How to Add and Use Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress 2021

If you are a blogger and blogging Self hosted Platform WordPress If you use, this information can play an important role in your Blogging Journey today. Because in this important article of today, I will give you a very important Plugin used in WordPress “Site Kit by Google” Going to give information about

If you have been using WordPress for a long time, then you will know that till now no official plugin of Google was available on WordPress. After being in the Beta version for a long time, now officially Google has made it available to install and use on the WordPress Plugin Store.

Google Site Kit Plugin WordPress There is a very useful Toolkit for every blogger who uses it. Therefore, through this article, we will know in detail that: –

What is Google Site Kit Plugin.?

Site Kit Plugin Has been created by Google for accepting WordPress User. This Plugin provides Bloggers with Google’s major services such as Google AdSense, Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Optimize And Tag Manager Helps to connect easily.

Previously, you had to go to all these different sites to connect your blog to these four sites of Google, but now with the introduction of this plugin, this task has become very easy. Now instead of going to different sites, Google Site Kit Plugin You can connect your blog with everyone at once.

This is a free WordPress tool brought by Google to further improve your Blogging Experience. No Paid Version of which has been offered by Google, as many blogging features are available to you. Google Site Kit Plugin I will meet you absolutely free.

Let’s now take a look at its main features as well:

What are the main benefits of Google’s Plugin?

According to different working tools Google Site Kit Plugin You can divide the benefits of it into 4 parts:

Google Search Console:

  • 1. Once you connect your WordPress blog to Search Console with the help of Google Site Kit, you can see the performance of your blog in your WordPress dashboard.
  • 2. Through which keywords, traffic is coming to your blog?
  • 3. You can also get information about which are the most read popular posts on your blog.
  • 4. How many visitors are reading your blog daily in total?
  • 5. Total views that come on different posts can also be checked in your WordPress Dashboard itself.

Google Analytics:

  • 1. Track the users visiting your blog.
  • 2. You can find out about the way in which traffic is coming on the blog by Organic, Direct or Referral.
  • 3. Details of Total Users and New Users coming on the blog can also be checked in WordPress itself.
  • 4. The blog controls the total Bounce Rate and the Total Bounce Rate of each post.
  • 5. You can view total page views and unique page views separately.

Google AdSense:

  • 1. If you use AdSense on your blog, then you can track the total earnings caused by it.
  • 2. You can check the details of Page Views ,, Ads Impressions and Post impressions etc. in WordPress itself.
  • 3. You can see the exact information of how many Earnings have been done by any one post.

PageSpeed ​​Insights:

  • 1. Specially, your blog’s page loading speed is tracked by this tool.
  • 2. Different information about Page Speed ​​being loaded on mobile and computer is received in your WordPress Dashboard itself.

How to setup Google Site Kit Plugin in your WordPress Blog?

To setup this plugin of Google in your WordPress Blog, follow all the below given steps very carefully:

Install & Setup Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin:

  • 1-2: To install this plugin in WordPress, first click on Plugins> Add New.
How to install Plugin in WordPress in Hindi?
  • 3. After this in Plugin Search Bar “Site Kit by Google” Type
  • 4. After that install Now> Activate Click on

Of this plugin in wordpress Activate As soon as you reach its Setup page.

Google site kit plugin setup in wordpress
  • 1. Click on CheckMark and mark it.
  • 2. Click on Start Setup.

After clicking on Start Setup, you come to some such page as you can see in the image below. Here, steps are to be followed to connect your blog to Google Search Console.

Search Console Setup in WordPress
  • To move forward Sign in with Google Click on

Now here you have to sign in with your Gmail ID in which you want to connect to Google Search Console].

  • After signing in Click on Allow.
  • Proceed Click on
  • Allow Click on
  • Add Site Click on

As you can see in the image below, all three steps are completed to connect Google Search Console to Site Kit Plugin. Tik-Mark of Green Color Become and congratulation Has also come by writing Which means Site Kit Plugin has been successfully connected to Google Search Console.

  • Now Go to My Dashboard Click on

Now you are redirected again to the main dashboard of the Google Site kit in WordPress. You can see here Connected under Search Console Is written and the other three before it AdSense Analytics And PageSpeed ​​Insights Under Connect Service Is written Now these three also one by one Google Site Kit Plugin Have to connect to.

Google Search Console Setup Process in Site Kit Plugin in WordPress

Below to connect AdSense Click on Connect Service. After this you will again have your Sign in with G-Mail ID To do and if we ask for permission Click on Allow Do it

Google Site Kit Plugin me AdSense Connect Kaise Kare
Google Site Kit Plugin me AdSense Connect Kaise Kare

Now there is a bit of processing to establish Connectivity with AdSense, so wait a little bit. After the processing is complete, if you are already using AdSense on your blog, then something comes by writing as you can see in the image above.
“Looks like you’re already using AdSense”
Click CONTINUE here.

Google AdSense Setup in Site Kit Plugin

And if you have not used AdSense on this blog before, then come by writing – “We’re getting your site ready for ads”
In this condition, first you have to click on Sites and add your blog to AdSense and then click on Ads and enable Ads.

Google Site Kit Plugin Connect Service Page-1

Now after Search Console and AdSense connect To connect to Analytics, click Connect Service below it. Allow Permission by signing in with your G-Mail ID.

Google Analytics Setup Process in Site Kit WordPress Plugin

Here after adding all the necessary details related to your Google Analytics Account CONFIGURE ANALYTICS Have to click on

By reaching here, you have three services of Google Must have connected the Site Kit Plugin to “Search Console, AdSense and Analytics”. Now just in Last you have to connect PageSpeed ​​Insights to track the loading speed of your blog.

Google Site Kit Plugin Setup Process in WordPress Blog

You don’t have to do much in this step, just click Connect Service once under PageSpeed ​​Insights. It gets connected just by clicking.

PageSpeed ​​Insights interface in Site Kit Plugin

So after carefully following all the steps mentioned above, you can You can install and setup the Google Site Kit Plugin in WordPress.

When you connect these four services of Google through your Site Site Kit Plugin, then some such interface of this plugin’s dashboard will be seen as you can see in the image below.

How to Setup Google Site Kit Plugin in WordPress?

Hope this information “How to setup Google Site Kit Plugin in WordPress Blog?” You might have liked it! How did you feel after reading this post completely? Tell us the thoughts of your mind through the comment. And if you want to ask something more related to the setup of the Site Kit Plugin, then you can also ask it through the comment below.

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