How to Export WordPress Site Step by step in 2021

Do you want to know How do WordPress Site Export? Because if you want to backup the content of your site or shift the website to another web hosting, then in that case the need to export the WordPress site.

So in this informative post for WordPress users, you will learn that How to Export WordPress Site Step by step in 2021.? Exporting any site built on WordPress is very easy. You can export all the posts and pages of your WordPress site in just a few clicks.

After exporting WordPress Blog Post, if you want to import them again into another WP Site, then in this post you will also know how to import WordPress Blog Post.

Let’s not take too much of your time and move towards your main topic and understand step by step How to Export WordPress Site Step by step in 2021.

How to Export WordPress Site Export?

I want to tell you here in advance that through this method you will only WordPress Post, Pages, Comments, Categories, Tags, Navigation Menus You can export only by this, you cannot export Database, Themes and installed plugins.

If you want to do A 2 Z Export (Database, Themes, Plugins, Media etc.) to your entire website and also want to transfer to any other web hosting, then there are many online tools that can help you in this. But here I will show how to export only the contents of WordPress Website.

For this, after first login to the Admin Dashboard of your WordPress website Tools >> Export Click on Now some such type of interface comes in front of you.

Select the option with All Content here. As soon as you select All Content, you can see below it Post, Pages, Comments, Custom Fields, Terms, Navigation Menus and Custom Posts Whatever content will be exported by it is written.

Now down Download Export File Click Now one in your computer .xml The file will start downloading. After downloading, if you want to keep it as As a Website Backup, then you can keep it anywhere in the computer and if you want to import it into your other website, then follow the steps given below. .

How to import WordPress Site?

After exporting your old WordPress website, to import the downloaded .xml file into the new site, first login to the Admin Dashboard of the website in which you want to upload that .xml file. After logging in Tools >> import Click on

After that go to the bottom and click on Run importer under WordPress.

Now some kind of interface will come in front of you as you can see in the image above. Click Choose File here and select that downloaded .xml file. and then Upload file and import Click

Now add your Author Details and Download and import file attachments Make sure to check the option of And then finally SUBMIT Click

This process may take a little longer to take place as it depends on your Total Size of your .xml file and its Total Content. So wait a little here and in a short time your whole wordpress content will be imported.

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