What is a Sitemap? How to Create an SEO Optimized Sitemap in 2021

Do you want to create a sitemap for the website after submitting your blogger blog to Google search console? If yes then in this article I How to create and submit a sitemap of a blog made on Blogger It is explained in detail.

In the previous article, I gave information about how to create robots.txt for blogger blog and moreover How to submit website to search console The domain authority has also to be verified. If you have not done the above two steps, follow the link given below-

Before submitting a Sitemap, let us know a little about what happens.

What is a sitemap?

sitemap means a list of all the posts, pages, URLs, videos and whatever you have published on your blog.

Now you have to understand that by submitting the sitemap in the search console, Google will scan all your pages and index it and if it is valid then it will show on the search console.

With this, Google gets the information of all the posts you have published and Google indexes it one by one on Google.

Sitemap is required for any website, whether built on Blogger or WordPress. This makes the search engine know about your blog. Apart from this, if for any reason your particular blog post is not being indexed, then holding it invalid will show it on the dashboard of your search console.

Simply put, your web pages are indexed on the search engine and appear on Google search.

What are the types of sitemaps?

After understanding what is a sitemap, we also know about its types, which will clear all your confusion about it.

There are 2 types of Sitemaps-

  • HTML Sitemaps
  • XML Sitemaps

The XML Sitemap is further divided into the following types:

  • Image Sitemaps
  • Video sitemaps
  • News Sitemaps
  • Mobile Sitemaps
  1. HTML Sitemaps

An HTML sitemap is for users. This helps visitors to navigate the website easily.

This is the one in which links of all your posts are available in a single page so that the visiting person can easily see what else you have published.

Creating HTML sitemap pages is very easy in Blogger, for this, all you need to do is create a new code page and insert it into its HTML editor.

  • How to create HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger

2. XML Sitemaps

This helps the bot to crawl the website better. It also helps them understand which are the most important URLs of a site.

In easy language we can also call it wordpress sitemap. It is divided into categories. Like we add all the blogger’s posts in the blogger section. Similarly, here all types of page URLs are displayed in pages and URLs of all indexed posts in posts.

Now that we know what sitemaps are and how many types are there, now we look step wise about how to create sitemaps for blogger blog in Google search console.

How to submit a sitemap in Search Console?

If you have submitted the website in the search console, we are now moving to the process of submitting a sitemap.

To create a sitemap, you have to follow some steps given below, so that you can easily generate it.

Step 1: First you need to login with Gmail account and go to the dashboard of Google Search Console.

If you have already submitted more than one website on the dashboard, first select the one on which you want to create a sitemap.

If for some reason you are having difficulty in searching the search console, then you can see in the image below, how you have to search it on Google. (Always open the link with two numbers)

What is a sitemap? How to create and submit a Sitemap for Blogger (2020)Step 2: After going to the dashboard, you go to the sitemaps link in the left (left) side menu and click.

And as shown below, you will see the blog URL you have added there. Right in front of him sitemap.xml Have to submit by writing.

After submitting the Sitemap, a window will pop up where it is written Sitemap submitted successfully.

Our sitemap has been generated here.

Once submitted, you will see the Sitemap in the submitted sitemap section on the same page.

If there status success Coming, it means that your sitemap has been successfully generated.

Note: Even after doing all the steps, there is an error in place of success, so there can be 2 reasons for this:

  • There is not a single post on your blog.
  • And sometimes the system can also cause fault to appear error. For this, you must close the search console and login again.

What is a sitemap? How to create and submit a Sitemap for Blogger (2020)How to check sitemap

To check, put your blog address (example.com) on the browser and enter it by writing /sitemap.xml.

On entering, you will see the links of all the posts published. This will mean that your sitemap has been completely generated by submitting it to the search console.

If you liked this post, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any problem even after doing all the steps, then go to the comment section below and comment. Which will make it easier for me to find a solution to your problem.

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