Top 9 Best Smartphone for Buying in 2021

1.Samsung Galaxy S20

The first smartphone on my list, once again,  in no particular order,  is the Samsung galaxy S20 Only Fans Edition.  Now Samsung actually released  quite a few new S20 devices  but the one that really stood out to me personally  was the S20 FE.  And that’s because it ticks a lot of boxes  and comes in at a very reasonable price.  You’re not really making too many compromises.  You’ve got a great 120 hertz display.  You’ve got a triple rear facing camera system  with all really good cameras,  no gimmicky two megapixel macro cameras.  You’ve got a primary ultra-wide as well as a telephoto.  Great specs, water and dust resistance, wireless charging,  reverse wireless charging, an SD card slot,  which is something that’s very rare these days.  And for my UK peeps,  you can actually get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 version.  You’re not just stuck with an Exynos option.  Now, granted, we do have a plastic back,  so it’s not as premium, arguably,  however, most people use a case anyway.  So S20 FE, a very easy phone to recommend.

2.iPhone 12

iPhone 12.  Now Apple also released many iPhones this year,  but the iPhone 12 is the iPhone for most people.  And this year, there are not many compromises.  If we look at the iPhone 11 last year  compared to the Pros, there were lots of compromises.  This is not the case with the iPhone 12.  We’ve got a really good display.  Granted, there is a notch.  We’ve got excellent cameras, some of the best out there,  very consistent with excellent video.  Dolby Vision with HDR  which isn’t fully compatible everywhere right now.  But even without that,  the quality you get is absolutely amazing.  And with the A14 Bionic chip,  it’s actually one of the fastest smartphones out right now.  You still do get 64 gigabytes as a base  which I’m not too happy about.  And there is no charger included out of the box,  which, you know, I can live with,  but the fact that it’s still lightning,  is a bit of a downside for me.  However that aside, the iPhone 12, excellent smartphone,  very easy to recommend.

3.The OPPO Find X2 Pro

The next smartphone on my list  was actually the first smartphone of the year  with 120 hertz, as well as a quad HD display.  That is the OPPO Find X2 Pro.  It’s a smartphone that I really enjoyed using.  We’ve got great all around cameras,  as well as the fastest charging that I’ve tested this year,  65 Watt SuperVOOC.  Top of the line specs with 512 gigabytes of storage,  with ColorOS, which has improved massively  compared to previous years.  Now although we do have the fastest wired charging,  there is no wireless charging  which I did find myself missing a little bit.  And I’m not a huge fan of the selfie cameras.  That aside, it’s an excellent, excellent smartphone.

4.OnePlus 8 Pro

And the next smartphone on my list  is actually very similar to the OPPO Find X2 Pro.  And that is the OnePlus 8 Pro.  Now this is because OnePlus and OPPO are partner companies,  that kind of looks a little bit weird,  but you know what I mean, they’re partner companies,  so they obviously share a lot of tech.  And although OnePlus released  a lot of smartphones this year,  the highlight for me was the OnePlus 8 Pro  because it really doesn’t have many compromises.  I know I keep saying that in this video,  but anyway, generally, OnePlus devices,  although they are competitively priced,  they do miss out on a few features.  The OnePlus 8 Pro is priced slightly higher,  but it ticks off pretty much all the boxes.  We’ve got wireless charging for the first time  on a OnePlus device.  30 watt wireless charging as well.  Excellent software,  OxygenOS still one of my favorite skins on Android.  Very fast and smooth.  And very good overall cameras.  This is an area where OnePlus actually struggles  in generally, however, the OnePlus 8 Pro  has very nice cameras.  And for me, especially the macro camera.  Now this isn’t the gimmicky two megapixel macro camera.  This is actually a very good macro camera  which uses the ultra-wide camera to focus in close.  And it’s one of my favorite macro cameras out there.  I’m still not a fan of the selfie camera  like with the OPPO Find X2 Pro,  however, the OnePlus 8 Pro, a great overall package.

