How to Fix Maintenance Mode Error in WordPress in 2020.?

Friends are you also getting “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” error show in your wordpress. If yes, then this article is for you only.

This error is shown to you when you update WordPress core, plugins or themes. This error is shown to us when our wordpress fails to complete these updates.

Because of which your WordPress gets stuck in maintenance mode. In this article you will be told how you can fix the “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” error in WordPress.

Why does the WordPress Maintenance Mode Error happen?

If seen, the maintenance mode error is not technically an error, rather it is a notification. Whenever we update, our WordPress downloads all the important update files on our server during the update.

After downloading, extracts them and then installs those updates. This itme wordpress displays maintenance mode on your website.

In which he shows that “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. “ This is the work that is going on on this website, you should visit after a few minutes.

To trigger a maintenance mode notification, WordPress has a temporary in the root folder of your website. .maintenance Let’s create the file.

If everything goes well, then this notification will show you for just a few seconds. As soon as the updates are completed, then to disable the WordPress maintenance mode on your website, automatically delete the maintenance file from your root folder.

But sometimes your WordPress hosting slow response of the server or low memory issue Due to this, the update remains uncomplete.

When this happens, WordPress does not get this opportunity, it can take out the maintenance mode of your website. Due to which the continuing maintenance mode notice show continues on your website.

In such a condition, you have to manually fix it manually. So friends, let us know how we WordPress website In the maintenance mode error can be fixed.

How to fix WordPress Maintenance Mode Error?

Friends if you want to get your website out of maintenance mode. So first you FTP Client You will have to delete the file named .maintenance by going to the root folder of your website.

If you do not want to use FTP or you do not know how to use FTP. So you can easily do this by going to your WordPress hosting control panel. You can delete .maintenance file from File Manager.

If you are not getting the .maintenance file show in the root folder of your website. So you have to be sure that you have checked the hidden files in your FTP client.

If you are using FileZila, then you have to force to show hidden files. For this you have to go to FIleZIla then Server >> Force showing hidden files Have to click on the option.

Friends, once you delete the .maintenance file from your WordPress website. After that your website comes out of maintenance mode, due to which you do not show any error.

How to Avoid WordPress Maintenance Mode

As friends, now we know why “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” error shows on our website. Also, we also know that this error is also caused by the slowing of your server and low memory issue.

So if you want to avoid this error in future, then for this you will have to change your hosting plan. Like suppose you are at this time shared hosting If you are using managed WordPress hosting Will have to switch over.

Whenever you update plugins or themes in your WordPress. So always keep in mind that you should update only one plugin or theme at a time.

Many users try to update all themes and plugins at the same time to update them quickly. Due to which load is placed on your website server and it slows down.

Due to the slow down of the server, your WordPress update could not be completed. Because of which your website remains stuck in the maintenance process.

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