How can I make money from Amazon at home? 11 Best Ways To make money from Amazon in 2021

Today of the Amazon world top is from companies. Jeff bezos, The second richest man in the world, In a minute Earns $ 149,353.12 which is approximately ₹ 1,09,02,688.15 (1 Crore).

Because of them, today we can get any goods from any corner of the world, that too in the shortest time. Amazon also offers more services like kindle, echo, music, prime video etc.

Jeff Bezos may make a lot of money from Amazon, but we are not far behind, we can also earn money from Amazon.

So let’s move towards this article and know all the ways that How can I make money from Amazon at home With Zero Investment

Amazon one multinational technological company Which was started by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. It is called the world’s “most valuable brand“Has been awarded.

Initially it was used to buy books, but gradually it started working in electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, jewelry, whole foods.

Today it is not only useful for buying but also streaming service, music, AI assistant provider, cloud computing Etc. is also useful. Now let’s read How to Make Money From Amazon With Zero Investment.Amazon se paise kaise kamaye

How to Make Money From Amazon With Zero Investment.?

There are many ways to earn money from Amazon. In some ways you do not have to spend money at all. You can read all these methods below-

Amazon seller

This was the real purpose of making Amazon, sellers and local businesses online bring.

him E-commerce They say and it has a lot of benefits, just like people ask for goods sitting at home, in the same way you can sell goods sitting at home, that too without opening a shop.

If you are a businessman or businessman and want to take your reach to the internet, then register in Amazon seller.

Instead of registering in it, the orders that will come to you, you have to Pack yourself deliver To do.

Amazon will connect you with a lot of customers.

Amazon fulfillment

It is known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The Amazon fulfillment program is exactly the same as the Amazon seller, the only difference is that all you have to do is sell your goods, then it should be sold to amazon fulfillment center to route is. Her packing, delivery, shipping amazon ones Do it yourself.

This can give your business a lot of growth –

Low shipping cost– Amazon has partnered with the world’s best delivery companies, which do fast and safe delivery.

No need of warehouse– You do not need a warehouse to store goods.

Refund– Refund and returns also take care of the same.

Amazon affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote the goods of a company or business online, sell it and you get a commission.

Of some companies The commission 8-10% and some more than 50%.

The commission also varies for every product like Amazon Commission for shoes, sports, watches More But the smartphone is less for electronic items.

To start, you will have to type on Google Amazon affiliate marketing or you can click on this link. How to Make Money From Amazon With Zero Investment. This is the best way.

  1. Create your affiliate id

do you want it-


Name, Address, Pin code, Number


Of your blog or youtube channel url


  • Primary topic, secondary topic– This is to describe the topic of your blog or channel.
  • Store ID– This is the username of your amazon affiliate account that you have to set.
  • Amazon items– In this you have to tick the items you want to sell.
  • Drive traffic– How do you bring traffic?
  • Income method– How do you earn or earn?
  • Visitors– How many visitors come to your site.
  • Captcha– Now you have to fill captcha password, obey the terms and conditions and finish it.


Here to you tax information Is asked about.

  1. Choose the product

Keep in mind, just like you get only ration at the grocery store and only clothes at the clothes shop, similarly you also have to choose the same niche.

Niche There is a category of product like- electronics, phones, watch, sports item, beauty kit.

Find the product you want to sell and copy its link. You can attach your link to a small, large, photo.

  1. Share link

you products Of link share To do. The best way is to make a blog or youtube video. from these reach Get more.

When someone will buy goods from that link and the payment will be successful, then you will The commission will get.

Amazon affiliate program is used by big bloggers and youtubers because it can generate high income. Everyone should try it once.

Click here to read full.

Amazon influencer program

Amazon influencer program

Amazon influencer program is exactly like amazon affiliate program, the only difference is that you need to share a link to every product. No Falls.

Yours on amazon A page In which your products are visible to everyone. All you need is your link to page To share and people who buy products from your page, you will get its commission.

For your famous It is important because no person will go on your page like this. So if you are an influencer then it will be beneficial for you.

Whether or not you will qualify for the amazon influencer, see here.

Amazon jobs

Yes, making money from Amazon is good but Without The money invest Tanning is even better. If you are a student then it can be very useful for you.

1. Amazon merch

From Amazon merch you can buy tshirt, hoodies, sweatshirts etc. by designing Can make money.

For this you do not have to make a tshirt, nor do packaging, nor need to be professional, you can make designs from canva, snappa or illustrator and submit them.

Along with this, you will also have to give a description and whenever the fabric of your design is sold, you will commission will get.

2. Amazon handmade

If you are at home handmade or diy products If you make, then you can sell them worldwide through Amazon handmade.

This process can be a bit lengthy because amazon handmade products credibility Checks well.

You can sell handmade goods both as a seller and from the FBA.

3. Mechanical turk

With mechanical turk, you can do any work sitting at home, this part time Is a perfect opportunity for

it might work- survey form, data validation etc.

Its purpose is that the workload of Amazon can be divided into microtasks and can be made more quickly.

4. Virtual location

Virtual location is like work from home. In this you customer support representative, technical support staff, business development officer The work has to be done.

You can choose part time, full time seasonal at your choice.

5. Amazon flex

This may be useful for drivers. Amazon flex was created for same day delivery of Prime subscription so that local people come to the city delivery To do something together Make money.

For this-

  • You have a legal carriage Should be
  • One smartphone needed.
  • at least 21 years Must be aged

You can keep working hours at your own will.

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6. Camper force

Camper force is good for someone who has a big car. Amazon sometimes gives a seasonal task in which you can be asked to store, pack and deliver the goods of your region.

Per hour by you camper force Very good money Can earn.


You can earn a lot of money from amazon kindle by becoming a writer.

The best part of it is that you will not have to run after any publisher, you can put your story, novel, poem, article etc. directly on amazon kindle and crores of people will read it and give you book money.

You have to do-

  1. One select niche. What will you write about Such as health, finance, fiction etc.
  2. Do Keyword Research. What trend is going on, on which topic to write such as pushup, keto diet, insurance plan etc.
  3. One Create a good title and cover.
  4. Quality content Write.
  5. Setup your account here.
  6. For him share Do her marketing Do it


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