How to setup Google Amp kya hai and Google Amp 2021?

Do you also want to know What is Google AMP Do you also want to fasten the speed of your website and blog? Do you also want to know How To Setup Google AMPThe

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Nowadays most people are using internet from their mobile, but whenever they try to open a website on their mobile, they are very slowly load it occurs. This does not give users the results they want, so Google has Google Amp To launch did.

Hello friends, welcome to and today I will tell you that What is Google AMP and How To Setup Google AMP. Along with this, I will also tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Amp.

Read this article till the end to get complete information about Google amp. First of all know Google Amp full form.

The fullform of Google Amp is: – Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

What is Google AMP?

Google Acp has fullform Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Google has been working in the interest of users since the beginning. It keeps on regularly updating so that people experience To good Could make.

In today’s world, the usage of the phone is increasing day by day because it is portable and cheaper than a computer. About 60% -75% of websites and blogs traffic mobile comes from phones and the figures are going to reach 90% in the next 5 years.

But despite such good statistics, Google has seen that people are not satisfied with the results because webpages on mobile loading slow And it was taking a lot of time to load the content, so in 2015, Google Google Amp launch did.

Another goal of Google amp was that it was able to compete with its rival, Facebook and Apple Fast loading of Outperform Could give

Webpages on mobile after this update faster Loading started and Google thought that they have done their job well, but even today many people do not use it and I will tell you the reason for this further.

Now we will tell you how you can find out whether websites are using Google Amp or not. Google amp’s webpages are similar to the common pages visible, but you icons To after seeing Can identify an amp article-

You can see in this picture that this webpage url Of Start It is written in amp, which means this page is Google Amp powered.

When I opened this article, before that in google search result, you can go with Amp Symbol Who can see electric current Or resembles lightening.

Web developers and coders It will be easy to setup because they will have its technical knowledge but New bloggers And it can prove difficult for business men to setup it.

So I have brought this two ways, using which you can setup the amp.


You can create amp directly by coding. If you know html, css and javascript, then you can easily do the coding.

But like I said above, it will be difficult for most people, so you can use another method.

Content Management System

If you have any (CMS) Content Management System software (eg WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla), Then you can use the plugin to setup AMP-

  1. WordPress

If you use wordpress then you use wordpress plugin You can setup amp and convert your content to amp content.

you Plugins> Add new I have to go and search there “Amp”.

After that you will need that plugin install Have to do and you activate button Can run the amp with the help of.

  1. Drupal

You need to setup amp in Drupal Compose Directory in amp library Have to install.

Then you have to enable the amp in Settings. And save it.

Then in Configure view mode, select the fields in which you want the amp. You can see more information here.

  1. Joomla

To start the amp in Joomla you need wbAmp install To do. You can read here for setup.

Html, Java Script and cache libraries are used in Google Amp. By this it takes more time in webpage ignore extra code And in addition to this, user friendly rich content like pdf, video, audio, text etc. shows what the user needs.

With the help of these accelerated mobile pages widgets Things like Remove Are given and loaded in the standard page main content Only Shown goes.

This to a webpage light weight So that it opens quickly and accelerates it to 85%.

This is an open source project which means it Any use And can increase the speed of your site.

To Google Amp Three parts Is divided into-

It simply Html 5 Is the code of This html code of the page according to the amp version light Makes it Because of this, the page loads quickly.

Google Amp helps a lot in increasing the cache speed of the site because every time you visit a site, your data is saved as cache and whenever you visit that site again it will be your Old data already preload So that there is no need to load data again and again.

More JavaScript code can cause the site to slow down, so Google also manages Amp JavaScript and the website’s performance To Enhances is.

An Amp website average according to the product manager of Google Amp 0.7s Loads into and non- Amp website average 22s Takes, or the amount of time that a person never returns to the site after pressing back.

Now know the benefits of using Google Amp: –

Enough loading time with the help of amp Less Gets and speed too much increases. This is the main benefit of the amp.

Due to high mobile traffic server ButM stress Falls and increases server performance.

When the speed increases The people quick site leave Tax Don’t go And if you have made the site attractive, then it is icing on the cake. Because of the low speed, usually people leave the site and leave, which increases the bounce rate.

Every blogger’s dream is to rank his article on the first position and because of the amp it is possible because when the bounce rate is low then automatically the site ranking up She goes away.

Because the bounce rate of the site is very important in ranking according to Google’s ranking factors.

When the article rank will be on high position then more traffic will come on your article and high traffic Because of you blog Good income will be able to generate

Also, the PA (Page authority) of your webpage will increase, due to which you can get your less ranked articles to be ranked higher by internal linking.

Due to the amp, the data is also saved a lot because the webpage does not have to load new resources again.

It loads old resources which are saved as cache, which saves a lot of data and the website loads quickly.

While Google Amp has many advantages on the one hand, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages. This is why many people do not use it.

The reasons are-

If you are a blogger then you must know that people can subscribe to our emails, share our articles with other people, etc.

But because of the amp, social share buttons, popups, sidebars, email subscribe button etc No show Occur.

Quick page loading quality poor It is done. The quality of pictures and videos is compromised. The main content is the first show, so it looks fast and the other things load slowly.

Because of fast loading of main content ads load slowly And when people go through them, they are still loading, due to which earning money from ads proves difficult.

Although Google’s obective ads were not to reduce money but to increase it, but considering the high loading time of ads, they have promised improvement in the future.

Amp is a product of google so using it Google’s attention to guidelines Have to give. Also, it conflicts with other tools like yoast seo so it is difficult to maintain.

Normally when you publish your article, it gets stored in the webserver but Amp becomes a barrier between us and the server. This is why many people believe that it Control our data Can do.

I hope you guys understand that What is Google AMP, What are the advantages and disadvantages of using AMP? And How To Setup Google AMP.

I have given you the necessary information about it and have told you about the advantages and disadvantages of AMP. Now it is entirely up to you whether you use Google Amp or not.

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