What is Backlinks..? : How to Create High Quality Backlink..?

If you are thinking to coming in the field of Blogging or you have started website / blog then you must have heard about the backlink and a question must have come in your mind that what is backlink and how many backlinks Types or how to make backlinks!

If you also want to know about backlinks, what is backlink?, What is the benefit of backlink? How many types of backlinks are there and How to Create High quality backlink..? So you must read this article till the last. In this article, you are going to get answers to all the questions and if you still have any questions, then you can ask us by commenting.

When it comes to SEO in the field of Blogging, the name of most backlinks comes in everyone’s mind, but some new Blogger does not know much about backlinks And How to Create to create Backlink.

First of all, know what is backlink ..?

A backlink is an external link that is found from another website / blog to our website / blog, so that users from that website / blog can reach our website / blog. Backlinks work to create a way to go from one website / blog to another website / blog.

How many types of backlinks are there..?

Now let’s talk about how many types of backlinks are there – normally backlinks are of 2 types.

  1. Dofollow Backlink
  2. Nofollow backlink

If you do not know about them, what is the difference between dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks and what is the contribution of both to seo, then let us take details about them.

1. Dofollow Backlink

  • If you write a guest article in another website / blog or any other website / blog has a link to your website / blog, that link is by default Dofollow backlink.
  • This helps in increasing the ranking and domain authority of your website / blog.
  • Ddofollow backlink is of great benefit for your website / blog’s seo and this increases the search ranking of the website / blog.

2. Nofollow Backlink

  • This type of backlink does not benefit much in the Seo of your website / blog.
  • nofollow backlink we get by commenting on a website / blog and there are many sites on the internet such as-quara.com.
  • If you write an article in these website / blog and we add a link to any of our webpage in it, then we get nofollow backlink from there also.
  • Giving backlinks to any website nofollow means that the website tells the bots of the search engine that that website does not have any connection with our website / blog.

How to create quality backlinks ..? (How to Make Quality Backlinks..?)

If you will search on Google how to create backlinks (How to create Backlink, then you will find many websites here from which you can create backlinks in Free, but most of them are spam backlinks.

Due to which the spam score of your website / blog can increase and it can happen, your website / blog may be subject to Google penalty and it can also cause damage to your website / blog instead of being an advantage in SEO. Also do not use any free backlink tool.

1. Write a guest post: Create High Quality Backlink

If you want to create high quality dofollow backlinks for your website / blog. So this is the best way through which you can create quality backlinks for your website / blog. You should make guest post in those High Authority Website / Blog which is related to your website / blog.

Example -:> If your website / blog is related to health, then for this you should write a guest article on the website / blog related to health, which will increase the traffic of your website / blog and also increase the Google search ranking of the website / blog.

2. Comment: – How to Create High Quality Backlink

When you make a comment in another website / blog, then at that time you add a link to your website / blog, then it gives a nofollow backlink to your website / blog. Which helps in increasing the traffic of your website / blog, but friends, you should make a comment on your blog related article / blog article itself, which also benefits your website / blog.

2. Write high quality article: – How to Make Backlinks

You should write a high quality article in your website / blog so that users visiting your website / blog should get help from the information given in that article and that information should be useful for them. With which your website / blog will start being reader and writing high quality articles will also start coming in your post Google search result.

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