How To Disable Theme and Plugin Editors in wordpress 2021

WordPress Dashboard for any site built on WordPress Theme and Plugin Editors The feature is very important and useful. It plays a very important role in customization related to Theme and Plugin. However in the WordPress dashboard for the security of your site Disable Theme and Plugin Editors There is also a right way to do this.

Any small mistake made here can break your entire site. So through this post, today I am going to tell you that you How can Disable Theme and Plugin Editors in WordPress Admin Dashboard?

Before proceeding, it is very important for a blogger and website owner to keep this information, after all Built-in Theme and Plugin Editors Disable in WordPress Admin Area Why should it be done?

Why is it necessary to disable WordPress Theme and Plugin Editors?

There is a great CMS available to Site Owners with WordPress Built-in Code Editor. In which you can edit the Coding of Installed Themes and Plugins in the main Admin Dashboard of WordPress.

You can add Theme Editor to Admin Area Appearance> Theme Editor You can access it by going to Similarly to access Plugin Editor Plugins> Plugin Editor Go to

When you try to access both Theme and Plugin Editors for the first time, on behalf of WordPress you will get a Worning popup It is also found that if you use this editor, your WordPress site can also be broken.

Because this built-in File Editor of WordPress provides access to the entire Coding of the site, Changes can be done in it.

Now in such a situation, if someone or some Hacker can access the Admin Dashboard of your WordPress Site with Brute Force Attack or in some other way, then they can change the Coding of the site through this Built-in File Editor. You can install Malicious code in it, so that you will not be able to access your Admin Panel again.

Therefore, to further strengthen the security of your WordPress site, we recommend that you always keep the Theme and Plugin Editor of WordPress disabled. Let’s make it How to apply in wordpress Now let’s understand this.

How to Disable WordPress Theme and Plugin Editors?

For this, you need your site wp-config.php The file has to be accessed. You cannot access this file in the WordPress dashboard. This file is in the Root Folder of the main file directory of your Web Hosting. Right click on the wp-config.php file and click Edit.

Then in this file where ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing ‘ Copy the code given below and paste it before it is written.

define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );

After pasting this code correctly, click on Save Changes. Now the Theme and Plugin Editor will be disabled from the Admin Dashboard of your site.

Apart from this, if you use some WordPress Security Plugins such as All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin, Sucuri Security and iThemes Security, you can also disable this Built-in Editor of WordPress.

Final words

Hope this information “How to Disable Theme and Plugin Editors in WordPress Admin Dashboard?” You must have liked it! If you still have some questions related to this information, then you can ask us through the comment box.

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