What is a sitemap? How to submit a Sitemap In Google Search Console 2021?

If you are a blogger then you Sitemap Must have heard about But do you know what a Sitemap is? How does it work How is Create done? And how is Search Engines submitted? If it does not matter then Because we are going to discuss this topic in this article today. In this article you Create Sitemap Learn the entire process from doing to submitting to Search Engines. That is why you will read this article completely

Sitemap (Sitemap)

When you start a new blog! So you have to create a Sitemap of your blog and submit it to Search Engines. So that search engines can easily crawl your blog. And all the posts, pages and images of Blog, etc. Index Can do. If you want every post on your blog Search Results Visible in So, submit your Blog Sitemap.

By the way, there is no shortage of Search Engines. There are thousands of small search engines. But when it comes to Traffic, then everyone falls short in front of Google. Because Maximum Traffic of Internet comes from Google. That is why Google is most important. But this does not mean that the rest of the Search Engines are not important. Actually Yahoo and Bing are also good Traffic Generate Do. That’s why both of them Sitemap Submit It is necessary to do. Because each Visitor is important.

What is a sitemap?

Sitemap (Sitemap) Meaning Is – site map. That is, site map. That is, the way a city, state or country map (map) is. Similarly, the website also has a map, which is called Sitemap. This Sitemap contains complete information of the website. For example, by looking at a city map, you find out where in which place? And what is the way to reach that place? Similarly from Sitemap to website Content Does it know what is where? Let us understand this through an example.

Suppose you have a 500-page book, which contains a lot of Chapters. But you just have to read a chapter. And where and on what page is that chapter, you don’t know. Now tell me, how will you find that chapter? Obviously, you will see the index. And in a second you will find out which page your chapter is on. Is not it? Sitemap does just that. That is, the book in this example is a website. And Index (Index) is his Sitemap. And you are a Search Engine.

Why is a sitemap important?

Just think that you have a 1000 page book but it does not have an index. So how long will it take you to find each chapter? And where is the chapter? How to know? Is it or not? The same thing happens with Spiders (Bots) of Search Engine, when they use a Sitemap without any Blog or Website Crawl We do. That is, Spiders also take a lot of time to find each page and understand its location. That is why Sitemap is very important. This to a blog or website Crawl In doing this, Search Engines helps a lot.

Basically, the sitemap serves as a map for Search Engines. Which makes it easy for Search Engines to understand the structure of the site. That is, which page is where? Which category or sub-category is under listed? And what is its path? Search Engines do not take any time to understand all this. This allows search engines to easily index all your posts, pages, images, videos and URLs etc. That’s why a blog or Website for Sitemap Is very important.

Types of Sitemaps

There are mainly two types of sitemaps. One HTML Sitemap And another XML Sitemap. Now there is difference between these two? Come, let’s know a little bit.

1. HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemap is actually a HTML Document it happens. Which contains the details of the internal pages of the site. This is basically for users. That is, it helps users to find and navigate to their favorite webpages. You will find it on many websites.

2. XML Sitemap

This basic one XML File Happens, which keeps on updating automatically. It contains the details of the URLs of the site. XML Sitemap Actually, Search is for Engines. This gives Search Engines detailed information about the URLs of the site. Like when was the last time a URL was updated? How important is it in relation to other URLs? e.t.c. This helps search engines greatly to crawl a website. And they are able to index each URL better.

XML Sitemap Is divided into four parts, which are as follows: –

1. Image Sitemap

Image Sitemap Is for websites on which photos are shared. That is, this sitemap is best suited for photography related websites. Because the main content of photography websites are only photos. That’s why these photos Google Image Search Results Image Sitemap is required to display in.

2. News Sitemap

As the name suggests, this sitemap is for News Portals. Because news websites are updated several times a day. That is why these websites have to Crawl again and again. Also, each post needs a separate Sitemap to appear in the News section of Google Search. That’s why News Sitemap Is important

3. Video Sitemap

This sitemap is for websites on which videos are shared. Such as Youtube, Vimeo, Tiktok etc. Most of the content on these websites is in the form of videos. That is why it is important to see these videos in Search Results. And a different one for Sitemap Is required. Which videos Google Search Could show in the videos section of

4. Mobile Sitemap

Of a blog or website Mobile friendly It is very important to have. Because more than half the traffic on the Internet comes from mobile. That is why submitting a Mobile Sitemap is necessary. But if your website Responsible is. So you do not need to submit Mobile Sitemap. Actually Mobile Sitemap Is for websites that have different Mobile and Desktop Version.

