12 Best Tips for SEO friendly in 2021

Are you having trouble writing the article too? Is your blog unable to rank even after working so hard?

If yes, then I probably know your problem. So today I will tell you that on the blog seo friendly article kaise likhe.

To get a good rank on Google on the blog seo friendly article It is very important to write. When google’s crawler bots crawl our website or blog, they seo friendly blog post Let’s rank them only so that they know what the keyword of your article is.

So today we will see all those points on a blog seo friendly article Help in writing and if you use them, you will start to rank yourself in a short time after seeing your article. First of all we tell you that What is SEO.

Seo full is Search Engine Optimization.

Initially every blogger is introduced to this new term and gets nervous because it is difficult but if SEO is done well then it helps a lot in ranking our articles.

The fullform of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is such a technique With the help of which you can bring organic traffic to your blog via google.

SEO is a bit slow process, but if you do it for your blog for a long time, then you can rank on the first page of google.

SEO is of two ways – On page SEO and Off page SEO.

You should use both types of SEO for your website so that it can rank in google quickly. Will tell after that blog How to Write Seo Friendly Article So that you can rank quickly.

How to Write SEO friendly blog post ?

These are some ways that you will know how to write a seo friendly article on your blog

All these methods Sip on writing on a paper Take or Write on your body like Ghajhni Because these will be useful for you throughout your life.

  1. Put the Keyword in the Title
  2. Put Keyword in Headings
  3. Keep URL short
  4. Add Keyword to Meta Description
  5. Improve Site Speed
  6. Keep Keyword Density at 1% -2%
  7. Use LSI Keywords
  8. Alt text for images
  9. Must do internal linking
  10. Optimize Image
  11. Use Social Share Buttons
  12. Write an article of 1500+ words
  13. Keyword stuffing
  14. Site structure
  15. Update Content

Now understand all these points in detail and know how to write seo friendly article.


Make your title attractive and descriptive because people read any article by looking at its title.

By looking at it, you should know what is going to happen in the article, and it should be so that it does not go away without reading the article. this max 60 words Can be of If you want to improve your title, then for that you can do in your title

  • Use numbers
  • Must use Keyword

2.Headings & Subheadings

Use H2 and H3 headings in your article because Google’s crawler must check the bots headings and this also improves the SEO of your blog.

Keep in mind that people also read the rest of the article keeping in mind the headings and subheadings written in the article. Therefore, keep your headings relevant to the article.

Always use H1 size in the main heading. Also use LSI keywords in most headings. We will tell you further about LSI keywords.

3.URL / Permalink

The URL is the address of our page. The URL of each page is different.

Good URL is very important for SEO. You should try your The shorter the URL, the better.. You must use the keyword related to it in the URL of every blog post.

Keep in mind that in your URL only main focus key use the word.

4.Meta Description

Meta description of your article below title Looks like. This shows the introduction of our article and you must use keywords related to your article in it because it seo friendly blog post It helps to write.

We can change this to describe the article at our own will. It should be attracted in appearance because after the title people only read it and decide whether they will get good information in the article or not. this max 160 words Is of

5.Site Speed

Site speed is one of the most important factors to rank in google. You can check the speed of your site at gtmextrix.com. The higher the speed of your website, the less loading time it will take.

According to Google, if the speed of your website is more than 3 seconds, then you can lose a lot of your traffic.

The loading time can be divided into 4 parts-

  1. Perfect- in 1 second
  2. Good- in 1 to 3 second
  3. Average- 3 to 7 second
  4. Poor – more than 7 second

Our goal should be to maximize the speed of our website. So that it can rank in google.


Keyword is what we search on Google. whatever it may be. Keep in mind that the keyword density of your article should not be more than 2%, otherwise google can impose a penalty on you.

  • You should make full use of keywords in the first paragraph of your article.
  • There are 3 types of keywords, short tail, medium tail and long tail.
  • We should always use long tail keywords on which keyword difficulty is reduced so that we can easily rank on google.

7.LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are from the main keyword Similar keywords. Use them so that our article looks natural and we do not have to use the main keyword again and again.

By using them we can rank our article on multiple keywords, even if someone searches them, our article still ranks in google.

LSI keywords are easy to find, do any keyword search, at the bottom you will see a column of related searches, they are all lsi keywords.

8.Alt text for images

No search engine can see the image. You have to read to the search engine bots to know what that image is. So Google’s bots crawl this alt text to understand the image.

This is beneficial when our images are not loaded, then this text appears in their place. In this text we describe the image.

You must also use your main keyword in alternate text. With this, your article will be able to rank easily in google and you will get traffic from google images too.

9.Internal linking

Internal linking means giving a link to another article of your own blog in your article.

  • With this, we can give more information to people and increase traffic on every article.
  • If one of our articles ranks, then the other article which is interlinked also starts to rank on google and traffic on that also starts increasing.

We should not only give internal linking but also external links to other blogs if they have good information. We should always give full satisfaction to our reader.

There are many more benefits of giving external links.

10.Optimize Image

Image optimization means reducing the storage size of the image. Due to the size of the image, the loading speed decreases due to which your ranking may decrease.

Also, we should always take non copyright images or design them yourself. You can use canva.com to design images.

Not only the image, we must also use a good theme to attract our blog. It is mostly available for free, but if a good theme is found at affordable prices, then you should buy it.

11.Social share buttons

If someone likes our article very much and wants to share it, then we must definitely encourage him in his good work.

Whenever someone shares our article, google has positive response towards the website. He feels that our article is good, so then he ranks it.

We should give share buttons, the more share, the more views.

12.Word Limit

The longer your article is, the better it will be. According to a research, it has been found that to rank on the first page of Google, your article must be 1900+ words.

There are many benefits of writing a long article. If any user needs complete information on a topic, then he likes to read long articles. The second thing is that the higher your content, the more keywords you can use in it.

13.Keyword stuffing

We have talked a lot about keywords above. We must use keywords but they should be used in a limit. Try not to use more than 2% keywords in your article.

If you use them more then there may be keyword stuffing in the article, due to which Google will find your article spam and it will ban you directly.

14.Site structure

It is very important to have a site structure for the url of the article. Google checks our blog to see if people can easily find content on it.

So we should use headings, sub headings, keywords, description well.

15.Update content

Keep updating your article continuously. Google puts new content ahead of the old content.

Information is less in the old content and much data has changed, if the readers already know about it then they press back at the same time. This increases the bounce rate.

if you seo friendly article If you were not writing, you will now be able to write.


I hope you guys understand that for the blog seo how to write seo friendly article.

If you use all the methods given above, then I can say with the claim that you have understood that How To Write Seo Friendly Articles

By now you will know that if you want to rank on the first page of google, then you will seo friendly blog post It is very important to write.

If you liked this article, then Do share If you have a friend or colleague who is having trouble writing a seo friendly article, you can send it to them.

After reading this, share your experience with us in the comment box below and if you have any question, you can undoubtedly ask us.

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