Bad News for Users of Google Photos App

According to Google, about 27 billion new photos are uploaded to the Google Photos App every week. Google also believes that within 3 years of the implementation of this new policy, about 80 percent of its photo users will not exceed the prescribed limit of 15 GB.

For users who save photos and videos on Google Photos App, it is going to be difficult in the coming days. Till now Google did not charge anyone to save photos and videos on Photos App. But according to Google’s new policy, now users have to pay a charge for uploading more than 15 GB of data on Photos App. Let us tell you that this kind of policy is already applicable in other services of Google like Gmail and Google Drive. Let’s know how much will have to be paid for uploading more than 15 GB of data in Photos App, as well as when this new policy of Google will be applicable.

According to Google, users will be charged from 1 June 2021 for uploading more than 15 GB of data on Photos App. With this, Google has made it clear that users who upload data before June 1, 2021 will not be charged any kind. At the same time, Google said that users should keep in mind that in the coming days, only better and necessary photos should be saved.

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