What is a Web Server and what are the types of it 2021?

In this article, we will tell you what a web server is and how it works. Also, how many types of web server are there, I will try to give you all the information in this article.

What is a web server? (What is Web Server)

Web server is a program with the help of which webpages are shown to users browsing the internet. All these web pages are shown to the user following the HTTP protocol.

We can divide it into two parts, such as that machine comes in the first part. On which the web server is installed, then the software in the second part which acts like a webserver.

If a user has to make a web server, then he can do this work with the help of his personal computer. For this, all he has to do is to install the web server software in his computer.

After that the computer has to be connected with an internet connection. After this is done, the user’s computer changes into a web server providing web page on internet.

All the web pages that we see on the internet, all the web pages are accessed to their computer by some other web server only.

If the user installs only the software in his computer and does not connect that computer to the internet. Even then his computer will work like a server, but only at the local level.

Such server is also called local server or local level server. A computer that sends web pages to other users’ computers. Such a computer is called a web server, all these web servers have a unique IP address.

In addition, all those web servers have their own separate domain name. You can understand it even better with a simple example.

Suppose you search in your browser by writing in https://a1gyan.online Then your browser sends a request to your server whose domain name is https://a1gyan.online

After this, the server removes the index.html file from its data file and shows it on your browser. If you want, you can convert any computer into a server.

For this, all you have to do is install the server software in that computer. And then that computer has to be connected to the internet. Hopefully you have now understood what a web server is.

What are the types of servers? (What are the Types of Servers)

A server is a computer or device that supervises network resources in a single network. Like a file server, this server contains a storage device. Whose job is to store files only.

This server network helps users to save the file. No server can do any other work except its basic task.

If you are using a multiprocessing operating system. Then a single system is capable of running multiple programs at the same time.

Any server platform works just like an operating system. All these servers are of different types, which we are going to tell you below.

1. Web Sever

A web server is one in which there are data stores of all websites and blogs on the internet. This web server also connects with your web browser in some way.

So whenever a user searches the domain name of a website in the user browser. That is, the user sends a request to view a website from the web browser.

Now since the browser connects with the web server, the web server receives the request sent by the users. After which the web server finds the data of the requested website and sends it to that device.

The device from whose browser the request was sent to view the website. After which the data of that website is opened in the user’s browser via HTTP.

2. Email Sever

An email server is a server that helps us to receive and send an email or message sent or received. Apart from this, it stores all the personal details of the server users and their messages on the server.

The most important role in this is the SMTP protocol, because when we send an email or message to someone. So this email or message goes to the mail server where it is then sent to the mail recipient using the SMTP protocol.

3. File Sever

File server is used for local network, via file server network. It helps you transfer any file from one place to another.

All files in a file server are stored and managed in a computer. Whenever the user needs that file, a copy is sent to the user of the file which he can edit.

4. Audio / Video Server

As it is known by its name, audio and video files are stored in this server. Because of this server, multimedia applications have that ability.

By which we can always search for audio video or multimedia contents in the browser. You can watch all those audio and video anytime and can enjoy them.

5. Chat Server

Chat server is a server with which you can chat with people in real time. Real time means that instantly you have messaged your friends and that message was immediately shown to them.

It is called real time, because of the chat server we are able to talk with each other today. You can share information and data with each other in real time.

6. Fax Server

This server is mostly used in those big businesses or companies. Where time is very important, it is used to save time.

Using Fax Server, users can send any file, data or information from one place to another. This saves time and also reduces the load on telephone resources.

7. FTP Server

The full form of this server is the File Transfer Protocol, as the name suggests. This is a file protocol that users often use to send or move a file from one place to another.

FTP server is one of the very old internet services in the internet world. This helps you to move your file transfer from one place to another with full security.

8. Group Web Server

Group web server is used to connect groups of people with each other. Most of its use is in the back office of business or companies.

Because it is a place where many employees are in the same place. Therefore, this server is used for communication by staying in the same environment or place.

9. IRC Server

Internet Relay Chat is the full form of IRC server by attacheing the use of this server with each other. Establishing communication between them basically works as a mediator between them.

10. List Server

If we talk about list server then it is a very good server. By using this we can also control and manage the mailing list. These list server interactive discussions are open to all the community.

11. Mail Server

The job of a mail server is to store the mail using Local Area Network (LAN).

12. News Servers

This server is basically used to share and deliver news. USENET network is used to do this work. Because there are so many people around the world who use it.

13. Proxy Server

Use of internet connection related requirement of friends proxy server whatever things happen. They are used to filter, often the proxy server exits in one of the client programs.

14. Telnet Server

Telnet server is used when a user wants to work by logging into his computer. Whenever a user has to work in the system, he first has to login using telnet server.

So friends, hope you have got a good understanding about the types of web server. Also you must have understood that all these different servers are used to complete different needs and works.

Types of Web Server

1. Apache HTTP Server

This web server is the most popular web server in the whole world. Which has been develop by Apache Software Foundation. This web server is an open source software that you can use by installing any operating systems.

Such as Linux, UNIX, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X etc. According to a report, all the web server machines are running in the world. About 60% of those web server machines run on Apache Web Server.

2. Internet Information Services (IIS)

Internet Information Server (IIS) is a high performance web server of Microsoft. This web server runs in Windows NT / 2000 and 2003. This web server comes bundled with Windows NT / 2000 and 2003.

Because Internet Information Server (IIS) has been very well integrated with the windos operating system. So that it is very easy to administer it.

3. Lighttpd

Lighttpd server, also called lighty in pronunciation, is a free web server. Which is distributed with the FreeBSD operating system. It is also an open source web server, which is very fast, secure.

Apart from this, it consumes very little power from our CPU. You can also use the Lighttpd web server in your Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

4. Sun Java System Web Server

This web server of Sun Microsystems is very compatible for medium and large web sites. Although this web server is free, but it is not an open source web server. It also runs well on platforms like Windows, Linux and UNIX.

5. NGINX Web Server

The special thing about this web server is that it does not use browser threats. Perhaps this is the reason that most web hosting companies use this web server the most.

So hopefully you have now understood what web server is? You must have understood very well how web servers are and where the web server is used.

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