10 Easy and Fastest Method to Increase Blog Traffic in 2021

How to Increase Blog’s Traffic – How To Increase Blog Traffic Fastly? 10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic – 10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic? Hello Friends? How are you? I hope you are very good? I once again welcome you to the A1gyan blog. In today’s post, we will tell you how to increase blog traffic?

Friends, as you all know that a blogger works hard day and night to increase traffic on his blog, but when his blog traffic does not increase, he leaves frustrated to blogging and this makes other bloggers frustrated too. Also start thinking that blogging is not the best.

Without traffic, the value of any blog is zero because almost all people make their own blog so that they can earn some money from it, but when there will be no traffic, then where will the income be from? If you are also worried about increasing traffic, then definitely read this post, I am writing this post according to my experience.

How to increase blog’s traffic – 10 ways to increase blog’s traffic

In this post, we will tell you 10 ways by which you can increase the traffic of your blog. Follow all the methods carefully.

Blog Designing

The first and important step of any blog is to design. A blog without design looks exactly like the bride without makeup. So after making a blog, the most important thing to follow is that you must give good design to your blog.

Readers also like blogs that have a good design. Now a lot of people make the size of the blog too much in the direction of designing, which slows down the loading speed, so keep the design of your blog simple and at the same time keep in mind that the simple as well as the good look.

Google and other search engines prefer the same blog whose design is simple. What many new bloggers do is to make the design of your blog better colorful, which is not good for you and your readers too. Whatever big blogger you see, their design is very good but not too colorful. So keep the design of your blog very simple.

Responsive and Fast Loading Template

To say responsible means that a template that is open according to the requirement in all mobiles, tabs, and desktops means that the look of that website should be changed in mobile so that the user can easily read that blog post.

Fast loading template means a template whose loading speed is very fast, such that loading speed is good for more than 5 seconds, but according to us, Google ranks the same blog whose loading speed is from 2 to 3 seconds.

Nowadays, most mobile users in the world have become so that Google and other search engines rank the responsive blog itself so that the mobile user can easily read that blog. In today’s era, no reader wants to wait for long to read something on the internet and in such a situation, if the loading speed of your blog will be slow then no one will read your blog, so you give second priority to the loading speed of your blog. |

There is a question of many logos that how to increase the loading speed of the blog, then I have told the ways to increase the loading speed of the blogger blog, we will further tell about the loading speed of the WordPress blog. If you want to check the loading speed of your blog, then GTMetrix is ​​the best tool to check website speed.

A backlink is the most important to rank a blog. Backlink is like a type of voting. The more you have and the better backlink, the better will be the ranking of the blog. I have already written a post about what is Backlink.

Commenting system is a very good system to get backlink. You can get backlink from there by commenting on any other blog related to your blog, which will help in ranking your blog. By the name of the backlink, it is known that the link which will come back again means that visitors are coming to your blog from another blog, then that link was backlinked for you.

Submit Guest Post

A guest post is a post that is written on another blog and in which a link to your blog is also given. Read this guest post for more information. Friends Guest post is a very good medium to get high quality and do-follow backlink.

You can write a post on a blog that is popular and accepts guest posts as well. And always keep in mind that before writing a guest post, confirm with the blogger that he will give you a backlink.

Guest post is a very good medium to get a high quality backlink as well as to increase visitors. Now you must be thinking that from there we will get a backlink, how will traffic increase from it. So friends, there is no need to think, I tell you. When any readers will read your guest post, they will definitely click on your link and at the same time there will be an increase in their desire to see your blog, which is sure that they will open your blog.

Use Share Button To your blog

Share button is called such a button so that any blog post can be shared on social media like Facebook, Google Plus etc. When the share button will remain on your blog and if a user likes your post or if there will be some content in that post that the readers also share for their friends, then they will definitely share your blog post.

Now comes the point when your blog post will be shared, then it will increase traffic and at the same time your blog post will rank because Google also likes blog posts which people share a lot. Share button Everyone should put it in the post or blog so that your blog post can be shared. Share button blog is very helpful in increasing traffic.

Use Eye-caching Image

Friends is an excellent option to understand anything. An image becomes equal to 1000 words. In such a situation, you should put an eye-caching image in your blog post so that people can easily understand about your blog post.

Now if you do not know the meaning of Eye-caching image then I will tell you. An eye-caching image means an image that people can easily understand about it after seeing it, or rather, a clear-looking image is called an eye-caching image. Think for yourself when you take your selfie and the selfie is not good, then you delete that image because that image is not clear which means that no one will like that image.

In the same way, when you put any image in your blog, after compressing it, it must be checked whether the image is clear or not, that means that the option provided in it is clearly visible or not.

Always use SEO friendly image only. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, meaning that something optimized according to the search engine is called SEO. The SEO friendly image contains ALT text and the image size is compressed. How to reduce the size of the image?

Submit Site To Search Engine

Submit your blog to the search engine so that the search engine can index your blog. All search engines provide the facility of blog or website submission, which are absolutely free. You can submit your blog to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Create Viral Content

Viral content means a content that has become more popular on the Internet in a short time, or a content that the reader feels after seeing that yes it is a thing to read. In many news blogs, you must have seen that some such headings are given, which makes the reader feel very keen to read its content, in the same way you also create some similar viral content and increase your blog traffic.

Let us give you an example of a viral content: Everyone started laughing when I went on stage to sing but as soon as I started singing ………………….

This is an example of viral content. Almost everyone wants to increase the traffic of their blog by creating viral content, but only a few people can succeed in it and some people fail. They spread because they are not able to bring the user’s attention to their content, meaning that they are not able to create viral content with good results. Let me give a simple example of a viral content, which I initially thought that yes should be read, is that a boy teased a girl and then something happened that all of them were stunned.

Use Keyword in Blog Post

Keywords are words or text that are searched the most in the search engine. You can get good ranking by adding keyword in your blog post. When many people create a new blog, they do not know what the keyword is and they make mistakes from there. You will easily find keywords on the topic on which you want to write a post, search the topic in the Google search engine and then some of the related topics are shown below, which are the most searched.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you are writing a post on how to earn money online, but first of all you search it in google, you will get lots of related words which you select and write that word in the post as well. That is, now you have to write online money in between which is your keyword.

Now there are many people who add too many times keyword in order to rank their blog posts quickly, which is totally wrong. Keyword should be up to 2.5% at most, but some workers of Google say that no matter how many times the keyword is there, it means that the keyword density does not matter. But still we will say that you do not write the keyword more often. If you use a WordPress platform, then the Yoast SEO plugin will tell you how many times the focus keyword is in your blog post, but if you use the blogger platform, then you can use online tools for keyword density in your blog post.

Participating Question Answer Platform

Now a lot of question answer platforms are available on the internet, in which you can answer any question or ask any question. This is a very good way to increase traffic. There are lots of question answer platform like Quora, Stack Overflow or you will get question answer participating platform of many blog like quora and etc.

Quora and Stack overflow is a very good medium to answer questions because it also ranks in good position in Google, this can give you backlink along with traffic.

Conclusion and Final Words

Increasing traffic on friends blog is not a difficult task but for this you must have good knowledge. Many new bloggers struggle to increase traffic on their blog, but still their traffic does not increase because they are not following the steps correctly.

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