What is Keyword Research? How to do keyword research in 2021?

The correct keywords are required to rank a blog post. And Keyword Research has to be done for the right keywords. That is Best Keywords Have to find Which takes a lot of time. But it results very well. That is why a Content Creator should make keyword research necessary. But the question is Keyword Research What is happening? And how is it done? Also, what tools are required for this? Let us know in detail.

Keyword Research

If you work in YouTube, Blogging, Advertising or Content Marketing! Then you will know that Keywords How important are? And Search Engines How many are required for? Because search engines work only with the help of keywords. That is, we search every information with the help of keywords. That is why it is very important to provide the right keywords to the search engines.

Unless you use the right keywords in your articles and videos. Till then your articles and videos Search Results Will not appear in Because only the content is shown in search results! In which the searched keyword is present. But the searched keyword can exist in thousands of articles! Then how will your article appear on the first page? So the answer is Keyword Research And Content Optimization. Let us understand Keyword Research.

What are keywords?

Actually the word Keyword is made up of Key and Word. In which Key means Key, and Word means Word. That is, words or syllables that act like keys are Keywords It is called. That is, the work that does the keys for the locks, keywords for the content. In other words, keywords are called words or syllables which Digital Content Help organize and make online search easier.

Overall words or syllables are searched on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are called keywords. Like if you went to Google and searched Youtube SEO. so Youtube SEO Is a keyword.

Types of Keyword

There are mainly 2 types of keywords: – Short-tail keywords and Long-tail keywords. What is the difference between these two? Come, let’s know.

1. Short-tail Keywords

One to three word short keywords Short-tail keywords It is said. Such as Backlink, Keyword Research, Youtube Video SEO etc. Short-tail keywords Ranking It is very high. Because they are searched the most. That is why it is quite easy to rank with their help. But their Competitive score Is very high.

2. Long-tail Keywords

Long keywords with four or more words Long-tail keywords It is said. Such as online money making apps, how to create a free website, best video editing apps for youtube etc. Long-tail keywords someone Specific Keyword Give information about Detail. Although they are not searched much. But due to the low competitive scores, they are used a lot.

LSI Keywords

Meaningfully matching words are called LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Ie words Focus keyword Match them semantically with LSI Keywords It is said. LSI keywords are very important for search engines. Because of these, Search Engines get detailed and accurate information about the particular topic. Do not understand? Let us understand through a medium.

Suppose you SEO Wrote a blog post on the topic. And also used SEO keywords in the post’s Title, Content, Meta Description and Image’s Alt text. But when Google scans your post! So it will also search LSI Keywords along with Focus Keyword.

That is, it will also find words that match the SEO. Such as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, SERP, Search Engines, Ranking, Backlinks etc. If your post contains these keywords, then Google will be sure that your post is about SEO.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research means searching for the right keywords. That is, by content Most Relevant And High Ranking Keywords To find In easy language, on which topic to write what? And which keywords to use in it? To find out Keyword Research It is called. Actually, the best keywords are discovered through keyword research. So that the content can be ranked easily.

although Keywords Finding is not a difficult task. For this many Keyword Generator Tools Are present. But when you do your Topic search through these tools. So it gives you hundreds Keywords Generate They give. That is, you do not understand which keyword to keep, and whom to leave? Because all keywords look the same. This is why it is necessary to check Ranking, Popularity and Competitive Score of keywords.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Actually, the topic on which you want to write a blog post, is there interest of people or not? And what are those keywords, with the help of which you can easily rank your post? Keyword Research is very important for its information. Because keyword research shows that what is being searched on Search Engines? And which keywords Search Volume that’s good? Which keywords as well Ranking Is it good? And which keywords Competitive score is less?

So before writing a blog post on any topic, do Keyword Research. Because those who do not do keyword research, they often make mistakes in the selection of Topics and Keywords. That is, we choose such topics in which neither people have interest. Nor does anyone search for them. The result is that Blog Post Rank It becomes difficult to get it done. With all Traffic There is a loss, so different. That’s why Keyword Research is a must.

