How to convert any document to PDF file in 2021?

How do I Create a PDF File for Free

Friends, as you all know that nowadays we often have to create our document in various formats for our office, college, school or other.

Suppose you work in an office and your boss told you that they have mailed you one. In which there is some document, send it to me in PDF format in JPG format.

The problem in such a situation is that you have not been to the office and your boss knows this too. But still he is asking you to do this work.

Or suppose you are working on a school project and it is said to you just a few minutes before the presentation. That you have to send hard copy of all documents related to your project by soft copy in pdf.

Now the question in such a situation is, where will you arrange the scanner so quickly at that time. Obviously you cannot, so in this article we are going to tell you such methods.

You can create a pdf document online using which document only. So let’s start –

How to Make PDF

Step 1. First of all you have to visit this website, How to Make PDF.

Step 2. Now you have to click on the button of “Choose File”.

Step 3. After that a new window will open on the screen of your computer.

Step 4. Now the place in your computer is the file that you want to convert to pdf. Select that file and click on the “open” button.

note : If you want to convert any of your file to pdf with the help of smartphone. So you have to follow the same process. Just the file that you want to convert to pdf must be in your mobile phone.

Step 5. Now your file will be uploaded in the website, after that you have to download the PDF file by clicking on the Download button.

What kind of file formats can we create in a PDF file?

Friends, you can create all types of Microsoft Office and image files in PDF with the help of the website mentioned by us. You can use online Microsoft Word documents by using this website.

Such as Excel and PPT slides. JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG images can be created by simply dragging and dropping PDFs into the toolbox. If you want to create multiple PDF documents, for this you have to do one by one.

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