One Click Root, The easiest Way To Root Android Phone in 2021

If you own Phone root If you are going to do it then stop! First of all, know what is Root? And when, why and for what reason should a phone be routed? If you are thinking that Root If only the benefits of it are the benefits then you are wrong. Because the benefits of the root are more than the disadvantages? Therefore, get complete information before routing. Otherwise your phone may be dead too? If you do not know how to root the phone? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting? So first read this article.

Phone root

Many people Rooted Phone (Rooted phone). And they have their own reasons behind this. For example, some people route to increase the performance of the phone. So some people to bypass the Restrictions imposed by the company Phone root We do. At the same time, some people also do their phone root only for the experience. But whatever the reason, routing the phone is considered wrong. That is why no company gives permission to route their phone. Because this eliminates the phone’s guarantee, warranty and security.

What is Root ?

When you buy a new phone, that many Restrictions Comes with That is, there are some advanced features in it, which you cannot use even if you want to. Because you do not have access to them. In such a situation, neither can you customize the phone properly. Nor can any change in its system. In such a situation, you have to do your phone root to use all the advanced features. That is, by breaking the restrictions imposed by the company, the phone Root access Have to achieve. And this Phone root It is called doing.

Root After you call As an administrator Can use That is, you have complete control over the phone’s system. And you from the normal user Super User Become. This means that you can do whatever you want in your phone. Even phone Software Can Upgrade and Downgrade. My favorite Kernel Can use And Bloatware Can be removed. But the question is, how is the phone rooted? Is there an easy way to do this? Come, let’s know.

How to do Phone Root?

By the way, there are many ways to root the phone. But I will tell you the simplest and easiest way, in which you will not need a laptop. Also you can root your phone in one click (One Click Root). Just for this you will need an App, whose name Kingroot is. You will not find this app on the Google Play Store. Because Google does not support such apps. That’s why you Apk File You have to download and install Manually.

And for this you Kingroot Let’s go to the official website. And from there, download the latest version of Kingroot App and install it in your phone. If you want to check whether your phone is rooted or not, then you can take help of Root Cheaker App. This app gives you Google Play Store But it will be easily found. And its job is just to tell if a device is rooted or not? So install this app as well. So that after rooting you can check that your Phone root Happened or not.

Important Settings

Well, now go to your phone’s settings and tap on Developer Options. Here you USB Debugging Option of, turn it on. Then scroll down a bit. And OEM Unlocking Turn on the option of On. After that go down a little more. And select the Kingroot app by tapping on the Select mock location app. enough! Now you can exit Developer Options.

But one setting is still left. For this, you have to go to the settings of the phone and tap on Accessibility. Here you will get the option of Kingroot, turn it on and come out of Settings. Oh yes! Now your settings are complete. And you your phone Root Are fully prepared to do.

but Rooting Before starting, check whether the phone has battery discharge. If the battery is discharged, first charge it. Also if the phone Wifi If connected to, then turn off WiFi by disconnecting it. And Running Apps Please Colse If you have done all these things then you Rooting process Can begin. how? Let’s know.

Start Phone Rooting

first of all Kingroot App Open And tap on TRY IT button. The Kingroot App will identify your phone as soon as you tap. And then scan the entire system. Once the scanning is complete, you have to tap on the Menu Icon in the Top Left Corner. Here you Not root Will appear written. And one below TRY ROOT Button will be found. You have to tap on this button. enough! Now your phone root will start happening.

It will take about 4 to 5 minutes for the phone to fully root. Therefore, wait a little. And do not tamper with the phone. When the processing is done 100% then your phone Successfully root Will be done. And in Top Left Corner Root Granted The written will come. So in this way, without any laptop Android Phone Root can do. But the question is, what is the advantage of rooting Phone? So let’s talk about both the advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of phone root

If you look at a smart user Phone root There are many advantages to doing it. Because Rooted Phone I want you so many Advanced Features See you can do anything. Meaning you can modify your phone as you want. You can change what you want. But what? After all, what can we do with a rooted phone? Come, let’s know: –

1. Flash Custom ROM

If your Phone Is out of date And someone from the company Update not found. So you can root your phone and put new software in it. Also, whenever you want, you can upgrade and downgrade the phone’s software. Like if your phone is running on Android Nougat. So you can upgrade it from Android Oreo. And you can enjoy new features.

2. Remove Bloatware

When you buy a new phone, some apps come pre-installed in it, which Bloatware It is said. You cannot delete these apps even if you want to. But if your Phone root Must have done So you can delete these apps very easily. Meaning, you can empty the phone’s storage and use it for some other work.

3. Full Customization

You can completely customize a rooted phone. Meaning you can make a lot of changes in your phone. You can customize hundreds of features such as Fonts, Wallpapers, Themes, Navigation, Status Bar, Interface, Control Pannel, Buttons, Gestures, App Launcher, Boot Animation and so on.

4. Use Root Only Apps

There are some apps which Root access Is required. That is, such apps only work in rooted phones. Because they interact with the direct system. In this case if your phone Root If done, you will be able to use all those apps. Which only Rooted Phone I work only.

5. Increase Performance

If you are not happy with your phone’s performance. So whenever you want, you can increase the performance by rooting the phone. For this you use your phone Kernel Change can do. And can use his new Kernel of his choice.

Disadvantages of phone root

if you Rooting Have been happy to hear the benefits of. And your Phone root If you have made up your mind to do it then stop! First know the disadvantages of rooting! Will you change your mind? And you leave the intention of doing phone root. It is also possible that you do not need to do phone root. So come, know the damage to phone root

1. No Warranty

When you own Phone root If we do it Warranty It ends. After that, if your phone goes bad. And you take him to the service center, then you do not get any free service there. That is, you have to get your phone fixed by paying money. Even if your phone is in the warranty period.

2. Security Risk

When you buy a new phone, it is completely secure. So that any Virus or Unauthorized User Of phone System Can not sneak in and tamper. But when you root the phone, its Security It ends. And then in your phone Virus And Malware You can come whenever you want. Also, the phone is hacked and data The risk of theft also increases manifold.

3. No Official Updates

Usually every company gives regular updates to its phone for 2 years. But if you root the phone, then from the company Official Updates The meeting stops. This greatly affects the security of the phone. However, you can update your phone yourself. But you do not get any updates from the company.

4. Some Apps Don’t Work

There are some apps that do not work at all in Rooted Phone. Because it Apps Security Are very sensitive to And wherever Security risk It is seen that they stop working there. Such as Banking Apps and some Cryptocurrency Apps. You cannot use these apps in rooted phones. And some apps Phone unroot Cannot use even after doing. Therefore, take special care of this thing before doing phone root.

5. Phone Dead

If you are going to root your phone then remember! Your during rooting Phone dead Can also happen. Yes! Completely ruined. Because there is no guarantee that your Phone Successfully Root Will be done. If you got a little bit messed up during rooting, then consider your phone gone from work.

Phone Root or not

Now the question is Phone root Should do or not? So I would just like to say that if you really need to root the phone, then only take root. Do not do otherwise. Because of the needless call Security It is not sensible to finish anywhere.

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Still if you want to experience. So choose a phone whose warranty has already expired. And you have another phone to use. So that Rooting Even if the phone goes bad, then you do not need to buy a new phone completely.

Who should do the phone root?

If you are a normal user. And use your phone only for social media, Internet browsing and entertainment! Then you Phone root There is no need to do But there if you Advanced User Huh! Technology Are well versed in! Know how to work high level with your phone! And there are experts in modifying Software. So you can root your phone. But still I would say that never root your phone without any need.

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