The New Wyze Watch – a Smart Watch with quality performance

The smartwatch market has grown tremendously in the last few years, and statistics show that there is a growing interest among users for this interesting gadget. Smartwatches have solidified their position in the market, and users can now choose from a handful of models to their liking.

The dominant role in the market is still played by the Apple Watch, and there is almost no well-known technology company that does not have its own smartwatch on the market. Of course, the market has been flooded with extremely cheap smartwatches – and we present one of them below.

Wyze Watch is a new smartwatch on the market that should meet all the basic needs of smartwatch users, and the special feature is that it comes at an extremely low price. The Wyze Watch will be available on the market in two variants – 44 and 47 mm. With its design, the Wyze Watch is a bit reminiscent of the popular Apple smartwatch – so we believe that users of the new watch will have no complaints.

The smaller model of the smartwatch has a 1.4-inch screen and supports a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, while the larger model of the watch also has a larger screen of 1.75 inches (resolution 320 x 385 pixels). The device will allow users to measure heart rate, monitor blood oxygen saturation, count steps and calories, and with it you will be able to control the quality of sleep.

Despite its extremely low price, the watch is water resistant to a depth of 2 meters, and integration with Google Fit and Apple Health systems is possible. Inside the watch is a battery that should last up to 9 days without the need for a new charge, and there’s also 16GB of data storage space. Of course, Wyze Watch also supports many popular applications – and it really seems like a solid solution for customers with an extremely small budget.

As for the shortcomings, we will single out the lack of GPS support as well as the inability to use voice assistants. But everything else is more or less there somewhere, as with the much more expensive smartwatches. What this smartwatch can especially boast of is the extremely low price of only $ 20.

That’s very likely a figure you’ll spend in one go for a drink with friends, and for that price you can now get a pretty solid smartwatch by all accounts. Of course, it is worth waiting for the first reactions of users – to show if the Wyze Watch works well and if there are any major shortcomings.

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