10 Best Tricks to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Post

Do you also your WordPress blog Want to get more comments on post? On our facebook page a users asked us, how can we get maximum comments on our wordpress blog posts? We are going to answer this question in this article, we will tell you all the tips that you can use to increase comments on your WordPress blog posts. So, friends, let’s start, but before starting, we request you all to read this article from beginning to end.

1. Choose Best WordPress Hosting for Your Blog

Friends, whenever you purchase hosting for your blog, it is very important that you Best WordPress Hosting Only choose Because when a user makes comments on your blog posts, your server runs PHP scripts.

Now, because a lot of users comment on your WordPress blog posts at the same time. Because of which the server has to run php scripts repeatedly. Which increases the load on your server and slows down your website.

So while purchasing your WordPress hosting, you should pay attention to it, your WordPress hosting provider must handle it. If you have a big website, then you should get managed WordPress hosting, such as from WPEngine or else BlueHost or else Hostgator.

2. Use Comment Moderation

Friends, we add CAPTCHA to prevent spam comments on our WordPress website. This is definitely an effective way to stop spam comments on your website. But CAPTCHA is not user friendly, as it discourages our regular users who make comments on our blog posts.

So we suggest that you do not use CAPTCHA on your WordPress website or blog. Rather, enable comment moderation on your website and manually approve every comment by checking it.

Comment moderation does not only help you to stop spam comment. Rather it gives you a chance to interact with your users as much as possible. This will not only create a good relation between users and you, but more and more comments will also be received on your blog post.

When other users talk to you and other users comments If you look in it, then other users will be more and more connected with you. He will visit your website frequently and talk to you and ask for information about your interest.

With which you will not only get ideas for new articles, but also by real users, but the comments number on your WordPress blog posts will increase. More and more users like to connect with such website, which answers their questions and solve their problem.

3. Allow Users to Subscribe to Comments

Friends by default, whenever a user comments on your website, they have to bookmark the link. So that he can come back and see if there is any new comment on that article. Or whether any comments have been made by the website owner or not.

In such a situation, if that user removes that comment link bookmark, and he does not know the name of your blog. In such a situation, that user will not be able to access your blog again, due to which you will lose your user. So it is very important that you give your users a chance to subscribe to the comments in your WordPress posts.

So that whenever any new comments come on that posts, then all those users reach the notification of that new comments. That a new comment was received on your WordPress blog posts, now users who want to see that comment can click on that notification and see it.

Because of this, pageviews on your website will increase, as well as comments on your website will also increase. Due to this, users will spend maximum time on your website and they will participate in discussions in the comment.

4. Notify Users on Answers to Their Own Comments

Friends, when a user comments on your website, there is no way that the user can find a reply to the comment he has made. One way is to bookmark the user comment page link. And then after visiting and check whether someone has replied to his comment or not.

But friends, there is a problem in this that most users do not link bookmark. So it is very important that you allow your users to easily subscribe to their comment. In this manner, that users will receive notification only when another user or website owner replies to his comments.

If you include in your habit of answering more and more comments of your users. So you can develop a highly engaged community on your blog. Which will benefit your website very much, because the more users, the more comments. The more comments, the more questions and their answers. Do not forget that google also indexes the comments on your website, that is, you will also get the benefit in search ranking.

5. Show New Comments First

By the way, friends WordPress by default shows the newest comment at the bottom (last) in the comments list. Now if too many comments have come on your blog posts, then all users will see the old comment first in your comments list.

So it is very important that you show new comments rather than old at the top of your comment list. You can do this work very easily, for this you just have to go to your WordPress Dashboard and then Settings >> Discussion Have to click on

After that you have to scroll down and go to the “other comments settings section”. After that you have to select newer from the drop down menu and then click on “Save Settings (Changes)”. So that whatever changes you have made will be saved in your wordpress.

show new comments first settings

6. Turn on Comments for Old Posts

Most bloggers turn off comments on their old posts, the reason behind this is that they want to reduce comment spam from their blog posts. But, there are many users who want to make comments on your old blog posts or want to ask you a question related to your old posts.

But since you have turned off the comments on your old blog posts, those users are not able to comment on your old posts. But friends since you have already started comment moderation. So now you do not need to be afraid of spam comments, now you can turn on comments on your old posts.

To turn on comments on your old posts, all you have to do is go to your WordPress dashboard. Then after that click on Settings >> Discussion, then scroll down and go to the “other comments settings section”. After that you will see “Automatically close comments on articles older than X days“. Let’s check the check box as “Uncheck”.

trun on comments for old posts settings

7. Showcase Your top Commenters

Friends, it is very important and good work that you highlight all those commenters who make comments on your WordPress blog posts. To encourage and appreciate them, it is very important that you highlight all those top commenters on your blog posts.

This will make users feel that it is a part of your blog community, and you reply to their comments and answer their questions. So it seems like a lot of people are gathered in one place and talking to each other, it is like family in a way.

To show top commenters on your blog posts, first of all, in your WordPress Top Commenters Widget The plugin has to be installed and activated. Once activated, you simply Appearance >> Widget You have to visit the page, then add the Top Commenters Widget to your side bar. After that you save the settings made by clicking on save changes.

8. Display Recent Comments

Friends, when users are on the homepage of your WordPress website, then they cannot know what is happening in your blog comments section. For example, suppose you have published a new post and now there is a very heated debate on it among users.

You can provide those new users a chance to see what is happening in current discussions right now. You can easily do this work by showing the recent comments which have been commented on your website.

To show recent comments, you simply have to click on Appearance >> Widget. After that you have to add the Recent Comments widget in the sidebar, click on the “Save Changes” button. With this, all the changes you have made will be saved in your WordPress.

9. Notify Users When Their Comment Is Approved

When a user submits his comment on your blog, WordPress shows that comment in awaiting moderation. At this time, users do not know when you will approve his comments or you will delete his comments.

By doing this, you are able to increase pageviews on your website, during this time the user engages with your website. You can do this work simply, by telling the users that their comments have been approved. For this you just have to install and activate a plugin, the name of this plugin is Comment Approved plugin install and activate it.

After installing and activating the plugin, all you have to do is go to your WordPress dashboard. Then you Settings >> Comment Click on Approved, now the configure page of the plugin will be open in front of you.

10. Reply to User Comments

If you want more comments on your website blog posts, then you have to participate actively on every discussion going on in your website comments. This means that you will have to answer the comments made by more and more users as much as possible.

You can do this work in a very easy way, the comments of which you have to reply. You can take a look at those comments, for this you need a DX Unansweres Comments Must install and activate the plugin. After installing and activating this plugin, you can see it by filtering your comments. That which comments you have answered and which comments you have yet to answer, everything will be shown to you at one place.

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