How to Create a Sitemap?

Now the question is how to create a sitemap? How to create a sitemap? So many websites exist for this. But if you are a WordPress user, you do not need to visit any website. Because WordPress But you Sitemap Generate There is no need to do it. Here By Default is generated.

Just your Worpress Account Login to And go to the dashboard. after that Jetpack Expand the tab. And click on the option of Settings. After that do it on the option of Traffic! As shown in this screenshot.

As soon as you click on the option of Traffic, in front of you Traffic Settings The page will open. Where you get Site Traffic, Search Engines, Analytics and Webmaster Tool Like many options will be found. You have to scroll down to the Sitemaps section and copy your Blog’s Sitemaps.

Would like to tell you that Sitemap Generate Neither do you have to Plugin Is needed, nor to buy any Paid Plan. This feature is available in every WordPress Blog Free. Whether your blog is free or Paid, it does not matter.

Sitemap For Blogspot Blog

If you a Blogspot User Huh! So there is no need to generate a sitemap separately. Because Google gives two Sitemaps for each blog by generating default. One for Posts, and the other for Pages. Both of these Sitemaps The URL of something like this: –

  1. https: //blogurl/sitemap.xml
  2. https: //blogurl/sitemap-pages.xml

Note: Please replace your blogurl Blogspot Blog Enter the URL of As the URL of my blog is techsevi.com, the URL of the sitemap will be https://techsevi.com/sitemap.xml. Likewise, insert the URL of your blog in another Sitemap. And take Both of your Sitemaps are ready.

Generate XML Sitemap

Now the question is which bloggers do not use both WordPress and Blogspot. What is the arrangement for them to generate a Sitemap? So many for Sitemap Generator Websites Are present. You can take help of any website.

Self-Hosted Blogs For you XML Sitemaps Can take help of a website called It allows you to generate up to 500 pages of Free Sitemap. For this, go to the XML Sitemap Generator website. And enter the URL of your blog and click on the Submit button. As shown in the screenshot below.

Your Sitemap will be ready in a short time. All you have to do is download and upload it to your blog. That is File manager By going to Root directory To upload in And copy its URL and submit it to Search Engines. But how? Let’s know.

How To Submit A Sitemap

After creating the sitemap, it is the turn to submit to Search Engines. So for this, search engines have Webmaster Tool it happens. With the help of which you can make search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing Blog Submit can do. That is, you can submit a sitemap of your blog.

But for this you have to verify your blog. Well, let’s go Google Webmaster Tool With the help of your blog Sitemap Submit Do it.

1. Google Search Console

Step-1. First of all open Google Search Console. And login with your Gmail ID.

Step-2. After that click on Sitemaps option. And enter the URL of your Sitemap and click on submit button. As shown in the screenshot below.

Step-3. Now Google will Crawl your blog. And will show you the status of Success or Error. As shown in the screenshot below. If Error is written in Status, then you have to fix Errors. But if success is written. So understand that your Sitemap is working correctly.

So this way you Google Search Console You can submit your blog. And well Organic Traffic Can take. But Google and Yahoo and Bing are also important. Therefore, submit your blog to both of them as well. Now you will ask how? So I have answered it above. That is, as submitted to Google Search Console. The same is to submit to Yandex Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Center. Everyone’s process is the same. But still I briefly tell a little bit.

2. Yandex Webmaster

First of all login to Yandex Webmaster. And add your blog and verify it. After Verification is complete, expand the Indexing tab. And Sitemap files Click on the option of After that enter your Sitemap URL. And click on the Add button. Oh my sitemap Yahoo Search Engine I have been ed.

3. Bing Webmaster Center

First login to Bing Webmaster Center. Verify your blog by adding it. After verification completes Sitemaps Click on the option of And up in the right corner Submit Sitemap Click on the button. Now a popup window will open in front of you. Where you have to enter the URL of the Sitemap, and click on the Submit button. enough!

In this way, you can submit your blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engine. Hopefully through this article Sitemap Kya Hai? And Google Search Console, Yandex Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Center How to submit a sitemap? Useful information would have been received in this subject. If you liked this article, like it and share it. And for such useful information, subscribe to A1gyan.online So that whenever we publish a new article, you get its notification.

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