How To Make Money Online In India Without Investment In 2021

How to make money online? This is a question that almost everyone wants to know the answer to. Perhaps you have also sometimes thought about whether money can be earned online?

If yes, how much can be earned? And what are the ways with which you can earn a lot of money? So friends, if you also have such questions in your mind, then this post today is going to be very important for you because today we will try to answer all these questions.

Friends, who does not want to earn money and if the money is found sitting at home after working for a while then what is the matter? Friends is one such way online, yes friends, you can earn money online.

Now the question comes, how much can we earn online? So friends, there is no fix how much you can earn, it depends on your work how well you do that work.

You can do unlimited earning if you want. Friends, today I am not going to pay you for whatever method I am going to tell you. Moreover, you will also be able to do all these things from your smartphone, that is, for this you will also need a laptop or computer.

Friends, today I am going to tell you how to win, you can work on it as part time job or full time carrier. You might be thinking that this is not possible, so I tell you that this is the right thing, you too can earn money online.How to make money online in India without investment in 2021

Friends, there are many ways to earn money online, but today we are going to know about the top 5 ways to make money online in India. Which millions of people use for their online earnings. So let’s know all the ways that I am going to tell you.

How to Make Money online from Blogging

Blogging is considered the best way to earn money online. Because there is no need to invest money in it, it is absolutely free. And anyone can start blogging. In this, you have to make your information accessible to the people. For this, you have to write an article in it. For your information, you should remember that the article you are reading now has also been written on the blog itself.

Now you might have guessed what kind of work you have to do in blogging. So if you also like writing articles, then blogging can be a good option for you. So let’s know how you too can start blogging.

How to Start Blogging

To start blogging, you have nothing to do, just you have to open any browser on your smartphone or PC / LAPTOP. Now you have to search in the search bar. By doing so, you will reach the official blogger page. You have to sign up by putting your name, email etc. on there. Now you have created a blog, now you can start writing articles by applying a nice theme in it.

Ways to Earn Money from Blogging

You have created a blog, but until that you do not know how to earn money from it, then what is that blog for? And you have also come to know how to earn money today, so let’s know how to earn money from a blog? There are mainly 2 ways to earn money from a blog. Both the methods are mentioned below.

Earn Money by Applying Adsense Ads

This is the main way to earn money from a blog. In this, you have to get Adsense approval by following Adsense policy. Now when you have got Adsense approval, then you will get some ads from Adsense, which you can earn a good amount by putting in your website. On this blog too, you will be getting to see some ads, similarly you can earn money by getting Adsense approval by placing ads on your site.

To win more clicks on your ads, according to the algorithm of adsense, money is withdrawn in your bank account. You do not get this money daily, in which you are given the money once every month between the 21st and the 26th of every month. Keep in mind that money is given to you only when your adsense account becomes 100 dollars.

Make Money by Marketing Affiliate from Blog

It is also considered a good way to earn money from blog. If your blog is old and gets a lot of traffic, then you can easily do affiliate marketing. And if you like to tell about a product or gadget then Affiliate marketing may not be a good option for you.

There are many companies that give you the option of marketing affiliate like – Amazon, Flipkart etc. Suppose you have to do affiliate marketing on Amazon, then you have to go to Amazon’s website and click on Affiliate marketing option and create an account. Now whatever product you want to tell about in your blog, click on that product and copy the link to that product. After copying the link, you have to go to your blog.

And whichever product’s link you copied is to write a post above that product and inside that post you have to paste the link of the product you copied. So that anyone who reads your post can buy that product. Now if any person clicks on that link and buys that product, then you are given some percentage from the algorithm of affiliate marketing, this money is given to you only if someone clicks on the link given by you and buys that product. is.

How to Earn Money from YouTube

Friends, you will be familiar with YouTube. No need to tell anyone what YouTube is. But do you know that you can also earn money from YouTube, yes friends, if you want, you can earn unlimited money from YouTube. Friends, you must be watching videos every day on YouTube, but do you know that videos are uploaded on YouTube? Probably not. So friends, I want to tell you that you also put a youtuber video, almost all of them are only intended to earn money. So if you also want to earn money from YouTube, then first of all, go to and create a channel and adopt the steps mentioned above.

Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

Mainly there are 3 ways to earn money from YouTube, those three ways are given below

Earn money by turning on Monetization on the channel

Just as we get approval of Adsense to earn money from blogging, in the same way, to earn money from YouTube, we have to monetize your channel with Adsense. For this you have to complete 1k Subscribers and 4000 hour watch time on your channel. As soon as this is complete, the ads will start appearing on your channel. And your morning will also start happening.

Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

As I have given you the above information about it. In the same way, in this, you have to give a link in the description of your video, on which product you will make your video.

Earn money from Promotion or Sponsor

When your videos get good views, then you are asked to promote a channel or sponsor a product, in which you are paid a lot of money.

Earn money by making app

Friends, you must have seen a lot of apps on the Play Store and perhaps you would have ever thought that we too can make an app of our own? So the answer is yes yes friends, if you want, you can also make an app of your own and earn money from it.

Friends, if you want, you can also make an app from an app builder if you do not know. There are also many free ways to make friends app, using which you can create an app. And if you want to learn how to create an app, then you can use YouTube. You will find many videos that you can make a good app by watching.

Now when you have created the app, you will have to put it in the Play Store, for this you will have to create a Publisher ID in the Play Store. And you have to pay 1500 rupees in play store to put app in play store.

Ways to earn money from the app

Although there are many ways to earn money from the app, but I am going to tell you only two ways, which are considered good for earning money from the app.

Earn money by showing ads in the app

Just as you know how to earn money by showing ads in your blog or YouTube, you can make money by showing ads in the app. There are many ways of showing ads in the app, of which Admob is considered the best. You can easily earn money by showing ads in your app through Admob. Friends, in this you do not get any money for downloading the app.

Earn money with In App Purchase

Friends, you must have seen many such apps on Play Store which are not downloaded for free. So if you can also create an app that people are willing to buy by paying money, then you can put the option of In App Purchase in your app and you can invest money to download that app as much as you want. If any person downloads your app, then you will get as much money as you have amount to download that app.

How to earn money from Facebook

Friends, you must be using Facebook every day, but do you know that you can earn money from Facebook? Probably not. Yes friends, you have read absolutely right, you can earn money from Facebook too.

Which you only do to like, share, watch videos etc. If you also want to earn money from Facebook, then first go to Facebook and create a page and adopt the things mentioned below. So let’s know what are the ways to make money from facebook.

Ways to earn money from Facebook

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook, but today we will learn about two ways

Affiliate Marketing

You can also do Affiliate Marketing from friends Facebook. Just for this you have to upload the post on your Facebook and copy the link and give it to the Facebook post as you have been told.

Earn money from Promotion or Sponsor

As I told you above, if your Facebook page becomes popular then you are asked to tell about a product and in return you are paid. You are offered the same product as you put the content.

How to earn money from Fiverr

Friends, have you heard about If you have not heard then it will not matter, today we will know what is and how to make money from it? Friends, this is a freelancer website where a person can earn money through his skill.

Suppose you know how to create a website, then you will create an account in it and write that you can create a website and you can write any amount amount as fees for how much money you charge to make a website. So whoever needs to get the website made and who will like your fees will contact you.

This was just an example, friends, in the same way, you can create an account on which you are ahead. And whoever needs it will contact you and if you fulfill the need of that person then you are given money.

What did you learn today?

Friends, hope you like this post today. Because today we tried to talk about it completely. However, if something is missed then you must tell us so that it can be improved. If you like this post, then share it with your friends so that your friend also gets information about it.

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