How to Customize WordPress Excerpts Without Coding?

Friends, do you want to know how we can customize our wordpress excerpt without coding too. Do you know what is wordpress excerpt? And how to customize it, if you do not know, we will tell you this in this article. What is wordpress excerpt? And how can we customize it without coding.

Friends excerpts is the short extract of any of your posts, if I say in simple and simple words. So the excerpt of a post is the short form of that post, which the user can read and understand what kind of content is present in that post. This function is already made in WordPress, which makes it easy for you to decide. After all, how should you show excerpt in your post.

Why should we use Excerpts?

First of all, we should know that instead of showing full articles of our WordPress blog post, why should we only show some part of the post? By the way, by default WordPress shows your full posts on your website’s homepage, blog page and archives.

But due to this, your website is slower than other website, with this it can assure search engines that duplicate content is present in all these pages. But when instead of showing your full article, you show the short form ie excerpts of your article,

So your website and its every page is loaded fast, this is because now instead of showing the entire article of your post in your website. Now you are only showing some excerpts of that article as excerpts so that your archive pages are also protected from dublicate content penalty.

There are many WordPress themes that automatically configure your posts and create short excerpt for your posts. That too when you have not created excerpts of any blog posts, the disadvantage of this method is that your themes calculates for your excerpts (excerpt), but it is not necessary that you like it.

This is the reason that you should create custom excerpt yourself, so friends, let us know how we can create excerpts without coding for our WordPress posts.

How to Add Custom Excerpt in WordPress (by Default)

Adding custom excerpts to friends wordpress is very easy and simple. For this, first you have to create a new post, after that you have to edit that post, for this you go to the WordPress admin panel and click on the post option.

Now a list of all the articles and posts you have created will be shown on your screen. Now you have to click on Screen Option Tab, which is present in the top right side of your screen, after that you have to select excerpt.

As soon as you select this option, an excerpt meta box will show under your WordPress post editor. Now you can write whatever you want in this box, but remember that whatever you write in this box is related to your articles. That is, it should be a short form of your article, because whatever you write in this meta box, your post will be used as excerpts by WordPress.

Do not panic if the excerpt meta box is not showing under your post editor. Because many themes do not show custom excerpts. So you have to edit your theme files, especially home.php, content.php, archive.php, category.php etc.

You have to go to your WordPress admin dashboard and from there click on Apearance >> Theme Editor. You will have a coding show of your WordPress theme, in which you have to go to home.php.

After that you have to find the code given below, to find you click anywhere in the code box. After that press Ctrl + F key, now a search box show will open, in that search box you have to find the code given below.

<? php the_content (); ?>

After finding the code, you have to replace this code with the_excerpt tag. As we have shown you below –

<? php the_excerpt (); ?>

If you are a new blogger or you do not know anything about WordPress or its file settings or themes editing. So this method will not be right for you, because if there is anything wrong in the coding of the themes, your website can get spoiled.

Therefore, you should either ask a right professional to do this work so that he can add code without damaging your theme. But if you want to do this work on your own, then we suggest you follow our 2 method or the third method, which we are going to tell you further.

How to Add Excerpt with More Tags in WordPress?

Friends, another way to add excerpt to your wordpress home page and archive pages is to use more and more tags. For this, you have to move the cursor to the place in your post editor where you want to break your post. So that you can add more tags after that, after that you have to click on more button.

Most themes display more tags by properly configured, but if you are not having the option or show of more buttons in your WordPress post editor. Or your post editor is not showing more tag area, then you can use our 3rd method, which is much easier than the above 2 method.

How to Add Custom Excerpts in WordPress Using Plugin?

Friends, if both the methods mentioned above are not working properly with your WordPress themes. So you can add excerpts of your wordpress blog posts by using this third method. In this method you do not copy paste any code nor edit any code.

This method is much easier than the other two methods above, especially this method they use blogger. Those who keep less knowledge related to WordPress and coding or blogging or they have little technical knowledge.

But this does not mean that you cannot use this method, a sensible person is the same. Instead of insisting on walking on a difficult path, choose the path that can reach her goal. Right now your goal is the same and that is to add excerpts to your WordPress blog posts.

To use this method, first you need to Advanced Excerpt The plugin has to be installed and activated. If you do not know how to install and activate the plugin in WordPress, then for this you read our article – How to Install a WordPress Plugin – Step by Step

After installing and activating the plugin, you have to go to your WordPress admin dashboard. after that Settings >> Excerpt Click on the option, after which the configured page of the plugin will be open on your screen.

Due to your theme, excerpt display was not being displayed, Advanced Excerpt plugin will solve this problem. Now you can save an excerpt as well as define when and where you want to use that excerpt.

This task is very easy to do because in this you do not need to do any kind of editing with any code of your theme. In the Advanced Excerpt plugin you get many types of features. Which we are telling you below –

  • In this, you can define custom excerpt length yourself.
  • You can avoid (ignore) all incomplete words and sentences in excerpt.
  • In this, you can choose yourself what you want to show at the end of excerpt.
  • In this you can add a custom excerpt with read more link.
  • In this, you can enable and disable excerpt on your home, archive, category and tag.
  • You can parsed HTML in excerpt.
  • You can skip and allow shortcodes in excerpt.

Once you complete your excerpt setting, after that you store your settings by clicking on the Save Changes button. Now you just visit your website, now you can see the excerpts on your website.

On installing and activating the Advanced Excerpt plugin, there are no changes in your posts content. Apart from this, if you ever feel that you do not need this plugin, or you want to use your theme’s excerpts only. So for this you have to deactivate this simple plugin.

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