How to Earn Money From PUBG? 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG

Nowadays most smartphone users have this game, but nowadays companies are starting to design smartphones for pubg so that their phones can be sold more.

This game very fast popular Done and engulfed everyone’s heart. Everyone started playing it more and more and some became professional. They started going to pubg tournaments and also through Youtube Millions Started earning

In such a situation, the question comes in everyone’s mind that we 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG. So in this article I will tell you about all these methods.

People who don’t know What is PUBG And from where download Do They read below. People who just want to see 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG They click here.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a multiplayer battle game created by Bluehole company of South Korea.

This 2000 Japanese film Battle royale‘Is inspired by. December it Launch in 2017 Done and it should be done by 2020 800 million (80 million) People downloaded.

In this, 100 people are landed on an island, who have to face each other till the end. The one who survives in the end wins and gets chicken dinner.

Winner winner chicken dinner“Has become a popular saying of this game.

How to Download Pubg in 2021?

Pubg can be downloaded from the playstore. You can go to the playstore and write “Pubg” and then install it.

It can also be played on a computer.

If you can read this article, it means you India And you would know that Pubg has to play from the playstore ban Has been done.

But it can still be downloaded by illegal means.

For this, you click on this link and uptodown app Install, then through pubg mobile korean version Of apk file install.

After that in your phone unknown resources To unable Play and download pubg and have fun.

Keep in mind, pubg by the Government of India ban Has been done, so you keep the value of this ban and do not download it until unban and any solution is found.Now you know 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG.

9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG?

To earn money from Pubg, you need to pro Will have to be made. Because you will be able to earn money only when you win the match from others and it can be a bit difficult.

In this you phone setting, finger claw setting, movement, strategy Have to keep everything good.

After that you can earn money in these ways-

Offline tournament

You with your friends, with local players whatsapp groups By talking in online rooms Can create and keep matches. This is the first method of 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG.

Then the winner paytm Can transfer money from. Keep an entry fee for each player and distribute the money to the winners.

There are two ways in which you can earn money –

  1. You do the most kills, survive till the last and winner Money made win.
  2. You organize this match. Take entry fees from everyone, top 3 winners 25%, 20% And 10% Give Highest Kills Also the player 10% Give and rest 35% own Keep.

Online tournament

There are many apps and sites that hold online tournaments.

In these you get different money for different achievments. Like- Number of kills can be ₹ 10, ₹ 20, ₹ 30, ₹ 40 etc., depends on how big the match is, Highest kills, Top 3 winners etc.

  1. To go to the tournaments, you download these apps, then fill in the entry fees and start the match.

First download these apps, then create an account in it.

To create an account, fill in the name, Username, Gmail, Password.

Or login directly google or facebook.

If you do not have money initially So you can make these apps to your friends refer can do. If they fill your referral code in their account then you will get its money.

With those money you can enter matches.

The more you refer, the more money you will get.

  1. Apart from these apps, you telegram And discord Can be downloaded. There you pubg groups Whom you will meet entry fees can transfer and room id and password You can play with matches.


Nowadays gaming channels are becoming very popular in India. Rather most subscribed channel One gamer Belongs to

Along with playing and winning on YouTube, you should come to entertain people like Carryminati He also plays and entertains, so many people like We do.

Google adsense

Create videos on your gameplay and let people strategy Teach Teach something for people helpful Prove it and on your videos More views Come

then you google adsense in register Do and in your videos ads Get it installed.

With more views you can earn a lot of money through google adsense.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling products online through links and The commission Make money from

You from amazon someone gadget link Of your video description I can put it in, if someone from your link have bought Then you will need its price 9-10% commission Get.

Url shortener

With Url shortener you can use your youtube videos shorten link And then that link share can do.

Whenever someone gives that link Will open So him An ad will appear And then your video, through which you are very good through that ad income Will be able to get


Sonsorship means someone Other brand, product or service tell about In your video, Instead of which The money Give.

Big youtubers Come to own the brands for sponsorship, but if you are a beginner If you are, you can register yourself on these sites-

More in sponsorship Very scope to earn money is. This is the best way to publish se paise kaise kamaye.

Youtube live

You play your gameplay on youtube live stream can do. Just you should come to connect with people. Then a large number of people watch your match.

You can earn money from superchat and super stickers on live streaming. If someone uses them, you will get money.

In this, all people need to join your channel No is. But if someone wants to do it, then he can join.

In this, the mark of verified on the account of the people No Comes.

Youtube channel membership

Youtube channel membership one paid program In which people pay their money favorite youtubers channel To join can do.

Members join on joining special benefits See you like-

  • Super chat– their messages in live chat top Look at As much as more Time Their message will be at the top That much money Will take.
  • Super sticker– that premium stickers And emojis Can be used. Of every sticker Different price it happens.
  • Badge– on their account verified(tick) -like mark comes from which he makes everyone look special in live chat.

You can read the settings for activating channel membership and benefits for members here.

All these benefits to the people by joining Channel membership A pack I meet for them One time only They do, but on livestreaming, they can buy all these benefits separately.


You can create a blog like youtube channel in which you can help people by telling them about strategy, movement, attack, defense etc.

You can write about famous players and request them to share your posts. This will greatly increase direct traffic to your blog.

You can also sell products through affiliate marketing here and earn money from views through google adsense. Now let us see what you learned about 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG from this article.


I hope you liked my article and understood that 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG.

If you have any question, then you can put it down comment box I can ask and share your experience with us. Whether you understood 9 Best Method To Make Money From PUBG or not.

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In these ways, you can motivate your friends that they too do not just timepass by playing pubs but earn money from them.

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