5.Google Pixel 5

Now the next smartphone on my list is the Google Pixel 5.  Now last year, I really think Google missed the mark  with the 4 and the 4XL.  They had a massive forehead with those motion sensors,  which nobody used.  They went for a telephoto camera instead of an ultra wide.  All of these things.  This year, I think Google did very, very well  with the Pixel 5.  You’ve got a great display with 90 hertz.  Uniform bezels, and we also now have an ultra wide camera,  so it’s good to see Google kind of go back on their words  and really listen to what people actually want.  Now, unlike the OnePlus 8 Pro,  it’s not the highest spec’d device out there,  it does have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G chip set,  which is still very good,  especially with the stock Android software.  If you want to get the latest updates,  then the Pixel will be the way to go.  And you’ve also got excellent battery life.  And the Pixel 5 is coming in at a competitive price point.  So thumbs up from me for the Pixel 5.

6.Huawei P40 Pro

And the next smartphone on my list  is a little bit opposite when it comes to software.  And that is the Huawei P40 Pro.  I really enjoyed using the Huawei P40 Pro,  and mainly it was round the cameras.  It’s got excellent cameras  with some of the best zoom that you’re going to find  on any smartphone.  There is also the Huawei P40 Pro+,  which kind of extends even further on that zoom.  But I think the P40 Pro is a good balance.  And surprisingly, the selfie cameras  are absolutely excellent.  You do get a pill shape cutout,  but that means you get excellent portraits  from the front facing cameras.  3D face unlock with a fingerprint scanner,  41 watt wired charging,  27 and a half watt wireless charging.  It ticks a lot of boxes.  However, unfortunately Google Play Services  are not supported.  Now, it is still perfectly usable  if you’re willing to do a few work arounds  but it’s so unfortunate  that we don’t have Google Play Services.

7.Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.  Now you guys may know that I wasn’t a huge fan  of the S20 Ultra, there was lots that needed improving.  What’s great is that Samsung took that feedback  from the S20 Ultra onboard and gave us  pretty much all of the improvements we asked for  on the Note20 Ultra.  This is an excellent smartphone.  In my opinion, this has the best display  on a smartphone right now.  You’ve got 120 hertz, granted it’s at 1080p,  but this is the brightest display on the market.  Excellent cameras with great zoom,  and my personal favorite ultra-wide camera  on any smartphone right now.  A really good design with an SD card slot,  one UI which I really do like.  However, I do wish updates were quicker  on Samsung devices.  And something that you don’t get on any other smartphone,  the S Pen.  I don’t use it every day, but when I do need it,  it’s so useful.  Do some quick doodles, edit some images,  sign some documents, the S Pen is there.  Now, depending on your region,  you might get an Exynos version  which is inferior to the Snapdragon version.  That’s quite unfortunate.  But apart from that, Note20 Ultra, excellent device.

8.12 Pro Max

the iPhone 12 Pro Max  which is the top of the line iPhone, and it’s very big.  – That’s what she said.  – However, I do like the updated design  with the flat edges like we have on the iPhone 12.  And again, those cameras, the iPhone 12 Pro Max  has some of the best cameras on the market.  The first smartphone in the world with sensor shift  optical image stabilization.  And the telephoto camera is at 65 millimeters,  which gives, in my opinion,  the best portraits on any smartphone.  Again, video is great with Dolby Vision HDR.  Even if you do have it switched off,  it still in my opinion, gives you the best video  on any smartphone.  Now it is still a 60 hertz display,  I was hoping for 120 hertz,  which we don’t have this year, unfortunately,  but that aside, the iPhone 12 Pro Max  is an excellent, excellent smartphone.

9.The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.  Now, in my opinion, this is still the best  foldable smartphone you can buy.  And it’s also the most improved smartphone of the year.  Take a look at the Galaxy Fold 1,  which I was super excited about  but there was lots of room for improvement.  In comes the Galaxy fold 2.  Looks like Samsung pretty much listened to everything  that we asked for.  The front display is now very usable  and it stretches all the way to the sides.  The main display is now more durable  and it does have 120 hertz.  We’ve got excellent cameras.  And I still find it absolutely mind blowing  that tech has come so far where we can have  a smartphone that can open up into a tablet.  Now, granted, it is still something  that you have to be a little bit careful with  because the display has to be foldable.  And it is still very, very expensive.  However, as mentioned,  if you’re looking for a foldable device,  my recommendation is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

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