What is Affiliate Marketing? How to make money from affiliate marketing 2021.?

Nowadays ecommerce companies Advertising Instead of Affiliate Marketing I trust her more. Because it costs less and benefits more. Also people like you and us also get a chance to earn money sitting at home. In such a situation, it is also very beneficial for us. But the question is what is Affiliate Marketing? And how does it work? How to make money from affiliate marketing 2021 Can go And what resources are required for this? Let us know in detail.

Affiliate Marketing

When a company first Product Plays on the market. So people do not know about it. That is why it has to be advertised. So people buy it. But the money spent in this work is recovered from the customer. Because all the expense of advertisement is added to the price of the product. That is why the price of the product increases. And the customer has to pay extra money. But what is the solution? So the solution is Affiliate Marketing. how? Let us understand through an example.

Suppose you launch a product. And by advertising it, you Facebook Went to Now Facebook will ask you where (in which state or country) you want to show the advertisement? And your Target Audience Who is it? You say me World Wide Advertisement To do. And 2 Billion users have to be targeted. So Facebook will ask for money of 2 Billion Users.

Same if you India I want to advertise in And if you want to target only 1 Million Users, then you will be charged money of 1 million users. But how many people will buy the product out of these 1 million users? It has no idea. Maybe 15,000 people buy, or even 15 don’t buy.

But everyone is interested in money? Even those people who clicked on the advertisement and walked, but did not buy the product. In such a situation, their money was wasted in a way, right? That’s why most companies nowadays rely on Affiliate Marketing. But the question is, is this affiliate marketing? And from Online Earning How can it be done? Let us understand in detail.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is made up of two words – Affiliate And Marketing. Affiliate here means affiliation or association. And marketing means business, marketing or shopkeeping. in such a way Meaning of Affiliate Marketing Happened, run shop in collaboration. Or selling goods together. This is actually a way of marketing in which people like you and us, rather than TV, newspaper or Ad Network, are the medium of publicity. Those who together with an e-commerce company sell their goods. And get commission in return.

The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that not a single company spends extra money in it. Because it does not cost to view and click on the advertisement. Commissions have to be paid only for purchases. That is why it is very beneficial for companies. But companies as well as people like you and us (Affiliates) Is also very beneficial for. Because it can earn a lot of money.

Resources needed

Now the question is, what are the resources required for Affiliate Marketing? So for this you do not need much frills. You should have these 3 things: –

  • Smartphone / PC with Internet
  • Audience
  • Bank account

If you have these 3 things then you can make money from affiliate marketing. But the question is Audience Where to get? So for this you can use your Blog, Website, Mobile App or Youtube Channel. If you don’t have it all, no problem. You can also use Facebook Page. But you must have Audience.

How to make money from Affiliate Marketing?

Now it is the turn to earn money from Affiliate Marketing. So for this you should choose such companies, which provide perfect goods according to your audience. Like if you have a YouTube channel, and you give information about cameras on it. Then you Camera Companies and e-commerce websites Should be selected.

If you want to get maximum commission on the purchase of each product. so such Products Choose whose commission rate is high. That is, you have made a list of Camera Companies and eCommerce Websites. Choose from them the companies and websites that pay the highest commissions. I would like to tell you that initially some companies range from 100% to 200% The commission She gives.

Join Affiliate Program

After choosing companies, you Affiliate Program Join To do. That is, by visiting the website of the camera companies and ecommerce websites you have chosen, your Create Affiliate Account To do. And then you have to share your favorite products.

Now you will ask how to create Affiliate Account? So for this you have to fill a simple form. And in that its Audience, Traffic and Monetizaton Information related to Also, bank account details have to be filled for payment. So that whatever Earning Yes, it is deposited directly in your Bank Account.

Although all companies Affiliate Form Is not the same. But still some things are the same. Such as your name-address, Audience, Traffic Sources, Monetization, Bank Details and Tax Information. That is why you have to fill these information in every affiliate form.

Join Amazon Associates

Amazon associates a world class Affiliate Marketing Program is. Which is available in every country. That is why choose according to your country and audience. So that you get maximum benefit. Like if you are a Hindi blogger. And most of your audience is from India, so choose the Indian version of Amazon. At the same time, if your audience is from outside or from multiple countries, then the global version (Amazon OneLink) Select. but Amazon Why only? So these are the 7 reasons behind this.

  • Amazon is a reputable and trusted company.
  • Most people shop from Amazon itself.
  • Every kind of product is found here.
  • Its reach is very wide.
  • Affiliates get very good commission.
  • Payment Gets on time.
  • And, there is never Fraud.

That’s why most people choose Amazon. However Amazon is not the only option for Affiliate Marketing. If you want, you can also choose other companies. but eCommerce Amazon is the best among the companies. If you are a Dedicated Service, such as VPN, Web Hosting, Domain Registrar, Antivirus or Software Company Affiliate Program Join Are doing, then the matter is different.

Earn From Affiliate Marketing

After joining the affiliate program it is the turn of Earning. So for this you need to use them on your Blog, Mobile App, YouTube Channel or FB Page Products To share the link of. The ones you want to sell. Like if you have a blog and you write a post about VPN on it. So the VPNs in that post Affiliate Links Can share.

Similarly, if you have a YouTube channel and you review a product in your video. So in the description of the video Affiliated Link can give. And you can tell your viewers if they want to buy that product! So you can buy from the link given in the description.

When someone clicks on your link and purchases that product, you will get its commission. And thus you will earn. For example, suppose the price of that product is Rs. 1000. And your commission is 5%. So you will get 50 rupees on every purchase. If 100 people will buy that product from your link! So you will get a total commission of Rs 50 × 100 = 5000.

Affiliate Marketing Commission

Now the question is how much commission is there in Affiliate Marketing? So there is no fix scale. Because all the products do not get the same commission. Rather, every product has a different commission rate. And this Commission rate It is decided in two ways.

  1. A certain percentage of the price
  2. A fixed amount

In most cases a fixed part of the price The commission Is given as But in some cases a fixed amount is also given. Like if there is a laptop worth Rs 50,000. And on that you get a commission of Rs 350. So this is a fixed amount, which has nothing to do with the price. But if you get 1% commission on this laptop, then it will be fixed according to the price. That is, 1% of 50,000 = Rs 500.

Maximum Earning

Now the question is, how can you earn maximum from Affiliate Marketing? So for this you should concentrate on 2 things. One on your Audience and the other on Commission Rate. how? Let us understand through an example.

Suppose you have a YouTube channel. On which you review Smartphones. And let’s say you have 5 lakh subscribers on your channel, who trust you a lot. So much so that you do not buy a smartphone without watching your video. In this way, you will give good Smartphones Recommend Should do.

If you replace smartphones Clothes or Cosmetic Would you recommend Then you probably won’t benefit that much. Because your audience is related to smartphones. And that’s why she trusts you. That’s why understand your audience. And share the products accordingly.

Second, pay attention to the Commission Rate. Ie gin Products Of Commission rate Good, pay more attention to them. But that doesn’t mean it! That you can start recommending inferior products in case of high commission. Because if you do this, then instead of profit, you will have to bear the loss. And Audience will lose confidence in you forever. So always be loyal to Audience.

Affiliate Marketing Summary

in such a way Affiliate Marketing With the help of, you can work together with any company. And you can earn any amount of money. Because there is no limit to Earning. If you want to sell 1000 products of the day, you can sell it comfortably. There is no denial. The more products you sell, the higher the commission. In such a situation, there is no limit to Earning. If you want from Affiliate Marketing Unlimited Earning can do.

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