The new version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser brings a new add-on installation system

Mozilla Firefox is still among the top web browsers, although it is rarely mentioned in public in recent months. This web browser has found its place in the hearts of many users around the world and for years has not come down from a large percentage of representation among users. Sure, Firefox is still not popular near Google Chrome, but it’s certainly nice to see that Firefox can at least partially compete with Google in that regard.

To keep Firefox one of your favorite user choices – Mozilla’s development teams regularly strive to innovate in Internet search. This time, a big upgrade is coming, with which finding and installing add-ons for the mobile version of the browser will become easy and fast.

The new version of the Firefox smartphone app brings several important upgrades and patches that will make it easier for users to surf and raise the level of security to a higher level. A particularly interesting novelty is the implementation of a system that will allow the installation of extensions directly from the Mozilla website.

According to analysts, this process is currently unnecessarily complicated because a user who wants to install an extension must now go to Add-ons Manager to find and install the desired extension. With the unnecessary extra step in the mobile version, the situation is no better on the desktop version of the web browser – so Mozilla decided to change the way new updates are installed.

Although Firefox is changing the way extensions are installed, the fact is that Android users don’t really have much to worry about. Namely, despite the system upgrade, users of Android smartphones and tablets can use only 12 web browser upgrades. Before the upgrade itself, users could use 10 upgrades, and now that number has been increased by only two upgrades.

Mozilla is also aware of the problem with the lack of upgrades and says that they are working on developing new add-ons that should appear on the market in the coming weeks and months. Whether this will really happen and what new features Android users will get for now is hard to say, but we believe Mozilla will do a great job – to keep existing users on the web browser.

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