Top 6 Method to Easily Earn Money Online in 2021

In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money through online methods, because through online methods, you can easily earn 20 to 40 thousand in a month sitting at home.

How to earn money online, ways to earn money from google, Ways to earn money online. If you want to know about this, then stay till the end of this post.

There are many ways on the Internet that you will earn 20 or 40 thousand rupees in a month, earning money online on the Internet is not a difficult task, just you have to work with hard work and dedication.

No special technical knowledge is required to earn money online, I will tell you some tricks that you can easily follow by following How to Earn Money Online Will be able to earn money

How to Earn Money Online in Hindi – Top 6 Method to Easily Earn Money Online in 2021

How to Earn Money Online
How to Earn Money Online

I am going to tell you 6 such online ways by which you can earn 20 to 40 a month.

1- How to earn money from Blogging

Blogging is the best way to earn money on the internet because blogging is the easiest way to start blogging, how to earn money from blogging. I have been blogging for the last 5 years and am earning a lot of money.

Create your own blog on or Blogging is a platform where you can make your thinking and knowledge accessible to online people.

There are many ways to earn money from blogging, but I will tell you about three ways, which you can see below.

1: Advertising

When your blog design is ready after that, then in it Google AdSense or other Ads Network You have to setup in your blog, when people come to your blog and click on ads, then you will get money in exchange for that.

2: Affiliate Marketing

It helps in selling other things when you help in selling any product online, then it gives the seller a commission.

In Affiliate Marketing, you can earn more money from advertising. e-commerce website like Amazon Flipkart Or you can earn money by selling any hosting company online.

3: Sponsored post

When you become a good blogger, then your blog will become popular, then many companies ask you to review their product, instead of which the company pays you a lot of money, the niche with which your blog will be related to you. will get.

2- How to earn money from YouTube

In today’s time, who does not know about YouTube and you will also know that today many people are earning millions of rupees from YouTube, in such a situation, you also have to create your own YouTube channel and if you want to earn millions of rupees by making a channel Do not know how YouTube channels are created, you can read this post in its entirety.

 How to earn money from youtube

There are three main ways to earn money from YouTube, I will tell you about them below.

1: Adsense

To make money on Youtube, you have to mortise your channel with Google Adsense, for this you need 1000 subscribers and four thousand hours watch time Only after doing this, your channel will be monetized.

2: Sponsored

When you become a popular YouTube, many companies offer to review their product, through which we can earn a lot of money.

3: Affiliate marketing

When reviewing a product on your channel, you can put a link to buy it in the description below, if a user has bought it, then you get a commission in exchange for that.

3- earn money with freelancing

Freelancing is a contract-based profession where instead of being admitted to an organization, the individual uses their skills and experience to provide services to multiple clients.

In simple language, freelancing happens when you use your skills, education and experience with multiple clients and take different assignments without having to employ a single employer.

Freelancing usually involves jobs (Gigs) that take you from home to work, but do not carry out freelancing along with household chores.

Freelancing does not always mean that you will work from home, depending on the type of work and the requirements of the client, you may also have to work in your client’s office.

A job at home job involves a contract between you and a single employer that does not pay you money during freelancing.

It is just that many of the work done by freelancers can be done on the Internet without the presence of company or clients.

4- earn money from online Paid Surveys

If you are thinking of making money in your spare time then paying online survey is an excellent option, there are number of best online survey sites that you can join and survey for money.

Earn money from online Paid Surveys
Earn money from online Paid Surveys

To complete each survey $ 1 to $ 10 If you work 30 minutes a day, then you pay per month with Online Survey jobs. $ 300 to $ 500 Can be made.

In the business world, launching an unused product in the market would be a risk so before spending millions of dollars to create a new product, any company wants to know if people are interested in such products.

In technical terminology, it is known as market research. Market research is a big business where companies spend billions of dollars on it.

Through market research, these companies get a complete idea about their consumers’ tastes, it helps them to design and manufacture a product that will be successful in the market.

Companies employ market research firms for this task. There are various market research firms that have millions of members in their database who are ready to give their feedback and opinions.

They do this with the help of an online survey and ask hundreds of different questions through an online survey.

It takes 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete a survey so all participants are paid to give their time to conduct the survey online.

You can become a member of such market research firms (also known as online survey sites) and conduct surveys for money.

5- Earn money with URL Shortener

Making money with URL Shortener is the easiest thing in which you do not need any technical skills, it is a simple method by which you can earn money online.

Individuals who do not know how to earn money online can use this service and earn some money through this services.

Just convert any of your long URLs to blog, website, Facebook, Google or other links into short URLs and attach the link wherever you want.

When anyone clicks on your given URL, the Short URL waits for 5 seconds and the ads show, for which we get paid.

6- Earn money with Fiverr

Simply put, Fiverr is an online marketplace that provides a wide range of services, functions and mini-jobs.

Founded in 2010, Fiverr aims to provide an online platform where freelancers can advertise and catalog their available digital services.

On the site you will get millions of gigs for every kind of skill whether you are a designer, web developer, lawyer, or a musician. It is very easy to work on Fiverr. You can sell your skill in fiverr starting at $ 10 dollar. Every single sell in Fiverr is called gigs.

By connecting sellers directly to freelancers, Fiverr has become one of the largest websites offering an online service exchange.

In today’s post we How to Earn Money Online To know about how you can earn money online, I hope you will like this post.

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