4 Easiest ways to Earn Money From WhatsApp

1.Product Selling

You can earn money by doing seller business through WhatsApp. Selling means that you have to promote products on WhatsApp! And in this business you will not have to invest any money directly and you will also be able to reach the direct customer!

Now you will think how do we do it? So let me tell you that apps like Meesho have listed from items like T-shirts, jeans, etc. to electronic products! You can share your products here by creating your account in these apps! Can make more money!

Any WhatsApp user who will have interest on your products, they can definitely contact to buy from you! And while selling this way, you can also set a margin for yourself, that is, you can also sell products for Rs.100-200 extra.

2. Affiliate marketing: How to earn money from WhatsApp

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from WhatsApp. If you have knowledge of affiliate marketing, then you can earn a lot of money from WhatsApp sitting at home.

In affiliate marketing, you have to sell any of your products on WhatsApp, the more products you sell to any company, the more you will get its commission, and the more your income will be.

You can earn WhatsApp by joining affiliate programs of big companies like Amazon, Flipkart. If you have a lot of active Groups

3. Referral Programs: How to earn money from WhatsApp

Referral programs are also a very easy way to earn money from WhatsApp. In Referral Programs, you have to share the Referral link of an App with your friends on WhatsApp, then the more people will download your App from your Referral Programs link, the higher will be your income.

In today’s time, there are many such android apps on the internet that support referral programs programs. Just by using such trusted android apps you can earn money from your Whatsapp groups and numbers.

4. Paid Promotion: How to earn money from WhatsApp

If you have a lot of Whatsapp Groups, you can easily earn a lot of money by doing paid promotions on Whatsapp.

Advertisers contact on your own in paid promotions, to promote any of your products and services. You just have to share their product in your Whatsapp Groups and promote it, and in return advertisers give you money.

You can also contact the Advertiser by going to the online marketplace like Feverr. Hopefully now you will know how to earn money from WhatsApp with the help of paid promotion.

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