MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini launched in India, know The Price and features

The Apple Company announced earlier this year that the company was replacing its entire Intel X86 CPU Mac Product Lineup with its own ARM Based Processor. The first processor of this new series of Apple Silicon Processor is being called Apple M1. The M1 has 8 Core as well as a custom GPU, Image Signal Processor, Secure Enclave and Neural Engine. The Apple M1 is designed with a new memory architecture and is built on the 5 NM process.

Macbook Pro Details and Price

The Macbook Pro 13-inch is said to be 2.8X Fast, with up to 5X faster graphics and 11X faster machine learning than the previous generation, making it the world’s fastest compact pro Notebook. The Macbook Pro offers good perfomance in work like 13-inch video transcoding and compiling code. Battery Life is up to 17 hours for wireless web browsing and 20 hours for videos playback. Which is 10 hours more than before. This is the longest battery life ever for the Mac Laptop. Apple has used studio-quality mikes for video calls or recording audio. The Macbook Pro 13-inch has two Thunderbolt ports with USB 4.

The MacBook Pro 13-inch 256 GB Storage variant costs Rs 1,22,900 and 512 GB Storage costs Rs 1,42,900.

The Macbook Pro 13-inch has the same prices as the previous Macbook Pro models. Both get 8 GB Ram. Intel-based Macbook Pro 13-inch models are still listed. The Macbook Pro 13-inch 512 GB costs Rs 1,74,900 and the 1 TB storage costs Rs 1,94,900.

Macbook Air Details and Price

According to Apple, the MacBook Air is the world’s best-selling 13-inch notebook. Previously impossible tasks on such a thin and light device can now run smoothly, as compared to the previous generation, including 3.5X fast CPU performance, 5X Fast graphics performance and 9X Fast machine learning. It is said that MacBook Air is 98 percent more fast than PC laptops sold in the last one year.

The MacBook Air M1 will be sold with the Chipset at similar prices as before. The price of 256 GB variants in MacBook Air will be Rs 92,900 in India and 512 GB Model will cost Rs 1,17,900. MacBook Air models running on Intel are no longer listed.

Mac Mini Details and Price

The Mac Mini is said to be 3X Fast in terms of CPU performance compared to the previous model, with six times faster graphics performance and 15 times increase in machine learning. It is said that it is one-tenth of the size of the current top-selling desktop PC and is up to 5X Fast.

Mac Mini’s 256 GB is priced at Rs 64,900 and 512 GB is priced at Rs 84,900. All new Macs have been launched by default with 8 GB RAM and there is also an option to upgrade to 16 GB by the company, for which 20,000 will have to be given separately.

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