What Are Featured Snippets? And How to Get Them in 2021

Featured Snippets are a type of special box that is the first page show of the search engine. In this only special content is given space. According to Google, the content is selected by this automatic algorithm.

Google Whenever we do some search, Google shows the most popular post in a box first that means whatever we search for query, then in the Google search engine, at the very beginning we see in a special box, that particular box Featured snippets It is said.

Other than Google, other search engines like Bing Featured snippets show. There is only one question in the mind of almost every bloggers that their post should come on the first page of the search engine and if it comes in the special box, then enjoy it.

In today’s post, we will know that What is Featured snippets? How to show your post in it?

What is Featured Snippets – What is featured snippets?

There is a special box in the listing page of the featured snippets search engine in which the query appears in reverse order that means whenever we search any type of query in the search engine, we get many results show in which the title is first show. After that the URL and then the description, but in this special box, the description is first show and then the URL and Title show.

It shows on the first number of any search engine that means it is shown on the top of the search engine’s listing page. in this description, URL and title The position of the position changes according to the updation of the search engine.

Snippet has different types of shows according to different search engines, these completely depend on the search query which type of query you are searching.

  1. Paragraph
  2. List
  3. Table
  4. Video

Paragraph snippets are the most show because most such queries are searched in which most paragraphs are available.

List snippets are shown in the case where the user needs to show the listing such as 10 Ways to make money online So here there will be 10 point show in which make money online Listings will appear.

Table snippets are among the least show snippets in which comparison tables are mostly show.

Why is Featured Snippets Important?

every Writer, Blogger, YouTuber For this special box is very important because whenever a person searches in any type of query search engine, he first opens the post to be shown on the first number or the video to be shown on the first number. It is the content creator which increases the views of the video creator and the creators benefit from it.

The other main advantage of this is that whenever your post shows on 6, 7, 8, 9… number and if you post or video according to the requirement of snippets SEO If you do setting, then your post will come to the top, which will increase your viewers and readers.

How to show your content in special box?

According to Google, your content is show through automatic algorithm, it does not make any user show it. Now we all have this question in our mind that after all what Algorithm analyzes in that post so that it shows that post in the top. So let’s know How to show your content in special box?

Analyze the best keyword

by the way keyword Analyze which is searched the most and competition is less. You can use different types of tools to analyze Keyword, I am listing some free and some paid tools here.

  • Ahref Tool
  • Semrush
  • Keywordtool.io (Free and Paid both)
  • Search engine autocomplete

Create the best content by targeting snippets

If you want to bring your article in the special box, then for that you have to write the content according to the way that it will rank at the top. Let’s know one by one how to write content?

  • First of all, keep the heading H1 heading. Most theme has H1 heading avaiable.
  • After that there should be at least one H2 and one H3 heading in the middle of the content. And if more than this heading is being made in your content, then you decorate the heading in an order like H2, H3, H4, H5…
  • Content length should be at least 600 words, if the content of length is more than that then it is even better.
  • Keyword title tag should be present.
  • Do not make the paragraph too long. Make a short paragraph so that it is easy for the user to read.
  • Make sure to use an image in the middle of the content because an image is equal to 1000 words.

Even more important is how long the user reads your post. Users read your posts for a long time, for this you try to make the topic interesting, such as try to explain the topic with live example.

Make High Quality Backlink

To rank blog and website High quality backlink It is very important to make. By creating a backlink and the older your blog will be, according to that the trust of the search engine for your blog is higher and then it is easier to rank your blog in the top position.

High search volume keyword for Featured snippets

  • What is (what is seo )
  • How many (how many price of hp laptop)
  • What are (what are featured snippets )
  • Recipe (Top 10 recipe in India)
  • Best (The best mobile in India)
  • Get
  • Number
  • Price (india price list mobile phone)
  • Cost
  • Vs
  • Can
  • List
  • Time
  • Top
  • Salary (seo salary in india per month)
  • Size (facebook page cover photo size mobile and desktop)
  • Code (seo code for html website)
  • It is very important to have keyword on Image, URL, Title.
  • Blog permalink (post link) must be 4 to 5 months old.
  • Readers must like your content.

After reading this post, you can also post your post Featured snippets Will be eager to bring in You also write good content and rank your post on the top. Best of luck to all of you from us.

Show your content in the special box of the search engine is not as difficult as people tell, but if you work hard, everything can be achieved.

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