the more people will like your blog, which will also increase the number of visitors to your blog.

2. Google Search Ranking:

As much as you know, according to Google, the rapid loading of any blog in the browser also has an effect on its ranking in the search engine. If you do not use the Content Delivery Network, then because of Slow Web Page Loading, there are all the chances of your Google Ranking Down.

And if your site will be fast loading, then Googlebot will also be able to index your site quickly, so that your blog posts will be ranked quickly in Google’s search engine.

3. Web Hosting Cost:

When visitors visit your blog without a CDN, it also makes a difference to your web hosting cost if you use a limited bandwidth hosting, then you get a lot of extra charge when your limit is reached without the Content Delivery Network. .

But if there is a CDN Connect on your blog, then all the files and data transfer that will be done will be directly transferred from your Hosting Server or CDN Server. Due to which there are very few chances of your Limited Bandwidth to go ahead. Anyway, CDNs are quite cheap compared to web hosting.

4. Bounce Rate:

If your blog is not fast loaded, then many visitors go back from your homepage or only from any one post, which increases the Bounce Rate of your blog. And the high bounce rate of any blog is a matter of great concern for its SEO. Therefore, by using CDN, you can increase the speed of your site, which will also help a lot in reducing the Bounce Rate.

5. Blog handles more Traffic Handle

When you start to rank your blog, then obviously the traffic on the blog will also increase due to which the load on your hosting also increases and due to having the same hosting server, when a lot of traffic starts coming to your site, then in such a way, There is more fear of being.

because of which “Internal server error” “Database error” As the people start coming. But if you use a good Content Delivery Network Service, then even if there is more traffic, your blog can reduce the load time and handle maximum traffic.

6. Boost Earning:

If you use Google AdSense Ads and Affiliate Marketing on your blog, then your Earning from CDN will also be Boost. Ads on Blog Posts will load quickly, which gives more impressions and creates chances of getting Clicks.

If Affiliate Banners are fast loaded, then Click and Affiliate Sales can also be more. Therefore, to increase Online Earning from your blog, also use CDN.

Best CDN for WordPress Website:

There are many Paid and Free CDN Providers on the internet such as MaxCDN, Cloudflare and KeyCDN etc. Of which Cloudflare is a Free Content Delivery Network.

If you have started Blogging in a hurry, then I would advise you to use Cloudflare CDN only. It also gives Free SSL Certificate for your blog. And when your budget is made, then you can go to any good Paid CDN Service.


If you are serious about blogging and want a good content and reading experience dena for your visitors, then I would suggest you to connect CDN Technology on your blog.

Hope you have this information today “Why should CDN be used in What is CDN and Blog?” Would have liked Your thoughts about this post and if you want to ask us something more related to it, you can reach us through the comment box.

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