How to do Keyword Research?

That is, what is the right way to do keyword research? And what are the tools required for this? So every Blogger Keyword Research does according to its need, convenience and time. But this is the right way: –

Step-1. First choose the topic on which you have to write a blog post. Like suppose you have to write a post on Google Adsense. So your topic is done – Google Adsense.

Step-2. After that the important points related to your topic i.e. Sub topics Make a list of! On whom you are going to give information.

Step-3. after that Seed keyword Make a list of That is, make a list of the keywords on which you want to write blog post.

Use Keyword Research Tool

Step-4. After that keyword research tool Open And search your topic. As soon as you search the topic, you will get a list of hundreds of keywords. In which every keyword Search Volume, Ranking, CPC And competitive score will be seen.

Step-5. All you need to do is to sort keywords whose competitive score is low and search volume is high. That is High ranking And Low difficulty score The keywords have to be selected. Also, keep in mind that every keyword you choose should be related to your topic.

The same process is followed with Sub Topics and Seed Keywords. That is, they also have to search in turn. And most Relevant And High Ranking Keywords Has to be sorted. But remember, your list should contain all types of keywords. I mean Short-tail, Long-tail and LSI Keywords.

Step-6. After that Competitors Do research about And find out which keywords they are ranking with the help of? And are their keywords in your list or not? If not, you can add it.

This way Keyword Research With the help of you High Ranking Keywords You can search and use it in your blog post. And can easily get it ranked. If your content is better than your competitors, then.

Keyword Research Tool

By the way Keyword Research There are a lot of tools available for. But here we will only talk about the tools that have the best service. Although both Free and Paid tools are present in this list. But in Free Tools you do not get advanced features like Paid Tools. That is, very few and simple features are available. Well, let’s get to know both.

Keyword Research Tools Paid

If you do not have budget problems, you Paid Keyword Research Tools Use only. Because in Paid Tools you will find very advanced features. Also you will not need any other tool. If you talk about Paid Keyword Research Tools! So this list includes the following tools. Keyword Research Tools List : –

Keyword Research Tools Free

If you do not have a budget, you Free Keyword Research Tools Can be used. However, you will not get as many advanced features as Paid Tools in Free Tools. But keywords will be found. If you talk to Free Keyword Research Tools! So this list includes the following tools. Keyword Research Tools List : –

In free tools Ubersuggest And RankTracker There are many good tools. Detailed information of keywords can be obtained with the help of these. Such as Search Volume, CPC, PPC, Rank Difficulty Score etc. There are a number of advanced features in the free version of Rank Tracker. Also Google Keyword Planner It is also a very good tool. With its help, you can find keywords with high CPC.

Keyword Research For Youtube

If you are a Youtuber, then you must read this article Video SEO: Tags. Because in it Youtube Keyword Research Detailed information about is given. Well, your Youtube Videos While searching for Topic, definitely search for it on Youtube. Also, check the keywords (tags) of the top-10 videos shown in the search results. So that you can know which ones Keywords Ranking with the help of?

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After that someone good Youtube Keyword Research Tool Search your topic with the help of. And find out the high ranking keywords related to Topic. Let me tell you that there are some special tools available for YouTube. With the help of which you can find Perfect Keywords for your videos. Here are some of the best Keyword Research Tools For Youtube : –

You must have seen that when you do a Keyword Search on Google! so SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows 4-5 YouTube videos. Are you? These are actually the most popular videos related to that Keyword. Who are better than Youtube as well as Google Traffic Get. That’s why Google Search in keyword research and Google Trends Do take help of So that you can know which videos on your topic are ranking on Google.

Keyword Research

As you all know that Keyword Research SEO Is very important for Because with its help Perfect and Easy To Rank Keywords Can be searched And selection of the wrong keywords can be avoided. However Keyword Research does not take much time. It hardly takes 15-20 minutes. But still some Bloggers Keyword Research do not do. Because of which they have to bear the loss of traffic.

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