Samsung unveils latest Micro LED, Neo QLED TVs for 2021

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. At its virtual event Unbox & Discover, presented the latest models of Micro LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs, as well as computer monitors and soundbars. The introduced Samsung innovations provide audiovisual users with a superior experience and numerous opportunities to make everyday life easier, including work, interconnection and enjoying their favorite content.

“We are proud to be constantly innovating to make everyday life easier and more connected for users. Last year turned our homes into virtual offices, schools and gyms, making us overnight dependent on the technology that surrounds us. Thus, the TV has become our everyday digital assistant, which is why in 2021 Samsung continues to redefine the role of the TV according to all lifestyles of users. “, said James Fishler, senior vice president of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America.

As a confirmation of its innovation, the independent research company Omdia has declared Samsung the leading manufacturer of television technologies for the 15th year in a row thanks to numerous innovations and market share.

Micro LED technology available within four walls

With superior brightness, deep black color and breathtaking image quality, Micro LED technology provides a revolutionary visual experience with inorganic LED lamps that prevent the effect of burning pixels for long-lasting display quality. Previously, the technology was used exclusively for professional purposes, and now users within their four walls can feel the cinematic experience on a TV of beautiful design with almost no edges. With help 4Vue (Quad View) options, users can view up to four content sources at once.

Micro LED TVs will be available globally in sizes 110, 99 and 88 inches as early as the end of March, while a 88-inch version will be available in the fall, and a 76-inch model is planned.


Neo QLED TVs for everyone’s lifestyle

The TV provides every user with the enjoyment of their favorite content, which is why the Samsung Neo QLED was developed to maximize the user experience. Samsung Neo QLED TVs are equipped Neo Quantum processors and the latest Quantum Mini LED lamps that provide a perfect light source. With great black depth and optimized light levels, Neo QLED TVs deliver a realistic view regardless of screen content.

For all users whose hobby is gaming, Samsung has teamed up with AMD to develop the first TV with Freesync Premium Pro with PC and console gaming support, providing an exceptional HDR gaming experience on Neo QLED TVs. In addition, the latest Samsung Game Bar helps players quickly keep track of what’s happening on the screen, and there it is Super Ultrawide Gameview for gaming at extremely high resolution ratios.

When it comes to home training and personal fitness, Samsung Neo QLED TVs also come with an app Samsung Health and personalized Smart Trainer[1]. With an additional camera sold separately, Smart Trainer uses artificial intelligence to analyze user fitness and provide feedback for personal physical progress.

Samsung Neo QLED TV models in 8K resolution (QN800A and QN900A) will be available in 65, 75 and 85-inch sizes, while 4K models (QN95, QN90, QN85, QN90A and QN85A) will be available in an even wider choice of sizes, starting at 50 inches, including Croatia.

Extended portfolio of Lifestyle TVs

For all users who care about technologies that meet specific needs and easily fit into the interior, Samsung also unveiled the latest Lifestyle TV models at the event. So The Frame the TV turns its screen into a work of art, while AI technology provides further recommendations based on the user’s previous selections. The Frame has also increased storage from 500 MB to 6 GB, allowing users to store up to 1,200 photos. Except improved Slim Fit wall mount, users can replace the TV frames with five different options and more than other vendors. Furthermore, the latest frames of The Frame TVs are now even thinner with a thickness of only 24.9 millimeters.

In 2021, The Frame TVs are coming with My Shelf accessories that attach to frames to adjust decor and colors. My Shelf equipment can be attached to frame sizes of 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches, and will be available in four different colors: beige, white, brown and black.

All those who are looking for a cinematic experience in their own home will be interested in the latest The Premiere – the industry’s first triple laser projector with 4K resolution, whose minimalist design easily fits into any space.

Also, there are displays at the event and The Terrace TVs for outdoor use with optimized display, sound and features for outdoor conditions. The Terrace is designed with weather resistance, which confirms the IP55 certificate for protection against water and dust, and the TV itself is easy to install and easily connected to the network. The Terrace is available in dimensions of 55 and 65 inches, and new the 75 – inch Full Sun will be available in the summer of 2021.

Business productivity and gaming screens

The latest Samsung was also shown at the event Smart Monitor as a device that combines the best features of computer monitors and televisions. Smart Monitor easily connects to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless DeX and Apple AirPlay 2, allowing users to work without the need to connect to a computer.

Samsung is also expanding Quantum MiniLED screens with state-of-the-art gaming features. The curvature of the 1000R screen, combined with Quantum MiniLED technology, gives gamers an incredible sense of gaming. Also, the new Odyssey G9 computer monitor joins the full line of curved and flat Samsung Odyssey gaming monitors.

Samsung Interactive Display Flip

For anyone who needs a screen for creative expression and presentations, Samsung has demonstrated and a 75-inch Interactive Display Flip digital board on which it is possible to write and draw. The Interactive Display Flip offers connecting features for hybrid work and learning that, with optimized 4K image quality and easy-to-read visual elements, provides everything you need for creative work, collaborative meetings and content sharing. This digital board can be used by 20 users at the same time, and all their remaining devices, such as a smartphone, can be easily synchronized. In addition to the latest 75-inch version, the Samsung Interactive Display Flip digital board is also available in 55, 65 and 85-inch variants.


A sound that complements the ultimate visual experience

Samsung is well known for its soundbar devices, where Q soundbar models in 2021 now include an exclusive Q-Symphony technology which syncs the sound from the Samsung TV to play enhanced three-dimensional sound, while analyzing the environment and positioning the sound in the best possible direction.

For a complete, deep and rich sound experience in your favorite content, Q950A boasts the first industrial sound of as many as eleven 1.4 channels that brings the user to the center of the action, and a new feature Bass Boost provides even better sound depth in just a few touches. For those who play music from their mobile devices, users now also have Tap Sound available possibility for even easier connection. The Q950A works with multiple voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Bixby, making it easy to take complete control of the sound experience.


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