What is Article Writing.? How to Write an SEO Friendly Article 2021.?

If you a Blogger If it is obvious, we will also write articles for my blog. But can you write good articles? If yes, congratulations! You are a good writer. But if you can’t write, then it doesn’t matter! In this article today, we are going to talk about this subject. If you want to know that What is Article Writing? And a SEO Friendly Article What things should be kept in mind for writing? So read this article completely.

Article Writing

Once someone asked me on Quora that in 10 minutes a good Blog post how to write? I did not respond. But after that I saw many more similar questions. Like how to write 5 blog posts every day? How many blog posts do you write every day? Can I Write a Good Blog Post in 10 Minutes? What a in 10 minutes SEO Friendly Blog Post Can write Et cetera. After reading such questions, it was as if Blog Post did not happen! Maggie done, which should be ready in 2 minutes. The limit is hasty

Actually no blog post can be written in ten minutes. ‘Nice blog post‘Then leave it,’Cheap blog post‘Can not even be written. Because ten minutes is too short. And in such a short time, there cannot be proper research. Writing a blog post is a distant thing. Yet if someone writes, then his Quality How will it be? You can understand this yourself. Because there is a lot of difference between ‘writing’ and ‘writing well’. Everyone takes ‘writing’. But ‘good’ can only be written by those who know the art of writing.

What is Article Writing?

Article writing There is a mode in which an attempt is made to explain the subject in detail. That is, the content is divided into sections and presented in a simple, clear and interesting manner. So that curiosity arises in the mind of the reader. However, Article Writing is a literary genre. But it is most commonly used in commercial writing. If true Article Writing is an art! Is a skill! Is a skill! Which requires practice to learn.

By the way Article Is called ‘article’. And the article is mainly divided into three sections. That is, it definitely has a beginning, middle and end. Also each section has several paragraphs (Paragraphs), Which allows the content Explain We do. In this way, an article (article) is formed by mixing all the paragraphs. But the question is, how is the article written? Is there a format for this? Come, let’s know.

How to write a good article?

However, writing an article is not a very difficult task. If you little Practice If you do, you can write a good article or blog post. But for this you have to take care of some things. Let us understand through an example. Suppose you 5G Have to write an article on So for this you have to follow the following steps: –

Topic Research

First of all, you have to do research on the topic and gather as much information as possible. That is to know and understand about 5G. So that you can thoroughly explain Topic. Research For this, you can take help of Google Search, Wikipedia and Tech Portals. Also for authentic facts such as government websites and portals TRAI, DoT (Department of Telecommunications) etc. On these websites you will find a lot of information related to 5G.

After research, make a list of main points. That is, prepare a list of all the important points related to 5G, about which you are going to give information in the article. Such as What is 5G TechnologyThe How does it work? What are its benefits? What are the disadvantages? And this 4G Is different from? Etcetera.

Keyword Research

After the topic comes the keyword research. Keyword research is actually the most important step. Because in commercial writing, the whole game is only the keywords. That’s why do Keyword Research. And always choose keywords with high CPC, high ranking and low competitive score for your articles. For this, you can take help of any Keyword Research Tool. And keywords Ranking, Search Volume, CPC And Competitive score Can check

Now you ask How to do keyword researchThe So I have already answered this. That is, I have written a detailed article on it, in which how is keyword research done? And what are the tools required for this? I have explained it in detail. You can read this article by clicking on the link given below: –

Topic Research And Keyword Research Turns after Article Writing Of. That is, to convert the information obtained from Research into Article. Your writing and linguistic skills will be used for this. If you are proficient in the art of writing. And keep a good grip on the language. So of course you can write a good article. Just you have to follow the format.

Article Writing Format

Actually, there is a fixed format for writing articles, which Article Writing Format It is said. It consists of 3 sections – beginning, middle and end. The entire article is written in these three sections. But the question is, in which section what is written and how is it written? Come, let’s know.

Opening Part (Start)

This is the opening section of the article, called Opening part or Heading part It is said. This is actually an introductory section. That is, the content is introduced in it. And the reader is told what subject the article is about? And what information is given in it?

But the question is how to write Opening Part? So for this you should start with a line that is able to grab the attention of the reader. That is to create curiosity in the mind of the reader. Like “Do you even know how 5G technology affects your health?” Also in the first paragraph Focus keyword Must come But in a natural way. That is not to force it, such as:

  • Do you know about 5G Technology In Hindi?
  • Today we will learn about Disadvantages of 5G Technology In Hindi.

It actually Keywords The worst way to use it. Because such keywords not only spoil the format of the sentence. But also block the flow. Which worsens the reader’s mood. It is better if keywords are written separately without a sentence.

Body Part (center part)

This is the most important part of the article. Because the content is explain in it. That is, everything is explained in detail. With all Topic All questions related to are answered. That’s why Explanation Part Is also called.

In this section you should answer all the questions related to Topic. And each point should be thoroughly explain. With all Readability And Keyword Density Special care should be taken of because this SEO Is very important for For this you should use in-place headings. And refrain from writing long paragraphs.


This is the third and last section of the article, which is the most special. Because this article holds the reader back even after it is over. That is why it is very important to have qualities like curiosity and curiosity. If the conclusion becomes dull then the reader will leave. Because after the article is over, the reader has no reason to stop. That is why the conclusion should be interesting.

although Conclusion The essence of the article is written in But in a very unique and interesting way. So that the reader is forced to read it. Your linguistic skill is used for this. Because everything in conclusion is written in a nutshell. That is, it does not expand. That is why each line is equal to one paragraph.

Article Writing Skill

Format is not enough to write a good article. Rather your writing skills (Writing Skill) Also matters. And for this you should practice continuously. That is, one should keep writing on some topic. Like writing posts or making comments on social media etc. This will improve your writing skills.

Apart from this, reading is very important. Because reading not only increases knowledge. In fact, there is a significant increase in word store. That is why definitely read articles, books, e-books etc. on your favorite subjects. With this, you will learn new words. And you will be able to use them in your articles.

Article Writing Tips

Now the question is, what should be kept in mind while writing the article? So for this I have prepared a list, which includes a few selected Points. Although these are very small points, but they are very important. That’s why Article Writing Do follow them at the time of

Language and grammar

  • Your article should be very clear and readable. That is, the reader should understand well.
  • Every aspect related to Topic should be mentioned in the article.
  • Try not to have language, grammar and spelling errors in your article.
  • Use vocabulary that is easy to understand. That is, avoid using harsh words.
  • Where necessary Bold And Italic Use texts.


  • Try to get the reader to answer all his questions.
  • Try not to let your article deviate from the original theme and purpose.
  • Do not write unnecessary things in the article (I mean such things, which have nothing to do with the topic)
  • In-place Photos And Videos Must use So that the reader can understand your point better.
  • Write as much as is required according to the topic. Do not intentionally prolong the article. by this Content Quality But it has a very bad effect.


  • Source of facts used in the article (Source) Please tell. And if possible, also give their link. So that the reliability of the article increases.
  • If you are using a photo, video, or graphics in an article. And your on Copyright If not, then never forget to give credit to its real owner (copyright holder).
  • Whatever your article is, short or long, try to write it yourself. Do not copy from any other blog or website.
  • Label sponsored posts as Sponsored Post, Contributed Post or Advertisement.
  • Last and most important thing, always write for your readers.

Keeping the above things in mind, you can write a good article. Hope you get through this article Article Writing Would have received useful information about. If you liked this article, like and share it. And subscribe to techsevi.com for more such articles. So that whenever we publish a new article, you get information.

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