How to Disable Gutenberg Editor in WordPress in 2021.?

Do you also your WordPress website I want to disable Gutenberg editor. Do you want to use wordpress classic editor instead of gutenberg editor in your wordpress website.

As you all know that gutenberg editor is the latest version of wordpress editor. Which has come to replace the classic editor of WordPress.

But there are many WordPress users who prefer to use classic editor instead of modern gutenberg editor. If you are also from the same users, then in this article we will show you this.

That how you can use wordpress classic editor by disabling gutenberg editor in wordpress. But before that we know what Gutenberg editor is.

What is Gutenberg?

Friends Gutenberg is the new editor of WordPress, launched to modernize your writing experience. It works like a page builder plugin, with the help of which you can add and drop all items in your posts and pages by dropping and dragging them.

Its main goal is to provide you more flexibility and create unique layouts for WordPress users. So that their content shows like the best multimedia content.

WordPress placed a call to try out Gutenberg’s option in the WordPress dashboard in its WordPress 4.9.8, version. The main purpose of which was to get feedback from as many WordPress users as possible so that Gutenberg is provided to all users.

Most WordPress users thought it best to use Gutenberg. That’s why the WordPress core team launched Gutenberg as the default WordPress editor in WordPress 5.0.

Why Disable Gutenberg Editor in WordPress?

Friends like you, there are many such WordPress users who believe that it is not right to use Gutenberg instead of WordPress classic editor.

The WordPress team has received many reviews, in which users have given negative feedback about Gutenberg. Despite this, the WordPress core team is using Gutenberg as the default word editor.

This is the reason that many users want such an option, so that they can disable the default Gutenberg editor in WordPress and use the WordPress classic editor.

We want to say thanks to the WordPress core team, they have provided us such a plugin. Using which WordPress users can use classic editor in their WordPress.

So friends, let us know how we can use WordPress Classic editor by disabling Gutenberg editor in WordPress.

Method 1. Use Classic Editor with Disable Gutenberg Plugin

Friends, if you want to disable Gutenberg for some user roles and posts in your WordPress, then this method will prove useful for you.

For this, first you have to install and activate the Disable Gutenberg plugin in your WordPress. For more information, you can read our article how to install a WordPress plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin, you have to go to your WordPress dashboard and then Settings >> Disable Gutenberg Have to visit the page.

In this by default this plugin has disabled Gutenberg for all the users on your website. If you want to enable Gutenberg for some users role and post types.

Then you need to configure plugin settings “Complete Disable” The option has to be unchecked. As soon as you uncheck, you will have many option shows in front of you.

In which you can disable and enable Gutenberg for certain user roles, post types, theme templates and individual posts.

With the help of this plugin, you can use gutenberg in some areas of your website. In WordPress, you can disable it for those areas where you do not want to use Gutenberg.

Method 2. Disable Gutenberg with the Classic Editor Plugin

In this method you can disable the Gutenberg editor using the Classic Editor Plugin. First of all in your wordpress Classic Editor The plugin has to be installed and activated.

You can read our article for more information, in which we have given you step by step guide – How to Install a WordPress Plugin.

As soon as you install and activate this plugin, it will disable Gutenberg on your WordPress. With this, you can use both the same time Gutenberg and Classic Editor using this plugin.

For this, you have to configure the settings of the plugin. After that go to your wordpress dashboard Settings >> Writing Visit the page Now you “Classic editor settings” There will be option show inside.

If you want to use Gutenberg and Classic Editor on your WordPress at the same time. Then you Default editor for all users In “Classic Editor” The check box has to be ticked.

After that you Allow users to switch editors I have to select the “Yes” check box. This allows every user to switch from block editor to classic editor whenever they want.

Or you can switch from classic editor to block editor, after that you simply “Save Change” Have to click on the button Now whenever someone wants to write a new post, then at that time in the post writing in the left side “Editor” You can choose your editor by going to option.

If the editor option is not showing in the top left side, then you scroll down and go down. You will see your editor option there.

Apart from this, you can also edit those articles by opening them in classic editor, which you have already published. Simply for Posts >> All Posts Visit the page, in which you “Edit (Classic)” The option show will be happening.

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