How to register and Activate for Bank of Baroda M-Connect Plus Mobile Banking 2021?

Friends, are you a customer of Bank of Baroda and you use internet banking. If yes then this article is for you. As you all know that in today’s date every bank is providing online banking facility to its customer.

In the same way every bank is offering mobile banking facility in today’s date. If you want to use Mobile Banking of Bank of Baroda. So for this, first you have to get yourself registered for Mobile Banking of Bank of Baroda.

Only then you can use it, you can register yourself in three ways to use mobile banking. A common direct visit to your bank and giving a mobile banking application form.

The second way is to visit your nearest Bank of Baroda ATM and register yourself for mobile banking using your ATM card. But in this article, we are telling you the third method.

In which you do not need to go anywhere, you can activate this service online at home. Just for this it is necessary that you are already using the Bank of Baroda’s Internet Banking Services. So, friends, know how you can do this work sitting at home.

Why use Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking?

Why use Bank of Baroda mobile banking? As you all know and understand that our lifestyle is changing today. After the Internet revolution, most businesses are now registering their presence on online platforms.

This is the reason that today people go to the bank and stand in the line for hours instead of transferring money from one account to another. They are learning to use such medium more quickly which is easy as well as secure.

This is the reason that the number of customers i.e. people using services like internet banking and mobile banking is increasing everyday in India today. Now the question is that when we already have internet banking, then why should we use Mobile Banking.

Then why do we need mobile banking? The simple and simple answer to this is friends. In today’s date, not every person has their own personal computer. But in today’s date, most people have their own personal smartphone.

In such a situation, people who do not have their own personal computer or laptop. They go to a cyber cafe or use someone else’s computer or laptop to use their internet banking. Due to this, the possibility of being froud increases very much and it has happened.

Therefore, the bank has customers who do not have computers or laptops and still have to use net banking. App made for them such an app by using which users can do almost everything they can do using net banking on their computer or laptop.

Like online money transfer, online money receiving, online recharge, online bill payment etc. Similarly, almost all the work you can do using the mobile application created by your bank.

Mobile Banking is also beneficial for this because it helps us to get out of any emergency. Suppose you use internet banking of Bank of Baroda, but you have gone out to roam somewhere.

Then suddenly you have to transfer money to someone, but you do not have a laptop or computer at that time. In this case, how can you transfer money to someone, but transferring money is also very important.

So you have two option, either you search ATM (ATM) and withdraw money from there and give it to the person to whom you have to give money. Or suppose that the person is at some other place and you are somewhere else, then how will you send money to him.

So in such a situation mobile banking service helps you, you just have to take your mobile phone, then you have to open the bank app and login in it. Send money to the person who wants to transfer money and fill up the details of his account.

That is why it is very important that we keep the option of using all kinds of services open for us. If you want, you can only use internet banking, it also has a limit.

How to Registered Bank of Baroda M-Connect Plus Mobile Banking?

Step (1) For this, first of all, you of Bank of Baroda (Bank of Baroda) official website Have to go on

Step (2) Now you have to click on Retail User, after which a pop up window will open on your screen. In that, you have to enter your user ID and your password and simply click on the button of Login.

Step (3) Once you login, after that you will have the top menu Service The option will be showing, click on it.

Step (4) After this the next page will be open in which you M-Connect (Plus) Registration Have to click on the option.

Step (5) After which your details show of your screen customer. Just below that you Continue Clicking on the button without changing anything.

Step (6) Next page will be open, in which it will give you your net banking User ID And Transation Password Will ask to enter. All you need to do is enter your User ID and Transactoin Password Submit Have to click on the button

Step (7) After clicking on submit button, one on your screen M-Connect Registration Completed successful Will have a message show of

Congratulation Friends Now you have successfully registered for M-Connect Plus mobile banking of Bank of Baroda. Now you have to activate Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking, which we are telling you below.

How to Activate Mobile Banking in Bank of Baroda?

Friends, after using Bank of Baroda’s Internet Banking, registered itself for Mobile Banking. Now is the time to activate Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking service. For this, you have to follow all the steps mentioned below without skipping any steps.

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Step (1) First of all by going to Google Play Store M-Connect Plus Download and install.

Step (2) Now you have to open your mobile phone application. On your mobile screen as soon as you open “Confirm” The button will show, you just have to click on it.

Step (3) After clicking on the Confirm button, OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered in your Bank of Baroda account. You must enter that OTP (One Time Password) again Confirm Have to click on the button.

Step (4) Now you have to enter your mobile number again and click on confirm button. Your same mobile number will come with an OTP (One Time Password). Enter it and confirm it.

Step (5) Now your mobile number has been confirmed, now you have to make your application password. Write whatever password you want to keep in the first column, then enter the same password again in the second column. confirm Click on the button

Step (6) After which on your mobile screen Terms & Condition The page will be open. In this you simply “Agree” Have to click on the button

Step (7) After this you Current MPIN to enter, then below it New MPIN to create. you New MPIN Have to confirm once again by entering in the column below. After you do this Confirm Have to click on the button.

Step (8) After doing this, there will be a message show on your mobile screen. In which you must have written successfully MPIN has changed

Step (9) Now to make this application your mobile phone secure, you also have to create a password. Which you will use till you want to open this application.

Step (10) Now you can login in Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking app M-Connect Plus using your MPIN. Also, you can use all the services present in your mobile phone.

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Benefits of Bank of Baroda M-Connect

Friends, there are many benefits of using Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking services. But here we will tell you only about those benefits which means a lot for every users.

  1. You can easily and instant fund transfer.
  2. You can transfer funds to an open account in Bank of Baroda or to another bank account.
  3. You can do your DTH Recharge and Mobile Recharge right from home.
  4. Apart from this, you can transfer money using NEFT or IMPS.
  5. You can get a mini statement of your account.
  6. You can check the balance in your account.
  7. If you want to stop the cheque facility then you can do that.
  8. With this, you can see the transaction history of your account if needed.
  9. You can change your mPIN.
  10. If you have to change your login password in some kind of emergency then you can.
  11. Apart from this, you can change your e-mail ID for mobile banking.
  12. You can see the details of your bank account.
  13. You can also update your bank details if needed.

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