How To Create WordPress Database Backup Manually in 2020

Friends, do you want to know how do you use any wordpress plugin? You … Yourself WordPress website Can create backup of.

If you learn to manually create a WordPress database backup. Then whenever you want, wherever you want, you can create a backup of your website and download it.

This article is most important for every user who is running their own website or blogs. In this article we will give you a full guide, how you can make backup manually of your WordPress site.

Why is it necessary to create WordPress Database Backup Manually?

Each of you has one for your website WordPress backup The system must have been created. So that whenever something goes wrong with your website, you can restore your website by using the backup of your website.

But there are also many WordPress users whose websites are unable to access their WordPress admin area due to the problem of getting hacked or some kind of plugins.

In such a situation, you have only one solution, that you create a full backup of your WordPress website. Now the question is, when you are not able to access your wordpress admin area.

Then in such a situation how can you make a backup of your website using the plugin. In this case, you need to create a WordPress database backup manually.

Creating friends manual database backup is very easy. This creates a backup of your website in the same way as you do via a plugin.

So friends, let us know how we can manually create wordpress database backup manually. You are requested to read this article in full from beginning to end.

Create WordPress Database Manually Backup using phpMyAdmin

We will use phpMyAdmin here to create a Friends WordPress database manually backup. phpMyAdmin This is an open source software that allows you to do this.

That you can use a web based interface to manage your MySQL database. It is already pre-installed in almost every WordPress hosting providers.

So first you have to WordPress hosting Login in the control panel, which is also called cPanel. After login, you have to go to the database section and wahan you have to click on phpMyAdmin.

Now it will launch the phpMyAdmin window on your screen. You have to make sure that your WordPress database is selected under phpMyAdmin.

If it is not, then you just have to select it by clicking on your wordpress database name. When selected, you can now see your WordPress database tables.

Once you have selected your database, after that you have to click on the Export link which is present in the top menu bar.

Now it will ask you to select the export method. You just have to select custom, as it gives you more options to explore.

After clicking on the custom option, it will show you more option. First of all it will show you all your tables selected in the wordpress database.

Many times it happens that WordPress plugins add their tables to your database. If there are any tables that you want to exclude from export, then you just have to deselect it.

If you are not sure about this, then it will be better that you let them all be selected. Now you have to scroll down and come to the output section.

Here by default you will show the output of export process as phpMyAdmin text. After that you have to change it by selecting the option of “Save output to a file”.

If you want to download by compressing the download file. Then you have to select zipped or gzipped option in compression option.

After this you have to scroll down and come to the bottom of the page and then click on the button of “Go”. After doing this phpMyAdmin will send you the database export as a zip or gzip file.

In this way you can successfully create a WordPress database backup manually of your WordPress website.

Create Manual WordPress Database Backup with the help of cPanel

So many friends WordPress hosting companies , Which on demand backups provide you the easy way to download.

So let’s know how you can create manual wordpress database backup. First of all you have to login in your hosting control panel.

After that scroll down and come down to the files section where you will see the Backup button show. Whether you are using Bluehost, SiteGround, or HostGator hosting, you will get this same option in all of them.

Now on the backups page, you have to scroll down and come to the partial backups section. After that you have to click on database name to download your database backup file.

Friends, if you want, you can also download the backup of your WordPress files from this page. But we will suggest you friends that you use this option only.

When you are unable to access your wordpress admin area. Or the backup plugin in your wordpress is not working properly.

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