Top 5 Browsers of 2021

If you are an internet user then you must be using the browser. Because World wide web To access content on Browser Is necessary. And there are many Browsers for this work. Such as Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, UC etc. But the question is, what is Browser? And how does it work? Also, what are the characteristics of a good Browser? And what is the best browser in this regard? Come on know Top-5 Browsers about.


This article you are reading right now, is not really so. I mean this one Html page , Which consists of a lot of codes. If you look at its true form, you will not understand what it is? Because you will see the codes in it. But right now there is not a single code in it. Because your Browser Has changed it.

Actually World Wide Web (www) But every information is recorded as Codes. That is, humans are not worth reading. That is why it needs to be translated. So that it can be easily read and understood by humans. A Browser does the same thing. That is Computer Converts ki (machine) language to human language. And presents it attractively. By attractive I mean, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) with. That is, with Proper Design, Layout and Colors.

What is a browser?

Browser such Computer program , Which provides an interface for viewing, searching and navigating the content on the World Wide Web (www). That is, when you open a website. So your request should be Server It works by sending and sending the Response of the server back to your computer screen. And for this HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Uses

If easy language Browser There is a software that allows to access and interact with the content on the World Wide Web. Ie this one Client Program is. Which transacts data between your Device and Server. If we talk about examples, then there are many in the market at this time Web browsers Are present. Such as Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Brave etc.

How does browser work?

Now the question is how Browser works. How does a browser work? So for this you have to understand the design of a webpage. Actually webpage consists of two things. One HTML Markup That is, Content (Text, Images, Videos etc.). And another CSS Markup That is, design (Structure, Layout, Fonts, Colors etc.). If you talk about this page, then the texts and images are visible in it. They are all part of the HTML markup.

At the same time different Elements, their place, their look, Fonts etc. CSS Markup Are part of. That is, what will appear on the screen? Which side will you see? What will be its length? What will be his color? What fonts will be used in it? All these things come in CSS Markup. When you Browser Someone in Webpage Let’s open it. So how does it load? Understand these 5 steps: –

Browser Working Process

1. First HTML Markup Is processed. And DOM Tree Is constructed. The DOM (Document Object Model) is an interface. Which represents XML and HTML Documents as a Tree Structure.

2. his CSS Markup Is processed. And CSSOM Tree Is constructed. CSSOM also constructs a tree just like the DOM. But this is for CSS.

3. After that make DOM and CSS one Render tree Combine is done in

4. After that Layout To Process is done. That is, the length, width, and position of each element are fixed.

5. And finally every Element To Paint It is done. That is, the color is filled. In this way, a webpage is fully loaded and opens in front of you.

Many times you have seen that when someone Webpage load It is happening So all his Elements gather in one corner. Or stick to each other. But as soon as the page is loaded, all go to their respective places. And their look, style, font and structure changes completely. Is not it? This is actually CSS Rendering Occurs during. That is, during the fourth and fifth stages.

Features of Good Browser

If i ask you a good Browser What should be the features? So what would you answer? Well, I do not know yours but according to me a good browser is one that is equipped with all the necessary features. And easy to use. Now you will ask that it is necessary Features What are the So let me tell you briefly.

  • Speedy & Lightweight
  • Proper Navigation System
  • Bookmark Option
  • In-built Search Engine
  • Tabbed Browsing System
  • Privacy Control
  • Data security
  • Sync option
  • Desktop view
  • Ad blocker
  • Pop-up blocker
  • Flash Support, and
  • Dark mode

As you all know that Data privacy Is the most important thing. That is why a browser should pay special attention to its privacy and security. But more importantly than that, how much importance do you give to your privacy and security?

Top-5 Browsers

Now let’s talk about Top-5 Browsers. But before that, let me tell you that the Top-5 Browsers are mentioned in this list. to them Userbase And Market Share Is selected on the basis of. That is, selected based on the number of users. That is why do not understand that Browser has more users. He is also better in terms of privacy and security. Well let’s know Top 5 Browsers about.

1. Google Chrome

Google chrome The world’s most popular and most used Web browser is. It is found in almost every device. Also available for every platform (Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows). If you talk about the features, then you get to see all the necessary features in Google Chrome. Such as In-built Search Engine, Tab Browsing, Proper Navigation, Sync, Bookmarks, Fast Speed, Clean User Interface and many more Extensions.

But there is no option to block Ads and Trackers. With all Privacy Concern Is also a big problem. Because Chrome Browser Continuously tracks users. Also records their every activity. That’s why Privacy Conscious people don’t like it very much. other than this High Resource Consumption Is also a big problem.

2. Apple Safari

Apple Safari is the second largest browser, which is just iOS And MacOS limited to. That is, it is not available for other platforms (such as Windows, Linux, and Android). But it comes in-built with Apple Products. Also acts as Default Browser. Talking about the features Safari Browser Comes with very limited features. That is, it is not very rich in terms of features. But in terms of performance is very good. this one Super Fast Browser is.

But there is also a truth that Safari Browser’s User Interface is very useless. And there has not been any improvement in this for a long time. Apart from this, Extensions and Add-ons are also available. But Extensions and Add-ons only count in the library. In such a situation, the user only has to operate from them. If you talk about privacy and security, then Safari is not bad in this case. But not too good.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox There is a Fast, Secure and Easy To Use browser. Which gives special importance to privacy. Although it is notorious for sucking RAM. But privacy is much better in terms of security and customization. If we talk about the features, then it Tracking Protection, Cookie Protection, Private Browsing Mode, Ad Free Reading Mode, Pop-up Blocker, Screenshot Tool, Social Sharing Tool and Parental Control are many advanced features. Also there is a huge library of Ad-ons.

but Mozilla firefox The biggest drawback of this is RAM The habit of sucking. Actually this RAM sucks a lot. That is why it is also infamous. However, in newer Versions this problem has been fixed to some extent. But not completely. By default Mozilla Firefox still uses a lot of RAM.

4. Samsung Internet

Samsung internet A great browser for mobile. It is quite lightweight and fast. Also comes in-built with Samsung Devices. If you talk about features in Samsung Internet, you Clean GUI With Sync, Bookmark, Print, Ad Blocker, Do Not Track, Social Share, Dark Mode, Malicious Site Blocker And features like Spam Protection are available. However it also has the facility of Ad-ons. But the number of add-ons is very less.

opposite of this Samsung Internet I also have some flaws. Like this one Lastpass The like does not support Password Manager Services. Only Samsung pass Supports Second, it does not work as efficiently as other devices in Samsung’s devices. Third, there is no data saving option. is. Usually, there is a Data Saving Mode in a browser. But Samsung Internet is not there.

5. Microsoft Edge

This is actually Windows Is the Default Browser. Therefore, every device running on Windows is easily visible. Talking about the features Microsoft edge A very simple and Easy To Use Browser is. And is very close to Google Crom. That’s why switching from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge is very easy. If we talk about performance, then Microsoft Edge is much better in this case.

But the biggest drawback of Microsoft Edge is its privacy. Actually there is no special arrangement for privacy in this. That’s why Privacy Conscious People do not like it very much. Although some efforts have been made in the new version. But there is still a lot of work to do.

What is the Best Web Browser?

Talking about these five browsers, the best of them is Mozilla Firefox. Because it is the best in terms of privacy and security. But still it is not my choice. Because I think the best browser Brave browser Which is a Privacy Centric Browser is. It completely focuses on Privacy and Security. And provides many advanced features for this. For complete information Brave browser review Read.

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